Border Collie

A medium-sized canine with a light-weight body and lengthy hair, the standard Border Collie has a barely huge head with a tapered muzzle, half-perked ears and darkish, oval eyes. The lengthy tail generally raises however by no means curls over the again. They have two sorts of coat: glossy and coarse (which is barely longer than glossy). Colors embody black, black & white, pink & white, tri-color and black & grey. Overall, Border Collies have an athletic physique—robust and agile, fast and coordinated—that appears at all times prepared for motion.


  • Long, two-toned mane
  • Smart and unbiased
  • Eager to please
  • Suspicious of strangers
  • Great herders
  • Perfectionists
  • Tireless staff

Ideal Human Companion

  • Singles
  • Agility trainers
  • Families with older youngsters
  • Shepherds

What They Are Like to Live With

Border Collies are loyal, trainable, whip-smart pets with an oversupply of vitality; i.e. they received’t simply hang around on the sofa. They want numerous area to run, so a giant yard (or perhaps a farm) fits them greatest. These canines are the perfect companions for many who work open air or throughout wide-open areas.

Easily trainable and wanting to please, Border Collies can generally be perfectionists on the subject of studying and executing new abilities. Always give them duties and they’re going to serve you till the day is finished. They type a robust bond with their homeowners however might be standoffish with strangers. Border Collies will let you recognize pretty rapidly if somebody is approaching the home.

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They have pure herding instincts that may generally come into play within the family: Young youngsters and small pets could get “herded” from time-to-time. These are robust, busy and generally high-strung canines with a decided drive and focus. People who like canine sports activities will love Border Collies. They are nice rivals.

Things You Should Know

If you’re simply in search of a pleasant household pet, a Border Collie may not be the perfect selection. These are demanding canines requiring devoted homeowners. They want numerous consideration, loads of outside train and—if potential—one thing to do: This might be a activity, coaching train or a “herding” sport. Border Collies are so artful, clever and stuffed with vitality that it might be a disgrace to go away them alone all day in the home.

Border Collies additionally like path. A agency (however pleasant) proprietor who can sustain with obedience classes and coaching is critical. They tend to dominate weak-willed homeowners, so make sure that your Border Collie is aware of who’s the boss. However, extreme punishment or harsh remedy can elicit unusual, irrational reactions. Regular doses of optimistic reinforcement will assist them thrive.

Always bear in mind to maintain your Border Collie energetic and challenged: If bored or uncared for, they’ll trigger bother by being damaging within the yard or with private property.

A wholesome Border Collie can stay so long as 15 years. Common well being issues embody hip dysplasia, deafness and epilepsy.

Border Collie History

Considered the world’s greatest sheepherder, Border Collies originated on the Scottish/English border in Northumberland, derived from a combination of Spaniel and early droving breeds. While nobody is aware of for certain how lengthy they’ve been round, some specialists say English sheepdogs have been tending herds for the reason that Romans landed in Britain. Their eager intelligence and flexibility has made them a best choice for narcotics and bomb detection, to not point out guiding the blind and aiding the handicapped.

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