Do Cat Fences Really Work?

Do Cat Fences Really Work?

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This is a query we and ProtectaPet get from cat house owners on a regular basis. When you first see an outside fence system designed to comprise pets and not using a roof barrier, persons are left scratching their heads as to why their cat can’t climb over. Let us inform you the way it works!

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The motion required to climb over our cleverly designed overhang fencing doesn’t come naturally to a cat. In order to take action, a cat would wish to climb after which flip over the lip of the fence.

Although cat’s are arboreal creatures and it’s of their nature to climb bushes, we nonetheless hear of numerous tales of cats changing into caught and unable to get again down once more. This is an identical drawback for cats on the subject of cat fencing. says; “It’s very easy for cats to climb bushes—cat claws are the best instruments for propelling them upwards… “A cat in a tree could have hassle coordinating their hind and entrance toes after they attempt to again down. It’s simply not a motion cats usually do,” says Susan Bulanda, a canine and feline ethologist, creator, and search and rescue coach who lives in Maryland.”

This doesn’t imply they gained’t strive! Your decided feline pal could attempt to recover from the fence, however after a few failed makes an attempt and a broken ego, usually cats shortly turn into comfy inside their protected territory.


ProtectaPet created their intuitive design to save lots of pets out of affection for our personal. You can read more about their story here. Their merchandise are patented and designed by worldwide leaders in cat proofing. We have been always enhancing our design of cat fence obstacles and other containment systems since 2009.

The ProtectaPet® brand in your fencing brackets acts as an assurance of high quality that you’re receiving the perfect in cat fencing options.


They have developed the ‘Bengal Bend’ on our 70cm overhang. The double bend within the bracket provides enhanced safety for the strongest and most agile breeds.

If you’re involved about your cat with the ability to break by the mesh or brackets attributable to energy, you could be assured in realizing that we use powder-coated metal for energy, glossy aesthetics and sturdiness. The fencing is low upkeep and lengthy life in use. The mesh is completely manufactured for ProtectaPet, so that you gained’t discover it wherever else!


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They have saved over 17,000 cats protected inside their backyard, for those who learn their evaluations you may be hard-pushed to seek out an instance of a cat escaping over the cat fence barrier. Escapes can occur if the barrier just isn’t fitted in accordance with the guide: there have to be at the least 6ft between the bottom and the barrier and no plant pots or wheelie bins that might present leap factors. There are a number of uncommon examples of significantly agile cats which have managed to recover from the barrier. If you’re involved that your cat would be capable of recover from the barrier after studying this put up, then please get in touch with ProtectaPet for a bespoke quote for a catio or different mesh roofed resolution.

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