Antifreeze And Dogs: The Facts

Many pet dad and mom already know that antifreeze is harmful for his or her pets. Even small quantities could be deadly. But many additionally don’t know why it’s so harmful, and what to do within the unlucky case of animal antifreeze poisoning.  

Don’t wait till your subsequent vet appointment to ask these questions. Here are the details about antifreeze and canine.

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Fact: Antifreeze is a candy and deadly poison

There are many toxins in our properties. But antifreeze is particular. Unlike many different toxins, which frequently have a repulsive scent or style, your canine will discover antifreeze notably tasty. First-time dog owners ought to concentrate on this candy poison. 

The important ingredient is a tasty however poisonous compound often known as ethylene glycol. A small quantity, as little as 88ml (or three ounces), could be deadly for a medium-sized canine. Once ingested, it impacts the kidneys and nervous system. It could be deadly inside hours of consumption. 

Fact: The threat of antifreeze poisoning is highest at house

Antifreeze is an integral part of many family merchandise. It prevents freezing in the course of the chilly months. You will discover antifreeze not simply in your automobile radiator or storage, however it is usually current within the following:

  • Snow globes.
  • Printer and pen inks.
  • Some latex paints.
  • Toilet bowls
  • Faucets and different plumbing.

As the winter months set in, we use antifreeze to maintain the bogs and plumbing from freezing. We additionally use it to maintain the bottom of our moveable basketball hoops in good situation. 

As you determine methods to care for your pet this vacation season, be acutely aware about locations in your house the place antifreeze may very well be current. Chances of your canine sniffing out some unintentional drops or discovering an open container and licking it are sky-high.  

The first tell-tell indicators that your dog could have ingested some antifreeze are within the atmosphere. Quickly scan the realm for puddles or open containers which will comprise antifreeze. Also, search for antifreeze pawprints round the home. You can also discover traces of the chemical in your canine’s lips. 

Your canine might additionally exhibit the next bodily signs:

  • A wobbly amble and drunken habits
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Excessive thirst and urination
  • General weak point
  • Increased coronary heart fee
  • Muscle tremors, convulsions, and seizures
  • Loss of consciousness. 

There is a excessive probability of antifreeze poisoning when these indicators and signs happen collectively. However, you possibly can solely get a conclusive reply after a complete blood take a look at and stool take a look at. So, urgently take your canine to a vet emergency facility once you suspect antifreeze poisoning. 

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Fact: Through first help antifreeze poisoning is treatable

You aren’t fully helpless in case you suspect your canine has ingested antifreeze. If you discover it inside two hours of consumption, you possibly can induce vomiting. But first, name the vet and allow them to know what has occurred and what you need to do.

Give your canine one teaspoon (per 5 kilos of physique weight) of a easy hydrogen peroxide solution. Your canine will vomit. It will cut back the toxins within the intestine. If the canine doesn’t vomit, give one other dose of hydrogen peroxide resolution after ten minutes. But don’t give greater than three doses. Then take your canine to the vet.

After evaluation and several other lab exams, the vet will administer antidotes equivalent to activated charcoal and 4-methyl pyrazole. However, these remedies solely work when given shortly after poisoning. So, act quick!

Final reality: Prevention of antifreeze poisoning is easy

You can stop antifreeze poisoning by taking the next easy precautions:

  • Tightly shut antifreeze containers and retailer them out of attain of your pets. 
  • Dispose of used containers correctly.
  • Fix any leaks out of your automobile radiator.
  • Thoroughly clear any spills. 
  • Prevent your canine from wandering within the neighborhood and licking from puddles and spills.
  • Use pet-safe antifreeze in your house. 

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