Can Dogs Eat Shiitake Mushrooms? Vet-Verified Nutrition Facts & FAQ

Can Dogs Eat Shiitake Mushrooms? Vet-Verified Nutrition Facts & FAQ


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The info is present and up-to-date in accordance with the newest veterinarian analysis.

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Mushrooms are a fancy meals. While many sorts supply a nutrient-loaded, low-calorie, savory, and meaty addition to your recipes, others could be lethal for each people and canines. Therefore, in the event you’re staring on the shiitake mushrooms in your plate and questioning in the event you can share them along with your canine, you’re proper in being cautious.

Thankfully, shiitake mushrooms are top-of-the-line varieties to share along with your pup. However, there are some issues it is best to know earlier than giving your canine a style. Read on to study the advantages and dangers of providing this fungus to your pet and tips on how to put together them correctly.

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What Are Shiitake Mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) are one of the vital generally eaten mushroom varieties on the planet. They develop on the decaying wooden of a wide range of bushes in moist and heat climates and are discovered predominantly in japanese Asia. As with many different herbs and vegetation, shiitake mushrooms have been used for many years in conventional natural medication.

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Benefits of Giving Shiitake Mushrooms to Dogs

They May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties

Shiitake mushrooms are wealthy in a beta-glucan generally known as lentinan. Lentinans might enhance the immune system and suppress sure most cancers cells.

However, it is very important word that the cancer-fighting benefits of these mushrooms have been predominantly studied in people, and dog-specific analysis continues to be missing.

They Contain Many Vitamins & Minerals

It’s not simply their lentinan content material that makes shiitake mushrooms wholesome for canines. These highly effective fungi are chock stuffed with nutritional vitamins and minerals your canine must thrive.

According to the USDA, a 19-gram serving of uncooked shiitake mushrooms comprises a healthy dose of phosphorus, potassium, niacin, copper, and selenium1.

  • Phosphorus is important in lots of capabilities of a canine’s physique. It’s necessary for cell vitality use and progress and amino acid formation.
  • Potassium might help keep an acid-base stability and transmit nerve impulses.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) is concerned in lots of physiologic and enzymatic reactions in a canine’s physique.
  • Copper helps type some enzymes and hemoglobin, aids in cardiac and immune perform, and helps develop connective tissues.
  • Selenium helps to maintain cells protected against oxidative harm and is concerned with immune system functioning.
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They’re High in Fiber

Shiitake mushrooms have a comparatively excessive fiber content material, which may positively affect intestine microbiota and general well being. Fiber is a vital but complicated part in all commercial canine diets. In some circumstances, gastrointestinal situations could be managed successfully with diets enhanced with fiber.

Foods excessive in fiber may improve satiety, which can assist scale back a canine’s general meals consumption if they should reduce weight. One study in rats discovered that these fed the next dose of shiitake mushrooms had a 35% decrease physique weight achieve than these consuming low or reasonable quantities of the fungus.

Please word that we don’t advocate utilizing shiitake mushrooms for weight management until suggested by your veterinarian to take action.

Are There Risks to Offering Shiitake Mushrooms to Dogs?

While shiitake mushrooms aren’t poisonous, there are some issues it is best to know earlier than giving them to your pup.

If your canine is unwell or takes remedy, it’s finest to talk along with your vet earlier than providing them these highly effective fungi. Lentinan interferes with cytochrome P450 exercise in individuals; this group of enzymes can also be current in canines and concerned in liver metabolism. Long story quick, lentinan may intrude with the metabolism of some medicines.

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How to Serve Shiitake Mushrooms to Dogs

  • Choose recent mushrooms. Avoid ones with darkish spots, mildew, or a slimy texture.
  • Clean them completely. You wouldn’t serve your self unwashed produce, so prolong the identical courtesy to your pet.
  • Cook them. Cooking shiitake mushrooms could make them simpler in your pup to digest. Boil them, however don’t add any oil, butter, or seasonings. Save these add-ons for the mushrooms you put together for your self.
  • Introduce them slowly. Whenever you introduce new meals into your canine’s weight loss plan, it’s finest to take action very slowly. This lets you monitor them for any indicators of digestive points or adversarial reactions.
  • Opt for complement type. If your vet offers you the thumbs up, you should purchase powdered or capsule types of shiitake mushrooms. You can higher management dosage and simply add powdered varieties to your canine’s meals. While security research are restricted, one study showed optimistic short-term outcomes with a powdered complement for canines.

Can My Dog Eat Wild Shiitake Mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms are most frequently cultivated commercially on logs or sawdust, nevertheless it’s not remarkable to seek out them within the wild in the event you reside in or are visiting the areas of the world the place they develop naturally. While not all wild-grown mushrooms are poisonous, many are, and it’s finest to not take any possibilities in any respect. Unless you’re an especially skilled forager, you are taking a critical threat anytime you enable your canine to eat mushrooms they’ve discovered within the wild.

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Final Thoughts

Shiitake mushrooms have a variety of advantages to supply each people and canines. They’re a wildly common selection, so discovering them in your native grocery retailer shouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a problem. Make positive you wash and put together them correctly earlier than feeding them to your canine. However, we do advocate getting the go-ahead out of your veterinary crew earlier than providing this fungus as a snack, particularly in case your canine has different well being issues or takes remedy.

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