Can I Give My Dog Ice or Ice Water?

Can I Give My Dog Ice or Ice Water?

There’s a rumor going round Facebook (one which’s cropped up quite a few instances over the previous few years) that it’s not secure to your canine to eat ice or to drink ice water.

As at all times, it’s finest to get veterinary recommendation on any side of your canine’s well being that’s worrying you. Veterinarian Dr. Audrey solutions the query that has many canine lovers involved each summer time: Does ice trigger bloat?

does ice cause bloat in dogs

Our 10-year-old chow combine loves consuming ice however somebody advised me that ice could cause bloat in canine. Is this true?

There have been rumors that ice and ice water causes a spasm of the abdomen muscle in canine, resulting in a a swollen abdomen, and doubtlessly deadly bloat.

These rumors aren’t true, for a few causes.

Firstly, whereas ice might trigger a muscle spasm, that is extra prone to trigger vomiting.

Secondly, if ice brought on bloating, then we’d see extra circumstances of bloat throughout winter in canine that stay outside in chilly elements of the nation, the place their water bowl ices over, and this isn’t the case.

I feel that what’s extra possible is that canine are given ice or iced water to drink when they’re scorching and thirsty, for instance after heavy train. Under these circumstances, they’re very prone to drink numerous water in a short time, and it is a recognized danger issue for bloat.

To forestall your canine getting bloat, feed a number of small meals a day as an alternative of 1 or two giant ones, don’t allow them to drink numerous water without delay, and keep away from train for an hour or so after mealtime.

Now, together with your thoughts comfortable, you may check out a few of our ice recipes for canine together with Brothsicle, Beefsicle, or any of the various different frozen treat recipes right here on the location!

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