6 Signs It’s Time to Switch to a Limited-Ingredient Diet

6 Signs It’s Time to Switch to a Limited-Ingredient Diet

A limited-ingredient food regimen might help canines and cats with allergic reactions, meals sensitivities, and delicate stomachs. If your fur child exhibits any of the next indicators, they could profit from a brand new meals made with minimal components.

Caring for canines and cats with meals allergic reactions and sensitivities is tough. Not solely are the signs heartbreaking, nevertheless it can be unattainable to know what to feed them. The downside with most business diets is the lengthy checklist of components. This will increase the possibilities that the meals will include an allergen or set off. And that’s why a limited-ingredient food regimen is a superb answer for canines and cats with allergic reactions and sensitivities. Here are six indicators your canine or cat may profit from a limited-ingredient food regimen.

1. Diarrhea or Constipation, Gas, and Bloating

Frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation may very well be an indication that your canine or cat has meals sensitivities or digestive issues. This occurs as a result of the animal can’t break down sure meals of their food regimen. The meals begins to ferment within the intestine, inflicting bloating, gasoline, and diarrhea or constipation.

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2. Scratching and Hair Loss

Allergies could cause excessive itchiness. What’s extra, common scratching could cause pores and skin infections and hair loss. A number of of the most typical meals allergens amongst canines and cats are dairy, rooster, and beef—common components in conventional meals however not all the time in a limited-ingredient food regimen.

3. Licking Paws

Paw licking can be an indication of meals allergic reactions. Dogs and cats with allergic reactions will usually lick their paws uncooked and develop porphyrin stains across the foot space.

4. Chronic Ear Infections

Itchy animals usually have itchy ears, so should you discover your pup or kitty scratching this space recurrently, they might have allergic reactions. What’s extra, canines and cats can switch micro organism and fungus from their nails to their ears, inflicting common ear infections.

5. Frequent Vomiting

Vomiting is a digestive subject associated to meals allergic reactions. When the physique encounters an allergen, it releases histamines to assist eliminate the invader. But histamines can set off vomiting, so canines and cats with meals allergic reactions may throw up lots.

6. Appetite Loss

Allergies and meals sensitivities each trigger gastrointestinal upset. The irritation causes diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, bloating, gasoline, and stomach ache, leaving your pup or kitty feeling unwell. It’s widespread for these animals to keep away from consuming in order that they don’t really feel sick.

A Limited-Ingredient Diet Can Make All the Difference

Dogs and cats with these signs could have meals allergic reactions or sensitivities, and their present food regimen may very well be the set off. In these instances, a limited-ingredient food regimen might help as a result of it should include:

  • A single protein supply
  • Nutritionally dense and easy-to-digest carbohydrates
  • No widespread irritants, allergens, or fillers
  • High-quality pure components

PureVita recipes from NutriSource are limited-ingredient diets that function single-source animal proteins, novel protein choices, and a choose few high-quality meals. Available in grain-free and grain-inclusive kibble and moist recipes, every PureVita limited-ingredient food regimen is fastidiously crafted for canines and cats with meals sensitivities, allergic reactions, or delicate stomachs. These nutrient-driven diets are scrumptious, encouraging finicky eaters and canines or cats with urge for food loss. Finally, there are a number of recipes, making it a breeze to rotate proteins and carbs, which might help forestall allergic reactions and digestive upset.

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