Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks? Vet-Verified Nutrition Facts & FAQ

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks? Vet-Verified Nutrition Facts & FAQ

Unless you’re utilizing the turkey neck in a tasty gravy, inventory, or soup, many people can’t consider wherever else to place them apart from the trash. It might sound wasteful, but when giblets aren’t your specialty, what’s the purpose in holding them?

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Well, when you’ve a canine in the home, it’s possible you’ll not should scrap your scraps simply but. Turkey necks could be supplied to your canine. However, feeding your canine bones is controversial and does include some dangers you need to be conscious of.

If you don’t want the giblets after unpacking your Thanksgiving hen, we’ll focus on how and why you can provide your canine turkey necks to eat, and the dangers that can assist you determine whether or not to do that or not.

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Why Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks?

Turkey is a flavorful and wholesome choice canine can get pleasure from as a part of their every day meals, and the neck isn’t any exception! Necks are filled with protein, supporting muscle development and upkeep, immune perform, pores and skin and coat well being, and general well-being. As a part of a balanced weight loss plan, they provide a meaty snack most canine will wish to dig into.

Raw Turkey Neck on Wooden Board
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Turkey necks include roughly 55% meat and 45% bone, delivering excessive ranges of important nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • B nutritional vitamins, notably B12

Joint Health

Turkey necks are a wonderful deal with for pet mother and father hoping to take care of their canine’ bone, joint, and muscle well being. Alongside the calcium, phosphorus, and different bone-supporting minerals, turkey necks ship a great deal of vitamins to enhance mobility, together with:

  • Collagen: As the physique’s most plentiful protein in a canine’s physique, collagen kinds ligaments, nourishes pores and skin and hair, promotes cartilage and bone improvement, and facilitates joint motion. Collagen is utilized in some canine meals to assist with arthritis.
  • Glucosamine: It might have some delicate anti-inflammatory qualities and stimulates cartilage development. Glucosamine is usually present in joint dietary supplements and joint-support diets.
  • Chondroitin: It inhibits cartilage degeneration. Chondroitin is usually discovered together with glucosamine in joint-supporting diets and dietary supplements.

Turkey necks include some joint-supporting elements utilized in nutrition-based arthritis remedies. However, the quantity obtained on this deal with is unlikely to make a distinction for a canine already affected by arthritis.

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Dental Health

From the feel to the vitamin, turkey necks make wonderful canine chews. The bones are light and pliable, leaving little threat of cracking a tooth like a denser leg bone would possibly. Dogs’ enamel sink into the bone, simply crushing it up and probably profiting from the scraping motion to take away plaque and tartar as they chew.


Turkey necks additionally present enrichment to fulfill your canine’s instincts. They’re wonderful chews to maintain your canine mentally centered, and the hassle to carry down the neck and gnaw on it satisfies their have to chew.

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Drawbacks of Turkey Necks

The major draw back of turkey necks is the bone content material. Many canine received’t have any issues from consuming the occasional turkey neck, however not all canine will be capable to address Turkey necks within the weight loss plan. Choosing to feed a bone at all times carries some dangers, regardless of how properly your canine chews. Many vets don’t suggest bones in any respect.

Choking and Constipation

The excessive bone content material in turkey necks could be problematic for canine that wish to swallow their meals quick with minimal chewing. The bones are gentle and unlikely to crack and splinter when given uncooked, but when your canine gulps down an outsized chew, it may change into a choking hazard.
Bone additionally makes stool firmer and tougher to cross, and your canine might even endure constipation in the event that they eat turkey necks ceaselessly. If this turns into ongoing constipation can change into extreme and trigger your canine to change into unwell, they usually normally want veterinary therapy to get better.

Dog from the genus of wolves choking
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Esophageal or Intestinal Foreign Body

If your canine tends to gulp their turkey neck’s complete, there’s a likelihood it may get lodged within the esophagus. If it will get caught right here, your canine received’t be capable to eat correctly and they’re going to regurgitate their meals. Esophageal international our bodies typically want a particular process known as endoscopy to retrieve them.
Assuming the bones make their means into the abdomen, they aren’t very digestible which means they may cross via the digestive system comparatively unchanged. The small bones in turkey necks can combination and type an intestinal blockage, which could be life-threatening, trigger intestinal injury, and septicemia, and can want surgical procedure to resolve.

