Collagen Peptides: A Boost for Aging Pets

Collagen Peptides: A Boost for Aging Pets

Give your senior pets a boost with collagen peptides

Is collagen a magic potion? That legendary elixir of youth made actual? No. But does collagen have an actual potential to assist man’s finest buddy age with a wag of their tail? Absolutely! It’s time to embrace collagen to your pet’s well being and happiness. Here’s why.

Understanding Collagen and Its Significance

As probably the most considerable protein within the our bodies of mammals, together with canine and cats, collagen performs an important position in numerous bodily capabilities. In specific, collagen serves as a constructing block for the physique’s connective tissues, contributing to the well being of joints, pores and skin, hair, and nails.

As pets (and folks!) age, the manufacturing of this important protein naturally declines. This can result in points resembling joint stiffness, lowered pores and skin elasticity, and a decline in total vitality.

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It is smart then, that in the suitable formulations, the supplementation of collagen can provide important assist to your growing older pet. “Right formulations” being the important thing phrase right here as a result of:

  • While complete collagen is troublesome for the physique to digest or soak up,
  • Collagen peptides – when the lengthy protein chain is damaged down into smaller peptide chains – are considerably extra absorbable by the physique.

Knowing this, ThorneVet’s CollagenVET supplement is filled with these peptides, making it a game-changer to your candy senior in a number of areas.

Benefits of Collagen Supplementation for Pets

Relief for Aging Joints

One of the first issues for senior pets is the wear and tear and tear on their joints, usually leading to discomfort and decreased mobility. Collagen peptides, like these present in CollagenVET, can assist joint well being by selling the synthesis of latest cartilage which, in flip, helps:

  • preserve joint flexibility,
  • scale back stiffness, and
  • assist total joint operate.

All of which permits your salt-and-pepper pooch to maneuver with higher ease and luxury.

Healthy Skin and Lustrous Coats

Collagen is a key part of the pores and skin’s construction, contributing to its elasticity and hydration. As pets age, they will expertise dry, itchy pores and skin and a uninteresting coat. Collagen supplementation helps deal with these points by

  • selling wholesome pores and skin barrier operate,
  • lowering dryness, and
  • enhancing the sheen and vitality of their coat.

With this in thoughts, ThorneVet’s CollagenVET is formulated with bovine collagen peptides obtained by hydrolysis, making certain optimum bioavailability to your furry buddy. (Plus: the method that breaks down the lengthy collagen chains into the smaller peptide chains utilized by ThorneVet – hydrolysis – is environmentally pleasant.)

A Boost for Gut Health and Nutrient Absorption

Aging pets additionally usually face challenges associated to digestion and nutrient absorption. CollagenVET accommodates purposeful, simply digestible peptides that contribute to sustaining, reinforcing, or repairing the intestinal mucosa.

By doing so, CollagenVET:

  • enhances gut health,
  • improves nutrient absorption, and
  • reduces irritation within the digestive tract.

As you head into the golden years along with your aged canine or cat, it’s time to embrace collagen with the assistance of ThorneVet CollagenVET – and put the pep again of their step with peptides!

ThorneVet CollagenVET - the ultimate boost for aging pets

Dr. Keith Weingardt is a 1999 graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He accomplished acupuncture certification from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2004 and certification in natural medication on the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 2006. He has began profitable integrative veterinary practices in San Diego, CA and Portland, OR. He is a devoted herbalist and enjoys working with the vegetation of the Pacific Northwest. Currently, he works as a advisor for ThorneVet, specializing in product growth and persevering with training.

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