Cocker Spaniel Diets and Supplements

Cocker Spaniel Diets and Supplements

The Cocker Spaniel is a small-dog breed on the sporting group. It is a loving canine breed that may be simply be skilled and is greatest to maintain at house as a companion. They are candy canine that enjoys their meals rather a lot so present them with wholesome diets.

In this text, you’ll study in regards to the diets of the Cocker Spaniel, what pet food ought to be given to them and in what quantity.


Provide your Cocker Spaniel with an entire weight loss plan that accommodates all of the diet wanted for him.

Protein: Proteins helps within the improvement of muscle tissue and bones in your canine which retains them wholesome and match. Protein are discovered on good high quality meat, greens, fish, eggs and plenty of extra. The pet ought to have round 29% of protein on its weight loss plan and the grownup ought to have 25% of protein on its weight loss plan commonly.

Fat: The primary supply of power that’s supplied by fats is a necessary nutrient in your canine’s weight loss plan. Beside giving power, it additionally helps in wholesome pores and skin, shiny and silky coat, clear imaginative and prescient, and in addition protects the interior organs. The fats for the Cocker Spaniel ought to be about 10%-12% on the weight loss plan.

Vitamins and Minerals: A small amount of nutritional vitamins and minerals ought to at all times be in your canine’s weight loss plan for an entire weight loss plan. If he isn’t getting nutritional vitamins and minerals from its weight loss plan, you may give them dietary supplements.

Carbohydrate and Fiber: A balanced weight loss plan ought to include sufficient carbohydrate for the power that retains your Cocker Spaniel lively all through the day. Rice, wheat present your canine with fiber that helps within the digestion.

How Much to Feed Your Cocker Spaniel?

The feeding of the Cocker Spaniel ought to be performed based mostly on their age and the exercise degree. As the pet is within the improvement stage, present him with 4 meals a day until he’s 4 months previous. After that for six months, feed him 3 meals a day. Give your a great and wholesome meals commonly for its wholesome physique.

When the Cocker Spaniel pet turn into grownup, it ought to be fed 2 meals a day, morning and night. Divide his day by day meals into two portion and feed him two meals a day. Always maintain a clear and recent water by your canine’s facet so it have entry to them anytime he’s thirsty.

Cocker Spaniel eating its mealCocker Spaniel eating its meal
Cocker Spaniel consuming its meal.
Image Source: Kimballstock

Dog Food For Your Cocker Spaniel

While shopping for canine meals to your Cocker Spaniel, be sure it has all of the diet wanted to your pooch. Look for the ingredient contained within the packet and go for a top quality meals. If your are making your canine a do-it-yourself meals, measure and put all of the required diet on its meal.

Below are the record of pet food model that you may select from to your Cocker Spaniel.

  • Royal Canin Cocker Spaniel Adult Dry Dog Food
  • American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Beef & Chicken Grill Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Supplements for Cocker Spaniel

If your Cocker Spaniel is getting full diet from its weight loss plan, there isn’t a want to present him further dietary supplements. However, generally your canine lack some nutritional vitamins, fiber, or minerals, in that case, you possibly can present him with sure dietary supplements after consulting a vet. The frequent dietary supplements utilized by canine lovers are listed under.

  • Probiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Fish Oil
  • Glucosamine

Human Food That Your Cocker Spaniel Can and Cannot Eat

Human have a behavior of feeding some portion of meals from the plate to their canine. Some meals that you just eat may also be taken by your canine whereas some meals may be harmful for the well being of your canine. So, earlier than feeding him out of your plate, know which meals your Cocker Spaniel can and can’t eat.

Can Eat

  • Meat
  • Quinoa
  • Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Popcorn
Cocker Spaniel ready to eat its mealCocker Spaniel ready to eat its meal
Cocker Spaniel able to eat its meal
Image Source: About Cocker Spaniels

Cannot Eat

  • Raisins and grapes
  • Chocolates
  • Garlic and onion
  • Alcohol
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Too a lot salt

Why is Your Cocker Spaniel Not Eating?

If you discover your Cocker Spaniel not consuming correctly or not consuming in any respect, it may be as a result of following causes.

  • Your canine may be having a digestion downside. Dogs often deal with it by consuming inexperienced grass which helps in digestion for them. However, if he doesn’t eat for a very long time, take him to a vet
  • There may be a gum downside which is making it onerous to eat meals. Check for any bleeding or swelling of the gum. If there’s a gum downside, take him to a vet for a correct check-up.
  • A brand new surroundings and alter of time can result in a lack of urge for food to your canine. If you’ve moved to a brand new place along with your canine or when you have modified the routine of its feeding time, your canine will get confused and won’t eat correctly.

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