Quick Facts

  • Weight: 40 – 50 kilos (18.14 – 22.68 kg)
  • Height: 12 – 16 inches (30.48 – 40.64 cm)

The Look of a Bulldog

Bulldogs are brief, sturdy and stocky. Due to their wrinkled face and stockiness, they’ll have a troublesome, intimidating look. A typical Bulldog has a reasonably vast head with cheeks that draw again behind the eyes. Dense folds of pores and skin on the brow lead right down to a brief muzzle, a broad black nostril, a dangling higher lip and an undershot decrease jaw. They have wide-set eyes and small ears that fold again. They have brief, sturdy limbs—giving them a sort of waddle after they stroll—and a brief, low tail. Their clean coats are available in a variety of colours or shade mixtures.


  • Wrinkled face
  • Fierce and hard wanting
  • Friendly and loving
  • Easy to coach
  • Mellow and easygoing
  • Courageous and durable

Ideal Human Companion

  • Singles
  • Apartment dwellers
  • Families
  • Couch potatoes
The Long Island Kennel Club Presents Tail-Wagging Fun for the Whole Family at the Long Island Dog Festival, featuring a Bulldog Kissing Booth, Sunday, May 19 at the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay.
The Long Island Kennel Club Presents Tail-Wagging Fun for the Whole Family on the Long Island Dog Festival, that includes a Bulldog Kissing Booth, Sunday, May 19 on the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay.

What They Are Like to Live With

Bulldogs could look powerful, however inside they’re candy and mild. They have a pleasant temperament—proving to be your final pal—and a fond attachment to house and household. Sometimes this attachment grows so sturdy, they’ll keep inside till you insist they exit. Though their trademark nastiness has diminished during the last 150 years, they nonetheless have a persistent character, which they put to good use when attempting to get your consideration. If you don’t get their refined hints to play and cuddle, they won’t quit till they get what they need.

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Bulldogs are reliable, loyal and obedient. They even have a exceptional persistence and tolerance, getting alongside famously with different pets and younger youngsters. Apartment dwellers and sofa potatoes may discover Bulldogs the proper pet: They don’t want an excessive amount of area, and so they like nothing higher than hanging out on a sofa or a beanbag all afternoon.

Bulldogs usually are not your best option for a guard canine: They could intimidate a stranger (or somebody approaching the home suspiciously) with their seems to be, however when push involves shove they are going to be pleasant or passive.

A Bulldog asleep with his tongue out.
A Bulldog asleep together with his tongue out. Photography ©Lindsay_Helms| Getty Images.

Things You Should Know

Though relaxed and peaceable, Bulldogs wish to chew on issues. Make certain they’ve loads of powerful doggie toys in order that they don’t go to work in your private issues. Also, they like to pal round. Doggie play-dates with different Bulldogs are wholesome diversions. If can deal with having two Bulldogs of the alternative intercourse in the home, that’s even higher (so long as everyone seems to be spayed/neutered).

Easy to coach, Bulldogs wish to get together with and be a part of the pack. Some could also be slightly dominating, needing a agency hand to remain in line. If you will have a Bulldog pet, coaching is sort of a necessity. Don’t fear: They mellow with age.

Bulldogs, like Pugs, recognize ambient temperatures—neither too scorching nor too chilly—and likewise like Pugs, they have an inclination to snore and snort.

A wholesome bulldog can dwell so long as 10 years, however they’ve an extended record of hereditary well being points. Some Bulldogs endure respiratory issues, hip/knee points and eyesight issues. They’re not significantly keen on train, however they need to have each day walks to remain in form. Also, the folds of their face can collect moisture and particles—they require common cleansing.

Bulldog History

Bulldogs have been bred in England for tons of of years. Originally used within the seventeenth century for bull baiting—a wagering sport through which canines fought bulls in a hoop—they’d smaller heads and extra athletic frames (very similar to the Olde English Bulldogge). When bull baiting was outlawed in 1835, Bulldogs had been bred to be kinder, heavier and extra relaxed, ultimately changing into successful on the canine present circuit and, after all, as pets.

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