Christmas Safety for Your Cat – How to Make Sure Your Cat has a Happy Christmas

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How to verify your cat has a cheerful Christmas

Most of us sit up for the festive interval; the meals, the friends, the tree and decorations. However, for cats, Christmas could also be a time of stress and danger of damage. As a species they get pleasure from routine and are delicate to adjustments of their atmosphere, making the celebrations difficult. In addition, the season means sure poisonous vegetation and meals could also be accessible to curious cats. At International Cat Care we now have consulted our veterinary members to ask them what accidents they see presently of 12 months. Based on this data and with the enter of the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) this text affords recommendation on what to maintain out of attain and what to do to minimise the disruption to maintain our cats completely satisfied this Christmas.

Christmas vegetation

Poinsettia may be poisonous however medical indicators are normally gentle

Poinsettia is usually talked about as a doubtlessly toxic plant however its status is probably unfair. The Veterinary Poisons Information Service informs us that in over half the instances of pets consuming Poinsettia vegetation reported to them, the cat or canine reveals no indicators of sickness. If they do present any indicators they’re gentle corresponding to being sick, drooling, refusing meals and being quieter than regular. Even these indicators quickly resolve with none particular remedy. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to maintain the plant out of attain. In addition, mistletoe, holly, ivy and Christmas cherry may cause a tummy upset and needs to be refrained from inquisitive cats.

Christmas bushes

Tinsel and different linear overseas our bodies are reported to the be the most important festive hazard to cats (Picture courtesy of Melanie Dobromylskyj)

Many cat homeowners have had the expertise of their cat climbing the Christmas tree and it falling over. Usually, each are unhurt however it’s price contemplating securing the tree to keep away from this. Injuries are reported from falling from Christmas bushes and from the ensuing smashed baubles, with glass ones significantly sharp when damaged. Ingestion of Christmas tree needles and the faux snow utilized to them may cause abdomen upset and different decorations may be ingested leading to a ‘overseas physique’. Chewing of lights and wires generally is a downside, particularly for nosy kittens and it’s not unusual for cats to move urine simply the place you don’t need them to i.e. the tree, doubtlessly an issue if electrical plugs and wires are uncovered.  This generally is a signal of stress so learn on for strategies to scale back the nervousness cats might undergo presently of 12 months.

Christmas meals

At this time of celebration meals could also be omitted, left-overs left inside attain. We historically fear about canines and chocolate toxicity for instance however what about cats? Chocolate can be poisonous to cats, though the quantity a cat must eat to make them sick is loads greater than for canines. Signs of chocolate poisoning together with being sick and passing diarrhoea, consuming loads, showing drunk, trembling and even having a match. Hopefully, a cat’s lesser curiosity in candy treats means this danger is small.

Similarly, grapes and raisins, identified for inflicting kidney harm in canines, might have an effect on cats however poisoning is way much less widespread. The VPIS would, nevertheless, advise remedy of cats identified to have eaten these meals, and recommend that for instance mince pies should not omitted. If you assume your cat has eaten such meals contact your vet and encourage them to name the VPIS for recommendation. On the topic of meals, it could be tempting to deal with your cat this Christmas, maybe further cat treats or some scraps from the Christmas dinner. While a little bit left-over turkey will probably be loved by nearly all of cats with out hurt, extreme treats and human meals may make a cat poorly so do attempt to follow their regular feeding routine this time of 12 months; they gained’t know they’re lacking out! Another hazard may be cooked poultry bones – they’re exhausting for cats to digest and might get caught within the digestive system so be certain your cats can’t raid the bin after the Christmas lunch.

Seasonal candles

One of our vets reported seeing a cat with a singed tail from Hannukkah menorah candles and definitely uncovered candles generally is a hazard to cats who have a tendency to leap onto windowsills and mantelpieces the place candles are positioned. As elevated places are nonetheless accessible to most cats, candles needs to be stored the place you’ll be able to regulate them or left off the Christmas record.

Festive overseas our bodies

‘Foreign our bodies’ is the time period used to explain non-food gadgets which have develop into lodged in a cat’s physique, usually the digestive tract. They are much less widespread in cats than in canines, however we have been stunned by the quantity reported by our veterinary members. When we requested them about Christmas hazards this was essentially the most generally reported medical challenge linked to the season. ‘Linear overseas our bodies’, these string or string-like supplies inflicting an issue, seem like the commonest and so tinsel, lametta (the lengthy ornamental strips of tinsel) and string (round meat or used to hold decorations) have been widespread culprits. One of our vet members reported eradicating a sticky mass of sellotape from a cat’s gut in June that had been there since Christmas, evidenced by the adhered holly leaves seen in locations! As talked about above, cooked poultry bones may lead to damage. If your cat is seen chewing the tinsel or another string-like materials, forestall their entry if attainable and regulate your pet for indicators of sickness. These indicators may be delicate in cats and embrace merely sleeping extra, hiding away and being sick or refusing meals. Consult your vet in case you are frightened about your pet and do point out any non-food materials you may have seen your cat chewing.

How to make Christmas much less annoying for cats

This time of 12 months means plenty of adjustments to a house, and for cats who usually thrive on predictability, routine and the perceived security of their territory (their dwelling and backyard), this may be distressing. The furnishings is usually moved round to accommodate further friends, the tree is introduced in, lights and decorations are put up, music is performed, all making their dwelling look, sound and odor completely different.  In addition, unfamiliar folks, and worse nonetheless unfamiliar canines might go to the home and even keep for a number of days, once more at variable instances, interrupting the conventional routine. In order to minimise misery throughout this season think about the next:

  • Ensure your cat has a number of protected and comfy locations to cover and get away from the noise and hustle and bustle. A cardboard field or igloo mattress above the wardrobe or beneath the mattress can present safety. If new beds are added to the house presently, make them odor acquainted by including bedding already utilized by your cat.
  • Advise guests to not method the cat whether it is in its mattress, however solely to stroke the cat if it initiates contact. Visiting youngsters could also be eager to see and cuddle the cat however mild stroking on the cat’s initiation should be insisted upon.
  • Guests may be given cat treats and toys to assist train the cat constructive associations with the brand new folks.
  • Ensure there may be at all times an open door to permit the cat to get away from any noisy events or dinners to a quieter a part of the house.
  • Consider plugging in a ‘Feliway’ diffuser into the room the cats spends most time a number of days earlier than the festivities start. This product (accessible out of your vet) accommodates feline pheromones which will help the cat really feel safer. Ensure it’s switched on regularly all through the festive season.
  • If guests are sleeping in one of many rooms the cat normally makes use of, for instance, for sleeping, consuming or toileting, you should definitely present the required assets (beds, meals or litter tray) in different quieter elements of the home and ideally, earlier than the guests arrive in order that adjustments happen steadily and the cat is comfy with the brand new location.
  • If the cat’s litter tray is positioned in a spot that may imply extra folks site visitors or noise throughout the Christmas interval, it’s good follow to supply a further litter tray in a quieter a part of the house.
  • If the cat is especially sound delicate, keep away from crackers and celebration poppers.
  • If a canine is visiting it could be useful to limit its entry to the cats retreat areas utilizing for instance child gates on the steps.


The Christmas season is a time for celebration however don’t overlook your cat this 12 months. Simple adjustments can preserve them protected and make them really feel safer throughout the festive interval.

The submit Christmas Safety for Your Cat – How to Make Sure Your Cat has a Happy Christmas appeared first on Katzenworld.

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