Caucasian Shepherd Puppies

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies

The Caucasian Shepherd canine is a large canine that was initially bred to look at and guard livestock towards mountain lions and bears. It can provide beginning to 4-6 puppies at a time.

Well earlier than their transformation into this fierce protector, this breed is a cute, fluffy, and playful little pet. Since the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a large-sized canine breed, their growth technique of each thoughts and physique is gradual.


The newly born Caucasian Shepherd Dog is totally deaf, blind, and will not be capable of defecate on their very own. The mom helps them to pee and poo by licking their stomach.

At this stage, the pet fully depends on its mom for warmth as its physique can’t produce warmth by itself. Even if the mom is much away, the puppies use their sense of odor and drag themselves in direction of her.

In this stage, the pet can’t bark, so make a sound by squealing when it needs to name the mom. The new child stage is a really essential stage for any pet. They want excellent care, a correct sleep which is round 90% of the day for the correct growth of their mind and physique.

Neonatal Stage (0-3 Weeks)

The stage between the interval of the Caucasian Shepherd pet’s beginning to three weeks known as a neonatal stage. At this time, the puppies are fully depending on their mom as they can not see, hear or stroll. They shouldn’t be refrained from the mom as a result of they could die of hypothermia which is prompted when the physique is chilly.

The solely meals that the puppies ought to eat is their mom’s milk. Any bought meals and even different liquid meals may be dangerous for his or her well being. The mom’s milk could be very wealthy in colostrum which protects them from completely different well being issues and heals physique infections.

Transitional Stage (3-6 Weeks)

This is the stage the place the Caucasian Shepherd pet begins to open its eyes and begins to listen to noises from different mates. The pet is launched to a very new world at their interval. The tooth will not be totally developed in order that they nonetheless depend on mom’s milk. Solid meals shouldn’t be given within the first few weeks of the transitional interval.

Caucasian Shepherd puppy sitting
Cute Caucasian Shepherd pet.
Image Source: Pinterest-@Russiandog.internet

The pet get to know its mom higher at this era and begin recognizing its littermates. After few weeks of the transitional stage, the pet begins to style strong meals from the plate of its mom.

Do not let the puppies work together with too many individuals exterior dwelling as it would have an effect on their capability to distinguish between household and outsider.

Socialization Stage (6-28 Weeks)

The socialization stage which is between 6-28 weeks is an ideal interval for exposiing the Caucasian Shepherd pet to the skin world. The puppies are very mischavious at the moment the place they playfully chew their littermates, chew stuffs at dwelling and swallow them. Therefore shut supervision is critical.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies sitting
Caucasian Shepherd Puppies sitting.
Image Source: Reddit-@DragonAspect

This interval can be a superb time to begin coaching the pet from a really fundamental command. They are very lively and desperate to please their proprietor, so coaching at the moment is sweet begin.

Start vaccinating the Caucasian Shepherd pet between 6-8 weeks with distemper, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. The subsequent dose needs to be between 12-14 weeks previous.

Juvenile Stage (4-8 Months)

The stage the place the Caucasian Shepherd pet turns into extra lively plus impartial is between 4-8 months. At this time, it turns into laborious to regulate them as they are going to ignore you and problem you with their mischievous conduct. Therefore, this can be a proper time to ascertain a management upon the pet.

While coaching, by no means use tough phrases and shout at Caucasian Shepherd pet, it doesn’t matter what they do. After all it’s only a pet that want affected person and correct coaching from it grasp.

Caucasian Shepherd puppies taking part in.

At about 4-6 months, one other spherical of vaccine needs to be give after consulting a vet. The Caucasian Shepherd pet is rising quickly throughout this era the place they weigh round 23-27 kgs.

Adolescence Stage (8-16Months)

The adolescent stage is a interval the place your little Caucasian pet has grown into an grownup. Although they attain adolescence, it nonetheless exabits pet conduct for about someday. The pet will present its grownup persona by the point it reaches 16-18 months previous.

Continue your Caucasian Shepherd’s coaching with socialization, agility, and different tips. A great management and coaching will guarantee a superb relationship between your canine and members of the family.

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