Buying a Water Fountain for Your Cat?

Buying a Water Fountain for Your Cat?

Because many cats are drawn to operating water, it’s a good way to assist encourage them to remain hydrated. Here’s what to remember should you’re contemplating a water fountain to your personal kitty.

Water is vital to preserving your kitty wholesome. Lack of water can result in continual low-level dehydration, which in flip can result in urinary tract and kidney issues. If you observed your cat isn’t consuming sufficient water, a fountain may immediate her to remain higher hydrated.

Low Thirst Drive

Cats as a species don’t have a excessive thirst drive. This goes again to their origins as desert dwellers, once they relied on moisture from prey animals to fulfill their water necessities. Today, many cats eat processed pet meals, which frequently don’t include the moisture they should keep wholesome. Cats who eat industrial dry meals are specifically hazard of creating ailments that consequence from low water consumption.

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Why Hydration Is Important

Proper hydration might help stop urinary tract illness and promote wholesome kidney perform by flushing out toxins. Lack of water can result in continual low-level dehydration, which in flip can result in urinary tract and kidney issues. In truth, water impacts every little thing from nutrient absorption and digestion to circulation and sustaining a wholesome physique temperature. A correctly hydrated physique can have an optimum steadiness of electrolytes, minerals, and fluids. When a cat is dehydrated, she doesn’t simply lose water, but in addition vital electrolytes like sodium, potassium and chloride, that are all required for regular physique perform.

While cats who eat a uncooked or canned food regimen will almost certainly get adequate water consumption from their meals, they need to nonetheless at all times have loads of recent water obtainable. Fountains are a good way to encourage cats to drink extra as a result of many cats are drawn to operating water.

What to Look for in a Cat Fountain


Fountains made out of chrome steel or ceramic are preferable to plastic merchandise.

  • Even although most fountains are actually made out of BPA-free plastic, which eliminates issues about toxicity, plastic can get scratched and harbor micro organism. Additionally, not all plastics are dishwasher protected
  • Stainless metal is a more sensible choice and has no toxicity points. It is simple to wash and might stand up to the dishwasher. However, chrome steel shouldn’t be scrubbed because the ensuing scratches can harbor micro organism. Lesser high quality chrome steel might rust.
  • The most hygienic selection of fabric for a fountain is ceramic. Ceramic is proof against warmth, stains and rust, and doesn’t scratch. It additionally retains water cooler longer than plastic or chrome steel. The solely potential difficulty with ceramic is lead toxicity, so be sure that the fountain you choose makes use of meals protected glazes and is from a good firm. If the corporate doesn’t disclose that their fountain is meals protected, it almost certainly will not be.


There are two kinds of filtration, chemical and mechanical. Chemical filtration is often achieved by activated charcoal, which absorbs impurities and eliminates odors. It may enhance style.

Mechanical filtration is just a barrier that forestalls cat hair and particles from getting into the pump. In some fountains, this can be a plastic grid. Most fountains use a sponge-like materials for mechanical filtration.

Most fountains will use each kinds of filtration, though a fountain can run with out a chemical filter.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Many cat dad and mom cease utilizing a fountain as a result of cleansing and sustaining it’s too difficult. To some extent, your cleansing schedule will rely upon what number of cats are utilizing the fountain, and the way steadily they’re consuming from it, however normally, the fountain’s bowl ought to be cleaned day by day once you exchange the water.

Once every week, your complete fountain must be taken aside and cleaned, which is why it’s vital to search for fashions that make this simple. Some producers declare their fountains solely should be cleaned as soon as a month, which is most positively not sufficient. How would you prefer to drink out of a glass that hasn’t been cleaned for a complete month?

Other Features

  • If you’re delicate to noise, search for a fountain with a quiet pump. Generally, something beneath 30 dB is taken into account tremendous quiet.
  • If you don’t just like the sound of operating water, search for a fountain with a low spout. It will nonetheless have transferring water, however you received’t hear dripping because the water hits the bowl.
  • Some fountains provide LED lights that illuminate them at night time. This could be a enjoyable function for cat dad and mom however doesn’t actually serve a goal so far as cats are involved.


While your cat received’t care what the fountain appears to be like like, look issues. A fountain that’s stashed in a darkish nook as a result of it’s ugly in all probability received’t get used. With so many alternative fashions to select from, you’ll be capable to discover one that’s practical and enticing. Some fountains are true artistic endeavors!


When wanting on the worth of fountains, don’t simply take a look at the price of the precise product. Consider additionally the price of filters and the way steadily the producer suggests changing them.

A fountain could also be simply what it’s essential encourage your cat to drink extra water and keep hydrated. Cleaning and sustaining the fountain is a part of the equation, however it’s price it to know you’re serving to stop kidney and urinary tract points in your kitty.

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