Do Cats Really Like Hugs? Debunking the biggest myths about our feline friends

Do Cats Really Like Hugs? Debunking the biggest myths about our feline friends

June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day, however do cats actually like
to be hugged? The quick reply is possibly, however the lengthy reply is that this may increasingly
not all the time be one of the best ways to indicate your cat affection.

Do all cats wish to be

It could be unfair to provide a blanket assertion and say that each one
cats both do or don’t like being hugged as a result of, in actuality, it comes down
to the person cat. There are a number of breeds, comparable to Ragdolls and Burmese
cats, which are identified for being very affectionate with their people. These
breeds are usually snug being held for prolonged lengths of time and
received’t attempt to escape in case you give them slightly hug.

But this doesn’t imply that these are the one cats that get pleasure from being hugged. Much of a cat’s tolerance to being cuddled is fashioned within the first few weeks of their life. A cat that was dealt with and petted repeatedly throughout the important thing socialization interval of two to seven weeks can be rather more snug with hugs than a cat who didn’t have a excessive degree of dealing with throughout the identical interval.

How can I inform if my
cat likes being hugged?

Your cat could not be capable of converse, however they may let you realize
how they really feel about being hugged by means of their physique language. The easiest method
to inform in case your cat enjoys being hugged is that if they purr loudly and lean into
the embrace – even perhaps providing you with slightly bump with their head.

On the opposite hand, in case you discover your cat displaying any of the
following behaviors, it’s a transparent signal that hugs aren’t for them.

  • Crouching or cowering: They crouch or cower, attempting to make themselves look as small as doable.
  • Running away: They make a beeline for a spot out of your arms attain.
  • Avoiding eye contact: They actively flip their head away from you and keep away from eye contact as you strategy them.
  • Flicking their tail: They flick their tail shortly back and forth.
  • Flattening their ears: They flatten their ears towards their head and stare at you as you strategy.
  • Vocalizing: They give a low growl or meow, typically paired with flattened ears.

If you discover your cat displaying any of those behaviors as you
strategy or hug them, they’re telling you that they need some area.

How can I present my cat I
love them with out hugging them?

If your cat isn’t too thrilled about being hugged, that’s okay. It simply signifies that it’s time to seek out one other method to present your affection! The greatest method to determine tips on how to present your cat affection is to concentrate to their physique language and conduct. Your cat could not like hugs, however do they get pleasure from sitting beside you on the sofa and getting the occasional pet? Perhaps they’ve a favourite toy that they go wild for each time you deliver it out. They could even be a extra food-motivated creature who loves nothing greater than their favourite Freshpet recipe or deal with. By observing what makes your cat joyful all through their day, you’ll shortly be taught one of the best ways to bathe them with affection.

What are another
issues that my cat could or could not like?

Now that we’ve gotten to the underside of whether or not or not cats like hugs, let’s check out another widespread myths. Just like some other creature, what a cat does and doesn’t like comes all the way down to the person. While fashionable tradition could make us imagine that cats categorically like or dislike one thing, comparable to hugs, the truths behind these myths are a bit extra nuanced.

#1: Cats hate water

Researchers imagine that there are two causes cats are likely to shrink back from water. The first is as a result of their thick coats don’t dry in a short time, which may go away them feeling weighed down and chilly. The second is as a result of they developed from desert species that may encounter water very not often. Knowing this, it could possibly be conceivable that each cat will hate water, however this isn’t the case. Countless cats love enjoying with water, whether or not it’s from the faucet and even in a pool – simply check out YouTube in case you don’t imagine us!

#2: Cats love milk

For some cause, this is without doubt one of the cat myths that has stood the take a look at of time. Like all newborns, kittens require milk from their mom to outlive, however as they develop and are weaned they lose the power to digest it and grow to be lactose illiberal. By feeding your cat a balanced food plan fabricated from fresh, whole ingredients, they may be capable of get the entire vitamins they want from their each day meals, with no need so as to add milk. If you wished to provide your cat a deal with, you possibly can provide them a really small portion of lactose-free “cat milk” however be warned that this could nonetheless trigger an upset abdomen and even weight acquire.

#3: Cats hate canines

If the phrase “preventing like cats and canines” is to be believed,
our four-legged mates shouldn’t be capable of coexist peacefully. But in
actuality, any points that cats and canines face comes all the way down to instincts and
communication points and will be resolved over time. Dogs have been historically
bred to hunt smaller creatures, so if they don’t seem to be accustomed to cats their
instincts could kick in and see them as prey. Even in the event that they don’t have this prey
drive, canines could strategy cats the identical method they’d one other canine, which may
make them uncomfortable. For instance, if a canine comes proper up and tries to
greet the cat by sniffing their backside, they could discover this threatening and
reply negatively. The extra time they spend collectively, nonetheless, any lingering
prey drive will diminish and they’ll learn to talk correctly.

Whether or not you’ll be able to have a good time June 4th with a hug, we hope
that you could find a particular method to mark the day and let your cat understand how a lot
you like them!