Clay in pet food?

Clay in pet food?

A have a look at how montmorillonite clay provides advantages to canine and cat diets.

Adding clay to pet meals could seem odd. But do you know that some sorts of clay, like montmorillonite clay, truly add a wide range of purposeful and dietary advantages to our pets’ mealtimes?

A short historical past of clay in meals

The apply of consuming clay is named geophagia (geo which means ‘earth’, and phagia which means ‘to eat’).  Scientists have discovered over 200 species of animals who commonly eat particular sorts of clay, and information present that people have practiced geophagia since Hippocrates’ time, round 460 BC.

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Montmorillon clay

There are many sorts of clays from a wide range of areas. The in style bentonite clay, for instance, is from Benton, Wyoming. Made from volcanic ash, montmorillonite clay is from the Montmorillon area of France the place it was first discovered.

Some pure pet meals manufacturers, like Nature’s Logic, use montmorillonite clay as a pure “anti-caking” agent to forestall clumping and extra moisture. But the advantages of such a clay don’t finish there!

When clay is moistened, it absorbs water and swells, grabbing particles like micro organism, viruses and toxins. Clay additionally has a robust adverse cost, whereas many toxins, micro organism and viral particles have optimistic fees. Like a magnet, clays appeal to and maintain these “unhealthy guys” till the physique can take away them.

Montmorillonite clay has the distinctive means to bind and clear toxins from the physique, appearing as a detoxifying agent. It additionally comprises at the least 67 minerals (like calcium, magnesium, and silica) in addition to essential hint components. Minerals are important for enzyme, vitamin and lots of different capabilities of the physique.

Montmorillonite clay additionally:

  • Binds and removes micro organism, viruses and fungal organisms
  • Supports immune operate
  • Improves weight achieve and feed effectivity
  • Promotes probiotic exercise
  • Helps strengthen and heal the intestine lining
  • Has antibacterial exercise

Feeding clay slows the digestion course of, permitting extra time for enzymes to interrupt meals down. Because they bind pathologic micro organism, decreasing their numbers, clays make life simpler for probiotic organisms. In addition, they trigger bodily strengthening of the intestine lining, improved digestion and immune safety.

Clays have been used for hundreds of years, worldwide, each topically and internally for detoxing, pores and skin irritations, digestive issues and different well being advantages.  Some cultures combine clay in water and dip their meals as they eat. Current science is confirming the well being advantages of consuming clay. Exciting new medical trials have proven sure clays to be efficient in opposition to MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus), a serious concern in hospitals. Animal trials that concerned feeding clay to canines and rising pigs resulted in sooner development and weight achieve, fewer instances of diarrhea, elevated probiotic numbers, and fewer intestine pathogens, like E. coli and Clostridia. Lastly, including clay to the food plan resulted in decrease antibiotic use.

So there you’ve it – clay isn’t only for pottery. Look for a pet meals that makes use of clay as one in all their elements and watch your animal companion reap the advantages!

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