Can Dog Eat Cashews?

Cashews include many well being advantages for our physique, joints, and bones as its excessive in protein, fiber, copper, and so forth. In addition, additionally it is often called good fats that will increase good ldl cholesterol by eliminating dangerous ldl cholesterol and provides numerous vitality. As for people, each day consumption of cashews does surprise and provides varied well being advantages.

As a canine proprietor, one should maintain their canine well being so in case you are right here for analysis, means you’ve gotten already are an excellent canine proprietor. Meanwhile, we hear that nuts are usually not good on your canine’s well being however do each nut together with cashew falls on that aspect? Likewise, does it offers the identical well being profit to your canine? Let’s discover out about it.

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Can Dog Eat Cashews?

Yes, cashews are among the many wholesome and protected nuts that aren’t poisonous on your canine. It falls below high-protein and high-fat snacks. Additionally, cashews include omega-6 fatty acids together with quite a few nutritional vitamins that does surprise to their well being, physique, and pores and skin.

A spoonful of Cashews.
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As everyone knows “Too a lot of the whole lot is dangerous”. Likewise, at all times plan and feed a balanced food plan to your canine in line with their weight and exercise stage. For occasion, feed 10% of calorie amongst their food plan like 3-4 cashews per day for a 20-pound canine. You can plan it out along with your veteran or feeding cashews typically is completely acceptable.

How To Feed Your Dog Cashews?

Cashews are nuts that may be blended with varied meals making them smooth to correctly digest. To add cashews to your canine food plan, there are a number of choices like shopping for a bundle of nuts, grinding it, or add-in a recipe. If you select a bundle of nuts, first test if it comprises different sorts of nuts as some is likely to be poisonous on your canine.

Similarly, use them in dessert recipes as an alternative of peanut or peanut butter. Also, if they’ll’t eat full cashew, grind them and blend them into their meals. However, you can too change to cashew butter or cashew milk however keep in mind to feed into moderation.

When to not feed Cashews?

Since cashews have completely different well being advantages it may not be the identical case for each canine. As it’s a high-fat snack each day consumption results in weight problems, pancreatitis, and so forth.

Likewise, a rise in weight causes issues like diabetes or joint points. In addition, keep in mind most cashews are salted so, extra salt causes weak point, vomiting, seizures, diarrhea, and muscle tremors. Hence, in case your canine simply weight achieve then be careful for additional energy they achieve from cashews.

Dog avoiding cashews that his proprietor is providing.
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Another main issue to think about is an allergic response in case your canine has one. We, people, have a harmful allergic response nevertheless it’s not the identical for canines. However, test for signs like itching, hives, and swelling if you feed cashew for the primary time. If you see some associated signs then cease feeding cashew and name your vet.

Benefits and Effects of Cashews

The well being good thing about cashews may be very lengthy as they include calcium, phosphorous, copper, magnesium, and iron. The calcium and phosphorous profit for bone formation, coagulation, and nerve impulse transmission. Likewise, iron helps to make enzymes and hemoglobin within the physique. Similarly, magnesium assists to soak up nutritional vitamins and calcium, iron and develop robust in addition to wholesome eyes and pores and skin. Lastly, copper helps to create crimson blood cells and kind collagen.

On the opposite hand, cashews even have dangerous results on well being, particularly salted cashews. Some canines have issues digesting full cashews that result in obstruction of the intestines. In addition, they could choke cashews as effectively if that’s the case contact your vet instantly. As talked about earlier, cashews include excessive fat that lead to weight problems and different abdomen drawback. So, restrict their cashews consumption or keep away from it utterly in line with your canine.


To sum up, cashews are usually not dangerous like different nuts and are edible in a average quantity. Remember to offer a handful of cashews to take care of their well being and food plan. Also, test in case your canine is allergic to cashew or not as some will be allergic to sure meals. Always keep in mind to seek the advice of your vet for correct steerage or for any queries relating to feeding cashews to your canine.

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