Pathogens in Raw Meat

Turkey necks should at all times be fed uncooked as cooked bones might splinter and trigger severe issues. Unfortunately, uncooked meat could be contaminated with parasites and micro organism like E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. Your canine may change into unwell from consuming uncooked meat. Campylobacter micro organism discovered on uncooked poultry has additionally been linked to a situation often known as Coonhound Paralysis.

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What Kind of Dogs Can Eat Turkey Necks?

Turkey necks could be pretty massive, and a few measure 10–12 inches and weigh over a pound. Large canine are well-suited for these necks as a result of their enamel and digestive techniques will be capable to higher address the bones.

You can attempt turkey hen necks, about half the burden of a male’s, when you have small to medium-sized canine. You might even attempt sizing right down to duck or rooster necks for the smallest toy breeds.

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How to Feed Your Dog Turkey Necks

If you determine to feed turkey necks regardless of the dangers, you need to observe these tips. You can feed turkey neck bones to your canine in uncooked or dehydrated type. Freezing earlier than feeding might assist kill some pathogens.

A turkey neck can exchange a complete meal, so you should watch your canine’s every day energy and provides turkey necks sparingly to take care of balanced vitamin and wholesome physique weight.

Raw Turkey Neck
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Only Feed Raw or Dehydrated Turkey Necks

Never feed your canine cooked bones. Cooking causes bones to change into brittle, doubtlessly splintering into sharp shards that would injury your canine’s mouth, throat, or digestive tract.

When left raw, turkey neck bones are safer to devour and retain vitamins, though as talked about they’ll include micro organism and parasites.

Feed Turkey Necks Outside

Raw turkey necks can unfold harmful micro organism round no matter floor your canine eats on. You by no means wish to feed your canine on the carpet, and should you allow them to dine on a tough flooring, you’ll should totally clear and sanitize it.

To make life as straightforward as attainable, let your canine munch on their turkey neck exterior.

Feed By Hand If You Have a Gulper

Turkey necks are excellent for canine that wish to chew. Gulpers received’t get all of the unimaginable dental advantages and can face the next choking, obstruction, and constipation threat. If you’re not assured that your canine will tempo themselves as they gnaw on their turkey neck, you need to take further care in feeding them.

When feeding, maintain the turkey neck in your hand to manage how your canine eats it. Have them chew it totally, letting them gnaw off small, manageable bits.

Offer Frozen Turkey Necks to Slow Your Dog’s Feeding

If your canine is a gulper otherwise you need them to decelerate when gorging down a turkey neck, attempt freezing the neck earlier than giving it to your canine. By freezing your turkey necks, you’ll flip what might take your canine just a few minutes to tear via right into a 20–30-minute affair.

The firmer neck would require extra chewing which means extra dental advantages and extra enrichment.

Provide Fresh Water

As with many treats, notably dried varieties, turkey necks could make your canine thirsty. Always preserve recent water accessible to assist them wash down their meal.

young dog drinking water from metal bowl
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Supervise Your Dog

Pets with dental well being issues might have a extra challenging time handling bones, and bones generally is a choking hazard for any canine that gulps down their meals shortly.

When feeding your canine a uncooked, meaty bone like a turkey neck, supervise them intently to make sure it’s a snug dimension and an acceptable expertise that doesn’t trigger indigestion or different well being points.

Consider Your Dog’s Health and Age

Does your canine endure from constipation or different gastrointestinal issues? Is their immune system weakened? Do they’ve dental issues? Are they a pet with a weaker immune system and pet enamel? Are they a senior canine with a doubtlessly weaker immune system and slower intestine actions? If you answered sure to any of those questions, turkey necks will not be an excellent deal with to your canine. Dogs with weaker immune techniques, with out a full set of wholesome grownup enamel, or gastrointestinal issues are extra prone to issues after they eat bones.

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Raw and dehydrated turkey necks are okay for canine to eat and may present noticeable dental advantages after they eat them frequently. With the dietary perks, your canine additionally enjoys a singular enrichment alternative that captures their curiosity, workouts their jaw, and provides much-needed mental stimulation.

That being mentioned, turkey necks could make your canine critically unwell in some circumstances, so should you determine to feed them it is advisable settle for this threat. Turkey necks aren’t one of the best match for each canine and a few vets don’t suggest bones in any respect. Now you’ve all the knowledge, the selection is yours.

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