Bringing a New Cat Home to Another Cat

Cats are sometimes called solitary animals. The purpose is their robust, impartial temperament and the truth that cats historically exit alone as hunters. Nevertheless, cats are social animals, and plenty of cats solely actually really feel at house with their very own variety. Before shopping for a second cat, it is best to think twice in regards to the traits akin to age, gender, and breed that the second cat should have with a view to match the cat already dwelling within the family.

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What are the Pros of Buying a Second Cat?

Getting a second cat is sensible in order that the prevailing cat has a companion to play, run round and cuddle with. For indoor cats, particularly, the corporate of one other cat is vital in order that they don’t get bored and sad. There are cats who really favor to stay solitary cats, however younger cats and full of life cat breeds, particularly, benefit from the firm.

Are Two Cats More Work Than a Single Cat?

If you’ve determined to convey a second cat into the home, you shouldn’t underestimate the trouble. Buying a second cat signifies that consumables like cat litter and cat meals additionally need to be purchased in double the quantity. A go to to the vet, a attainable animal medical health insurance, and the cat sitter on trip price twice as a lot if two cats reside within the family. Most of the equipment from the primary cat can, nevertheless, even be used for the second cat. You don’t essentially have to purchase new litter packing containers, scratching posts, and toys for the second cat offered that enough equipment are already obtainable.

Choosing A Second Cat

The most vital factor when shopping for a second cat is that the newcomer matches the prevailing cat. Instead of spontaneous purchases, it is best to give your self sufficient time to search out the appropriate cat with a view to save the animals and your self pointless stress.

How outdated ought to the second cat be?

When it involves the age of cats, the next usually applies: Equal and alike like to affix. Cats of the same age have comparable wants and are extra responsive to one another. It is best to convey two cats collectively when each cats are very younger. Kittens and kittens discover one another rapidly and have the benefit that they will develop up collectively.

If you’re searching for a second cat as a playmate for an older cat, you shouldn’t go for a younger cat. An older cat is way calmer and fewer playful in order that it may be overwhelmed and even irritated by the younger and energetic second cat. An different is to purchase two younger cats on the similar time, in order that the older cat has firm, however the younger cats can reside out their intuition to play with one another.

What gender ought to the brand new cat be?

In normal, same-sex cats get alongside higher. Male cats usually tend to struggle and chase one another, whereas feminine cats are usually calmer. Especially when bringing collectively younger cats, it’s advisable to get a second cat of the identical intercourse, as the identical play conduct simplifies coexistence. With older cats, the intercourse of the cat is much less vital – right here it is best to take note of an appropriate character of the second cat.

Which breed or which temperament ought to the second cat convey?

Before you purchase a second cat, it is best to watch the prevailing cat rigorously. Is she extra reserved and shy or self-confident and robust? Does she prefer to play or is she lazy? These are all important traits that the second cat ought to ideally convey with them. If you convey cats with fully completely different characters collectively, the danger that they won’t get alongside is way larger.

The breed is much less of an element with regards to getting a second cat. Cats of various breeds may also get alongside properly. However, pedigree cats usually have the same temperament and comparable traits, in order that the seek for an appropriate cat may be simplified by getting a second cat of the identical breed.

What Should You Watch Out For When the Second Cat Moves In?

Before the second cat strikes in, the residence or home should be ready for the newcomer. The new cat should have a spot of retreat, particularly to get used to it. It is greatest to first separate the cats and put together a separate room for the second cat with a litter field, scratching publish, and meals. In this manner, she will get used to the brand new environment and the odor of the brand new house earlier than she meets her fellow species.

How Do You Get Cats Used to Each Other?

The first contact is thrilling for everybody concerned. The first encounter between the primary and second cats may be very completely different. But irrespective of whether or not the cats strategy one another hesitantly or one in all them takes flight – so long as the cats don’t turn into aggressive and assault one another, one mustn’t intervene in what is occurring. It is vital that you simply give each cats sufficient time to get used to the brand new state of affairs and to get to know one another.

How lengthy it takes for the cats to get used to one another can’t be mentioned usually phrases. Some cats are very pleased after just some days, others take considerably longer to just accept one another.


There are many good causes to get a second cat. Two cats preserve one another firm and just remember to don’t get bored simply. It is essential for the success of a reunion of two cats that the 2 cats match collectively in essence. If you take note of age, gender, and temperament when buying, the possibilities of success are superb.

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