Dehydrated Dog Treats: Your Ultimate Guide to Making Treats and Chews!

Dehydrated Dog Treats: Your Ultimate Guide to Making Treats and Chews!

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We all know that our canines LOVE the chewy style of meat sticks and jerky–however sadly a few of these treats comprise elements that simply aren’t good for our canines. Instead, think about making your personal wholesome canine treats in a dehydrator or oven. You’ll get monetary savings and know precisely which elements you’re feeding your canine. Best of all: many recipes for dehydrated canine treats solely require one ingredient!

The Ultimate Guide to Making Dehydrated Dog TreatsThe Ultimate Guide to Making Dehydrated Dog Treats

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Table of Contents

What sorts of meals can I dehydrate for my canine?

With just some exceptions, you possibly can dehydrate vegatables and fruits to your canine–though meats are by far the preferred dehydrated canine deal with.

You can dehydrate all sorts of meats, from steak and rooster to floor beef and turkey. You will need to trim all fats from meats earlier than dehydrating. Organ meats like liver and gizzards additionally make wholesome, cheap treats your canine will love.

Can I make dehydrated treats within the oven?

Yes, you may make dehydrated canine treats and chews in your oven by baking on the bottom setting, round 180 levels F.

Although you possibly can dehydrate utilizing simply cookie sheets and half sheet pans, it’s useful (and hurries up the method) when you additionally use raised a baking rack above 1 / 4 sheet pan to permit air circulation from beneath the treats as they dehydrate.

raised baking rack for dehydrating dog treatsraised baking rack for dehydrating dog treats

What sort of dehydrator do I must make canine treats?

You can use any sort of dehydrator–with or with out a temperature dial. I exploit the Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator which I like as a result of it’s compact for storage (and it was pretty cheap in contrast with some dehydrators).

I even have a set of non-stick mesh screens which you don’t want for bigger chews and strips however are nice for small treats, rooster shreds just like the recipe under and small fish like anchovies.

How lengthy does it take to dehydrate treats?

The size of time you’ll must run the dehydrator (or slowly bake them within the oven) is dependent upon a number of components:

  • the humidity within the air whilst you’re dehydrating
  • the temperature your dehydrator runs at
  • the thickness of the meat, fruit or vegetable
  • the water content material of the meat, fruit or vegetable
  • the crispiness you’d like these treats to have. I dehydrate my treats so that they’re dry and simple to hold in my canine strolling bag, to not make them shelf steady for an prolonged interval. I don’t must dry them so long as if I had been storing them for weeks. If you need to make the meals shelf steady, you’ll must dry them fully. This can imply 4-8 hours for thinly-sliced spherical steak and even 24 hours for a dried sardine.

How do I do know when the treats are performed?

If you see any condensation while you bag dehydrated treats, it has not been dried sufficiently.

If you see the condensation immediately, you possibly can return the meals to the dehydrator or oven–however when you discover the condensation later on non-refrigerated treats, you’ll must discard the treats.

Is it protected to make meat treats within the dehydrator? How do you be certain that treats are protected to your canine to eat?

Yes, it’s protected to make meat treats and chews in your dehydrator though you may need to add an additional step when you don’t know the temperature at which your dehydrator runs. (Some have adjustable temperatures; some are set on a set temperature.)

If you’re dehydrating meat treats and chews, you’ll need to pasteurize the meat for long-term protected storage with out refrigeration. If your dehydrator has a temperature management on it and you may dehydrate, not less than for a interval, over 165 levels F, you don’t want this step; additionally, in case you are dehydrating treats within the oven, you gained’t want to do that step.

You can pasteurize meat in your oven by cooking it at a low temperature both earlier than or after dehydration. To do that, you’ll simply pop them within the oven for a couple of minutes. Most meats will have to be cooked 10-20 minutes at 160-170 F levels to kill lingering micro organism. USDA has a helpful chart of safe minimum internal temperatures for various meats.

How do you retailer dehydrated canine treats?

If you’ve dehydrated your treats to the purpose the place they’re fully dry, they are going to be shelf steady. According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, after the treats are cooled fully, “Store dried meals in clear, dry dwelling canning jars, plastic freezer containers with tight-fitting lids or in plastic freezer luggage. Vacuum packaging can also be a very good choice.”

If, like me, you dehydrate the treats to the purpose the place they’re handy to be used in your canine strolling bag or deal with bag however not fully dried out, you’ll need to miss on the treats for one or two day’s use, storing the rest within the fridge.

One Ingredient Dehydrated Dog Treat Recipes

Dehydrated Meat Sticks

Our canines LOVE these jerky-like treats. All you want is a thinly-sliced steak (I used backside spherical, already sliced). You can use these meat sticks as chews, break them in small items as coaching treats or use them as a “deal with” in frozen popsicles for dogs. If you’ll find some “final probability” meat on sale, this can be a nice technique to create premium treats at a cost-effective value.

First, trim off all fats. Next, use a pointy knife or a pair of kitchen shears to chop the meat in slices about one-inch broad. Cut WITH the grain for a chewier canine chew.

preparing steak for dog treatspreparing steak for dog treats

Line the strips in your dehydrator trays or baking rack, ensuring no items are touching.

round steak for dog treatsround steak for dog treats

Then begin dehydrating! It took about 4 hours for this batch to dehydrate to the purpose the place they may bend with out snapping.

If I’d wished shelf steady storage, I’d have dried them one other hour or two, however this degree was excellent for canine strolling and coaching–and these solely final a number of days. Our canines love them!

dehydrated meat sticks for dogsdehydrated meat sticks for dogs

Dehydrated Shredded Chicken Dog Training Treats

It’s no shock that shredded rooster is a excessive worth deal with for our canines and an important coaching deal with–however it may be a messy one! By dehydrating shredded rooster, you’ll have small, helpful treats excellent to your deal with bag–and scrumptious to your canine!

Start by shredding boiled rooster–or use a can of drained, low sodium canned rooster. With both selection, you’ll first need to get as a lot liquid as you possibly can out of the rooster utilizing paper towels or dish towel, patting to soak up the moisture.

Spread out the shredded rooster on non-stick mesh mats:

dehydrating chicken for dogsdehydrating chicken for dogs

…and plug within the dehydrator! After about 4 hours (relying in your dehydrator, the scale of the shreds and the humidity circumstances), it’s performed!

dehydrated chicken shreds for dogsdehydrated chicken shreds for dogs

If you’d somewhat give your canine a chew to get pleasure from, it’s additionally very simple to make Chicken Jerky for your dog utilizing a dehydrator or oven!

Dehydrated Sardines

Sardines are an enormous favourite with our canines and a really excessive worth deal with for them. However, the scale of sardines requires extra drying time than different treats so be ready for some extra time — and extra odor! You may need to relocate the dehydrator to a porch for this one!

Purchase sardines in water then drain off the water. (I all the time save this water and freeze it for later use in different canine deal with recipes. Just substitute this flavorful water for water known as for within the recipe.) Pat the sardines as dry as you possibly can then unfold them out on the dehydrator tray.

I often dry my sardines for about eight hours. This is dry sufficient for carrying in my canine strolling bag and pliable sufficient that I can break the sardine aside as small treats on the stroll. If you need shelf steady sardines, it’s possible you’ll must dehydrate these not less than 24 hours.

Another nice high-value deal with!

how to make dehydrated sardine dog treatshow to make dehydrated sardine dog treats

More Dehydrated Recipes for Your Dog

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Dehydrated Dog TreatsThe Ultimate Guide to Making Dehydrated Dog Treats
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