7 Signs You Have A Happy Cat In Your Household

7 Signs You Have A Happy Cat In Your Household

We know that as a pet dad or mum, you care deeply about ensuring
that your pet resides its happiest life. Cats could not make their emotions
obvious in the identical method that their canine counterparts do, however that doesn’t
imply that they don’t tell us how they’re feeling. Take a have a look at these
seven behaviors that cats show when they’re blissful and see should you can
acknowledge any of them in your individual feline!

They have an excellent
urge for food

If your cat exhibits pleasure at mealtime and persistently finishes the meals that they’re served, this can be a positive signal that they’re blissful. When your cat eats contemporary, complete meals that makes them really feel good, they’ll begin to see mealtime as a spotlight of their day. A contented cat will meet you within the kitchen when it’s time to eat, giving little chirps and rubbing in opposition to your legs as you put together their favourite Freshpet recipe. When it’s prepared, they’ll excitedly lead you to their common consuming spot and instantly begin consuming.

They have regular
sleeping behaviors

Believe it or not, however you possibly can inform lots about how your cat is feeling by how they sleep. The very first thing it is best to control is the variety of hours that they sleep. On common, cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day. If you discover your cat sleeping greater than 16 hours, or much more than they’ve previously, this generally is a symptom of despair or sickness and it is best to contact your veterinarian. The second sleep-related habits to observe for is the place your cat chooses to sleep. Happy cats typically take pleasure in social sleeping, which implies that they may sleep with these with which they really feel protected and cozy. If your cat chooses to sleep with you or different pets in the home, this can be a nice indication of happiness.

They’re playful

Your cat’s stage of playfulness is one other sturdy indication of happiness. Cats who’re feeling depressed will spend their days sleeping, however blissful cats want to spend their waking hours partaking with their atmosphere. This might imply enjoying with you, entertaining themselves independently with a toy, or just exploring completely different areas of the home – something that exhibits your cat tapping into their curious aspect. A cat’s stage of vitality naturally decreases with age, however even blissful senior cats take pleasure in some one-on-one playtime with their favourite human.

They have relaxed physique

If your cat tends to sit down like an ideal loaf, with their paws tucked underneath their physique, their tail wrapped round them, and their eyes closed or softly open, these are all indicators that they’re feeling blissful and cozy of their atmosphere. When they’re up and transferring round, their tails ought to be standing straight with the highest half hooked over to make a form of query mark – particularly when greeting relations.

They groom themselves

A contented cat is a well-groomed cat! If you discover that your cat has been grooming much less and their coat is wanting uninteresting and soiled, this can be a signal of unhappiness, sickness, and even harm. Cats who really feel good will spend numerous time grooming themselves and even different cats that they belief. They could even attempt to groom their human relations, as a show of belief and happiness of their relationship. This grooming can really assist strengthen the bond your cat feels with you, as licking offers an endorphin launch.

They purr

In most circumstances, a cat will purr after they’re content material – resembling if you’re petting them or they’re basking in a ray of sunshine. It’s necessary to remember, nevertheless, that purring is a little bit of an advanced habits, as cats don’t solely purr after they’re blissful. They are additionally recognized to make use of purring as a strategy to consolation themselves after they’re damage or upset. Knowing this, should you see your cat purring at odd occasions it might be a good suggestion to e-book an appointment along with your veterinarian to ensure there aren’t any underlying points.

They’re blissful to see

The most blatant signal that you’ve got a cheerful cat is that if they appear, effectively, blissful! A cat who enthusiastically greets you if you get residence, offers you a head bump if you get up within the morning, or actively seems for you round the home, is probably going content material with their life. You might also discover that if you’ve been away out of your cat, they spend a while rubbing their head and physique in opposition to your legs or fingers. What they’re really doing is marking you as their ‘territory’ – in different phrases, claiming you as their very own – which cats solely do after they actually like somebody. Another signal is if you begin to pet them, they bump their head into your hand like they need you to pet tougher. This is their method of exhibiting they take pleasure in your organization and need extra of it!

We hope that this offers you a greater understanding of how your
cat exhibits that they are blissful. If you’re apprehensive that your cat could also be sad,
begin by talking to your veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical
causes. If they get a clear invoice of well being, look into methods that you may enrich
their atmosphere. If you don’t know the place to start out, your veterinarian might be
capable of suggest a behavioral therapist that may show you how to higher perceive
your cat and their wants.