5 Common Behaviours in Rescue Dogs and What They Mean

When you adopt a dog, you carry an animal and its unknown historical past into your life. There are a number of behavioural issues you could encounter, particularly with rescue canines. Many of those are fairly frequent and could be labored out when you understand why your pet is behaving the best way he’s. 

Knowing you saved a canine from a horrible life is barely half the battle. Getting him to a degree the place he’s functioning nicely can take a bit of labor. You could wish to look into pet insurance coverage if crucial as nicely, particularly if the canine has some potential well being points. With that in thoughts, listed below are some behaviors you could run into and what they imply.

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  1. Resource Guarding

Dogs defending meals, kennels, and toys are guarding their resources. They could also be doing this as a result of they skilled starvation earlier than dwelling with you. This behaviour might also be their response to the trauma they suffered from being in a shelter. There are two primary decisions right here: you’ll be able to handle the behaviour or right it. 

Managing this conduct is the better approach. You can handle useful resource guarding conduct, as an illustration, by crating throughout mealtimes. You may also attempt utilizing treats to get toys out of your canine’s mouth. 

Correcting the conduct requires a bit extra effort. To work by your canine’s useful resource guarding, you will have to work with a coach and begin desensitizing your pet. 

  1. Anxiety and Aggression

There are many causes of a pet’s nervousness. He could also be having bother as a result of he hasn’t been uncovered to stability and routine. Your pet might also be troubled as a result of he’s not used to the sensation of being in a snug surroundings. You could not know a lot about your pet’s life earlier than he lived with you, however if you’re coping with anxiety-driven behavioral issues, you’ll be able to wager that they’re lacking some key sources. 

Spending time within the shelter can even create nervousness in your pet. He can have slept on chilly concrete and have not one of the comforts of dwelling, together with unusual smells. People could come, however just for quick visits. All these components make for a traumatizing expertise. 

  1. Whining

Many rescue canines grow to be exceedingly vocal. They whine consistently, whether or not they’re proper subsequent to you or strolling round the home. The trick to controlling this conduct is to search out out why your canine is whining. 

Some causes your canine could also be whining embody: 

  • Anxiety, concern, or stress
  • They wish to go outdoors  
  • They could also be experiencing ache
  • They might want consideration or are bored
  • They are exhibiting submission

Some of those behaviors could be labored by. For occasion, ensuring to ascertain a rest room routine will assist provide you with a warning when they should go potty. Making positive your canine will get sufficient psychological stimulation from totally different toys may help as nicely. 

Be positive your pet will get the correct amount of train as nicely to assist relieve stress. It is at all times suggested to work along with your rescue sources or a coach to make sure your pet makes a clean transition to their new dwelling. 

  1. Destroying Things

Every canine likes to chew; it is just pure. This is useful for his or her jaws and retaining their tooth clear. However, it turns into an issue once they destroy priceless objects similar to your sofa or your footwear. When this happens, it’s time to see what you are able to do to curtail the issue. There are some frequent causes of this conduct, and they’re typically:

  • Lack of psychological stimulation
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Lack of train

Dr. Joanna Woodnutt of TheVets.com explains that destructiveness and digging generally is a symptom of a panic assault – so it is best to positively take the time to determine what the difficulty is. Avoid punishments similar to hitting, muzzling, or crating for prolonged durations to curb the chewing. Dogs don’t typically perceive why they’re being punished. 

Chewing may also be a well being concern as it could possibly trigger digestive points and even impactions. This can result in pricey vet visits, so you could wish to look into pet insurance coverage to assist with this risk.

Photo by Janusz Maniak on Unsplash

  1. Accidents

Many rescue pets regress with their potty training and begin urinating and defecating within the dwelling. This is most frequently brought on by a change in routine and being in unfamiliar environment. There are some canines that can come by the rescue course of and interact in submissive urination. This generally is a tougher situation to resolve however constructing their confidence shall be a big a part of eliminating this behavioural situation.  

Again, you do not need to start out crating your pet for extended durations to assist resolve this drawback. Instead, supply extra journeys outdoors, frequent walks, and rewards for eliminating when requested outdoors. The aim is to work by the difficulty. 

This additionally means figuring out the reason for the accidents, so you’ll be able to handle it. For instance, whether it is easy regression, the earlier recommendations of extra walks ought to work. If, nonetheless, the accidents are resulting from separation nervousness or submissive urination, you could possibly resolve the issue by giving your canine some TLC and reassurance. 


The backside line is that no canine is ideal, and rescue canines, specifically, are prone to have some distinctive behaviors. These are pure reactions to their previous, however you’ll be able to work by them. With endurance, a number of love, and correct coaching and constructive reinforcement, it is best to be capable to resolve any regarding behaviors. 

If you ever want further help, ask the rescue organisation for sources or seek the advice of a canine coach or behavioural specialist. 

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