Can You Put Aquaphor on Dogs? Vet-Verified Facts & FAQ

Can You Put Aquaphor on Dogs? Vet-Verified Facts & FAQ


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The info is present and up-to-date in accordance with the newest veterinarian analysis.

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Aquaphor is a petroleum jelly-based moisturizer that’s used primarily by individuals to deal with dry and irritated pores and skin. It might help with diaper rash in infants and even pores and skin burns from radiation remedy, and it accommodates emollients that soften pores and skin.

Not solely is Aquaphor useful for individuals, however it can be used on canines, and even when your canine decides to lick the petroleum jelly off its paws, nostril, or anyplace else, there are not any poisonous substances that may trigger hurt to your pup. You ought to search for indicators of diarrhea or vomiting in case your canine has consumed a big quantity, however any destructive reactions are uncommon.

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What Is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a petroleum jelly. It acts as a moisturizer and emollient to melt pores and skin and assist deal with tough, scaly pores and skin, in addition to different pores and skin issues. It is often used on chapped lips in addition to to deal with minor burns.

The emollients assist maintain moisture towards the pores and skin, which not solely prevents drying however may assist deal with pores and skin that’s already dried out. It is protected to make use of on individuals of all ages and barely causes unhealthy reactions.

Can You Use It on Dogs?

owner applying petroleum jelly to pet dog for protection
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As nicely as being useful in people, particularly for its soothing properties, Aquaphor can be safely used on canines. It doesn’t comprise any dangerous substances, and it isn’t poisonous. This signifies that it gained’t irritate the realm utilized and it gained’t trigger sickness in case your canine ingests it. While many topical human merchandise are too acidic for canines, the pH of Aquaphor is near impartial.

You ought to solely use a small quantity of the jelly on canines. Put it in your fingertip and gently rub it into the affected space. If you’re making use of it to paws, think about including booties or footwear that may maintain the Aquaphor in place. You can take away them after about an hour when the petroleum jelly has had an opportunity to soak in correctly.

If making use of it to your canine’s nostril, attempt to forestall them from licking it off and discourage them from ingesting water or consuming for the subsequent hour. Aquaphor could be utilized twice a day till your canine’s situation clears up, and even as a method of defending towards future flare-ups as a result of it’s protected for normal use in addition to one-off functions.

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The 5 Uses of Aquaphor for Dogs

Aquaphor is a moisturizer, and it’s useful for dry and cracked pores and skin. It can be utilized to assist deal with the next situations:

1. Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis

Applying vaseline cream on dog's paw pads to protect from salt or chemical deicers in snow

Applying vaseline cream on dog's paw pads to protect from salt or chemical deicers in snow

Paw pad hyperkeratosis is a situation attributable to extra keratin manufacturing within the paw pads. It causes the pores and skin to thicken and harden, and it could possibly result in cracking and even the formation of open sores in affected areas.

It could be particularly painful on your canine as they stroll and run on their paws and could also be exacerbated by strolling on tough terrain and scorching or chilly surfaces. Apply a skinny layer of Aquaphor to the affected paws and put doggy booties on for an hour. Repeat this utility twice a day till the pores and skin softens.

2. Prevent Nappy Rash

If your canine has to put on pads or they’re vulnerable to urinating of their sleep, the pores and skin across the space can grow to be irritated and infected. A layer of Aquaphor can defend the pores and skin from urine or fecal scalding, in any other case often called nappy rash.

3. Dry Noses

dry nose in a dog

dry nose in a dog

Hyperkeratosis is a condition that may have an effect on the nostril in addition to a canine’s paws. The additional keratin produced causes the pores and skin across the nostril to thicken and harden, and this may result in cracking.

Your canine makes use of their nostril to scent, and so they have a tendency to go into bushes, grass, and water bowls nostril first, which signifies that cracked pores and skin right here can show very painful. When making use of the Aquaphor to the nostril, attempt to take action a minimum of an hour earlier than mealtimes and earlier than you head out for a stroll, to offer the jelly an opportunity to soak in.

4. Minor Burns

If your canine has suffered a tiny burn e.g. from a candle you possibly can apply Aquaphor to assist carry the useless pores and skin and permit your canine to heal. If the burn is something greater than minor, you need to seek the advice of a vet, as they may want antibiotics and ache reduction.

5. Pressure Sores and Calluses

French bulldog with elbow calluses

French bulldog with elbow calluses

Dogs spend numerous time mendacity down and canines can develop calluses over their bony components, like the purpose of the elbow from laying on exhausting surfaces. In most circumstances, mendacity down gained’t trigger irritation or any hostile results, but when your canine lies on abrasive surfaces or lies in the identical place for too lengthy, with out shifting, it could possibly ultimately result in stress sores. This is extra frequent in older and motionless canines as a result of they gained’t stand up to show over or change place.

If your canine is simply beginning to develop stress sores or calluses, you possibly can apply Aquaphor to melt the pores and skin. While calluses gained’t hurt your canine, stress sores can result in open wounds which may get contaminated and require veterinary therapy.

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Other Home Remedies for Dogs

Aquaphor isn’t the one canine treatment you probably have mendacity round the home both. Consider the next for minor complaints.

1. Chamomile Tea

You can discover chamomile in some canine meals and even canine treats, however you may discover it tough to persuade your canine to drink a cup of chamomile tea. However, it may be used externally. Make some chamomile tea, put it in a twig bottle, and use it to assist soothe minor rashes and pores and skin irritation.

The chamomile tea shouldn’t trigger stinging and in case your canine does lick it off, it isn’t poisonous, so it gained’t trigger any sickness or different issues on your pup.

2. Epsom Salts

epsom magnesium salt to mix with water

epsom magnesium salt to mix with water

Epsom salts break down in water into magnesium and sulfate. They are utilized by individuals who desire a stress-free and soothing tub, and they are often useful for our pets, too.

They can be utilized to assist deal with wounds and swelling, however you need to guarantee your canine is checked by a vet first to make sure that the harm isn’t too severe.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an emollient, which implies it holds moisture towards the pores and skin, in the identical manner that Aquaphor does. Finely floor oatmeal, also referred to as colloidal oatmeal, is even utilized in sensitive dog shampoos as a result of it not solely helps clear a canine’s coat, however may assist soothe itchy pores and skin, and it’s sympathetic, so it gained’t trigger further irritation on your canine.

Grind oatmeal your self in a meals processor, combine it with water, and apply it to dry and itchy pores and skin areas.

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Is It Okay If My Dog Licks Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is unhazardous, so whether or not your canine licks it off you or their very own paws or nostril, it shouldn’t trigger any ailing results. If your dog does consume a large amount of the petroleum jelly product, it’d trigger some diarrhea or vomiting, which might must be handled by a vet.

Can I Put Aquaphor on My Dog’s Open Wound?

As nicely as being efficient on dry and cracked pores and skin, Aquaphor can be utilized on minor wounds. Apply a small quantity. If the wound is greater than a slight abrasion or reduce, you need to see a vet, first, nevertheless.

dog at the veterinarian at the follow-up check on the wound on the leg
Image Credit: thka, Shutterstock

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Aquaphor is a petroleum jelly-based moisturizer and emollient that folks use to deal with chapped lips and dry pores and skin. It can be used on canines as a result of it’s non-toxic, and it provides the identical soothing outcomes on canines because it does on individuals. Apply a small layer on the affected space and take a look at to make sure it has time to soak in earlier than it rubs off.

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