3 Steps to Balance Your Dog with the Right Protein

Dogs want 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of physique weight daily to remain wholesome. But do you know that you can be feeding your canine the fallacious type of protein? Find the correct one and their proper meals with these three straightforward steps!

Protein is an important a part of your canine’s weight-reduction plan. However, feeding the fallacious protein may truly trigger an imbalance. Eastern Food Therapy tells us that you must perceive your canine’s ‘temperature’ so you’ll be able to feed them the proper protein. This one weight-reduction plan change may make all of the distinction for his or her well being, well-being, vitality ranges, and longevity! Check out these three suggestions for locating the correct protein in your pup.

1. Find Out Your Dog’s Temperature: Warm, Neutral, or Cool

According to Eastern Food Therapy, dwelling issues have a temperature, which may be Warm, Neutral, or Cool. Dogs which are Warm or Cool have an imbalance, and that leaves them weak to well being and behavioral points. Let’s have a look at some examples:

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  • Warm canines may be high-strung and aggressive, have dry pores and skin and scorching spots, they usually may pant usually due to stress.
  • Cool canines are sometimes fearful or timid, expertise separation anxiousness, are vulnerable to colds, and don’t have lots of vitality.

Here’s the excellent news: each meals has its personal temperature, so you need to use the correct entire meals to steadiness and nourish your canine!

  • Neutral canines are balanced canines, and that is what you need in your pup: a relaxed and joyful temperament, tons of vitality, and all the time up for an journey.

Use our enjoyable and fast Pet Health Assessment to find out your canine’s temperature.

2. Choose Proteins that Will Balance and Nourish

Warm canines want Cooling proteins like rabbit, duck, and pollock. Cool canines want Warming proteins like lamb, eggs, and rooster. Neutral canines can eat Warming, Cooling, and Neutral proteins, which embrace pork, beef, and salmon.

The downside with conventional pet meals is that they’re not formulated in response to Eastern Food Therapy. Before, pet dad and mom who wished to steadiness their canines needed to make meals recent from scratch, however now there’s a better approach…

3. Start Your Dog on Side by Side’s Warming, Neutral, or Cooling Food Today!

Side by Side is the one meals formulated in response to each fashionable diet science AND 5,000-year-old Eastern Food Therapy! We fastidiously choose the highest-quality entire meals components and proteins to create Warming, Neutral, and Cooling recipes that steadiness & nourish canines. Your canine can be energetic, calm, joyful, and allergy-free, they usually’ll have nice digestive well being and excellent poops!

Complete and balanced with out components—no artificial nutritional vitamins, minerals, or preservatives—our raw, freeze-dried food and treats are made with clear, all-natural, entire meals components which are GMO-free. Our merchandise make it straightforward to feed your canine the correct meals.

Visit Side by Side as we speak to take the Pet Health Assessment and study extra about Eastern Food Therapy.

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