Cat is Off the Streets with Her 8 Kittens After Living Outside Her Whole Life

Cat is Off the Streets with Her 8 Kittens After Living Outside Her Whole Life

After residing exterior her complete life, a calico cat lastly had her eight kittens indoors, away from the streets.

newborn kittens Angela Su

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Early September, a cat and her three 3-month-old kittens had been discovered wandering exterior and introduced into Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals for an opportunity at a greater life.

While the calico was caring for her kittens outside, she discovered herself pregnant once more with one other litter. “She had been residing exterior her complete life and was lined in fleas when she first got here in,” Angela Su, a foster volunteer of the rescue, advised Love Meow.

Just a few days after she was rescued, the cat went into labor and gave start to a litter of eight kittens, away from the weather.

cat mom, newborn kittens Celeste and her eight demanding kittensAngela Su

While her older kittens had been rapidly put up for adoption, the cat mother desperately wanted a foster dwelling the place she might look after her very demanding new child infants. Angela took on the household of 9 and gave them a snug room to nestle in.

After wandering the streets all her life, the calico named Celeste moved into a house together with her kittens (Drizzle, Sunny, Breeze, Moon, Cloud, Rain, Twinkle, and Storm) for the primary time.

pile of kittens A large cuddle puddleAngela Su

“At first, she was just a little nervous about being at my home. She had lived exterior her complete life, and so many issues had been new to her,” Angela shared with Love Meow.

With a comfortable mattress, gentle blankets, and the all-you-can-eat buffet available, Celeste started to loosen up and heat as much as her foster mother. She was pleased to get some assist as feeding eight hungry mouths was not a straightforward process.

cat mom, nursing kittens The kittens hold their mother very busyAngela Su

“Being a mother of eight is tough and tiring work, however she is such a loving mom to her kittens. Celeste may be very affected person and retains all of her infants clear and fed,” Angela added.

“She will usually lay for over an hour at a time to let her kittens nurse. I’ll typically convey her dinner or breakfast to eat in mattress whereas she cares for her kittens.”

cat nursing kittens Celeste is so pleased to get some assist from her foster motherAngela Su

The candy calico has come out of her shell and began to hunt affection, figuring out that she not has to fend for herself or her kittens.

Watch Celeste and her kittens on this cute video:

Celeste the cat and her kittens

“She now loves to softly nudge my hand together with her head to inform me at any time when she desires pets. She additionally likes to make biscuits together with her paws,” Angela advised Love Meow.

sweet kitten Angela Su

Her litter of eight are rising by leaps and bounds and getting extra energetic every day. “They are nearly three weeks outdated. Their eyes are all opened and they’re beginning to stroll just a little bit.”

purrito kittens Angela Su

Some of the kittens had been born with quick curled tails, whereas others got here with a variety of sass and a set of pipes. It did not take lengthy for the little ones to determine their tiny hisses.

“Kittens at this age depend on their sense of scent to navigate the world. They will usually instinctively hiss at any time when they scent one thing unfamiliar.”

hissy kitten The sassy calico kittenAngela Su

If one of many furballs begins crying for momma Celeste’s consideration, many others will be part of within the meowing choir, conserving their mother totally occupied.

Now that they’ve gotten stronger with their legs, they’re beginning to discover and take a look at the world round them.

curious kitten The kittens are getting extra curious and energetic every dayAngela Su

Once the kittens are large enough, the candy calico will retire from motherhood as soon as and for all, and discover a place of her personal, the place she will be the focal point.

After roaming the streets her complete life, Celeste is loving her new chapter as an indoor cat.

happy calico cat Angela Su

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