Ask Dr. Aziza: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass And Other Answers to Your Top-Asked Questions

Ask Dr. Aziza: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass And Other Answers to Your Top-Asked Questions

Our Freshpet vet, Dr. Aziza, is again with solutions to your most-asked pet questions! From habits and care to well being and physiology, we unravel the belongings you’ve at all times puzzled about your four-legged associates.

Q: Why do canines eat grass?

A: There are three
essential the explanation why canines eat grass. The first purpose is that it may very well be an
instinctual habits – analysis research exhibiting that wolves sometimes eat
grass. The second purpose is that it may very well be behavioral – anxiousness could cause
attention-seeking habits or it may be a playful expertise. The third purpose
is that it’s your canine’s manner of attempting to stability their eating regimen – it’s one technique to
introduce fiber into its eating regimen if it’s not nicely balanced.

Q: What’s the perfect human meals I may give
my pet as a snack?

A: High-quality,
low-calorie human meals make the perfect varieties of snacks. Opt for pet-safe associates
and greens akin to contemporary inexperienced beans, carrots, bananas, strawberries, and
blueberries, as these are filled with vitamins. Make positive to steer clear of
human meals that may be poisonous, like grapes, raisins, garlic, onion, and
macadamia nuts, as these meals could cause harm to their organs like their

Q: What meals is finest for my canine or cat?

A: The finest meals for
your canine or cat is one that’s nicely balanced, tastes good, and helps your
pet’s life-style and medical issues.

  • If your pet is obese: The best dog food shall be an incredible eating regimen with decrease energy to make it simpler to shed the kilos, like Freshpet’s chicken and beef recipes.
  • If your pet has meals allergy symptoms: The perfect meals could have restricted components which are advisable by your veterinarian, like Freshpet’s lamb or bison recipes.

Q: Do canines dream?

A: Research research
present that not solely do canines dream, however their sleep and dream patterns are very
much like these of people in that they replay moments from their day.
Scientists have additionally discovered that puppies and senior canines dream extra typically than
their middle-aged counterparts – how cool is that?

Q: How typically ought to I give my pet a shower?

A: Generally it’s
advisable to wash pets at the very least as soon as each three months, nevertheless, that
drastically modifications primarily based on breed. Hairless breeds want weekly baths however on
the opposite hand, breeds which have lengthy coats have to be bathed and groomed each
month, particularly if there isn’t any each day grooming at house.

Q: Is my pet obese, or simply

A: Recent research have proven that about 60% of cats and canines are obese or overweight, although 40% of pet mother and father consider that their pets are an appropriate weight.

Dogs and cats come
in all styles and sizes, so there is not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy when
figuring out weight problems. Therefore, veterinarians make the most of physique situation scores to
account for variations in physique shapes. It’s additionally price mentioning that
normally, “fluffy” just isn’t a time period that will describe a wholesome physique weight.

Q: Why do each canines and cats have

A: Whiskers, or
vibrissae, are a good way that canines and cats obtain tactile data from
their setting. These specialised hairs assist canines and cats to be taught and
navigate their setting. They translate bodily contact into neural
data permitting them to calculate their environment, which prevents them
from colliding into objects, sense modifications within the air, and help throughout
playtime or searching actions.

Q: Why do cats sleep a lot?

A: For probably the most half,
the explanation why cats sleep a lot is tied to their genes. Cats are hardwired to
be hunters who preserve their vitality all through the day to arrange for the few
hours devoted to searching. Although now pets, cats retained this handy ancestral
habits and have integrated it into their lifetime of luxurious, no searching wanted.

It’s essential to
observe that cats can even sleep for lengthy durations once they’re not feeling nicely.
Sickness and illness could cause cats to enter hiding mode and so they instinctively
know that relaxation is a technique to heal the physique.

Finally, cats go
by cycles of sunshine and deep sleep, which provides a brand new which means to “sleeping
with one eye open”!

We hope that you just
discovered the solutions to questions you’ve at all times puzzled about. Still have
questions on one thing that wasn’t on this checklist? Let us know within the feedback
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