Clicker Training For Dogs

Clicker Training For Dogs

Clicker coaching is part of optimistic reinforcement coaching. It is a coaching methodology that lets you talk together with your canine and the command you give and the command your canine follows may be very exact. Clicker coaching is a extra superior coaching methodology and has a really optimistic response.

The clicker coaching helps your canine to know the time after they do an excellent job on their coaching and the time they are going to be rewarded. A clicker is a small plastic system that produces a click on sound when the button is pressed.

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How To Introduce Your Dog To the Clicker?

Your canine ought to be taught the that means of a clicker. This can contain the charging of the clicker constantly for a couple of days. They ought to be used to listening to the clicker sound. During the introduction, it’s important to maintain your arms filled with treats in small bits and items.

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You ought to reward your canine every time the clicker is marked or used. The motion ought to be repeated many instances. The time period ought to fluctuate each time you reward your canine or else they turn into expectant of that individual time they’re rewarded. If your canine is impatient and begins sniffing the treats and solely focuses on treats it is best to look forward to them to calm down.

Observing the canine’s behaviour

Some canine could also be delicate to the clicker sound and will bounce away from the sound. When this occurs, it implies that your canine is disturbed by the loudness of the clicker. The loudness may be prevented should you wrap some garments across the clicker. You have to have a muffled clicker sound.

How to make use of a clicker whereas coaching your canine?


Timing is essential when you practice your canine utilizing a clicker. You ought to be exact on the time, it is best to click on the clicker every time your canine completes the duty you need them to do.

For instance, if you wish to practice your canine to take a seat, it is best to watch your canine’s behaviour very carefully and reward them as quickly as they set their butt on the bottom. The prompt reward and the right timing is a key to reaching profitable clicker coaching.


The rewards in your canine have to be the treats or meals that they like very a lot. This could make them targeted throughout their coaching. Also, it’s possible you’ll wish to have treats which are very gentle to chew and nibble and are very straightforward to swallow by your canine.


Shaping is likely one of the essential components of clicker coaching. The methodology of instructing habits is shaping. You ought to make your canine study from you. When you practice collectively together with your canine the canine learns from you and tries to observe your habits.

Tips For Successful Clicker Training

  • Immediately reward your canine after they carry out the duty you need them to carry out.
  • The clicker coaching shouldn’t be too lengthy. It ought to be saved easy and quick.
  • You ought to be constant whereas coaching your canine.
  • You should be very exact in regards to the timing you reward your canine.
  • Properly perceive the physique language of your canine.

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