10+ Grey Kitten Names – Male & Female

There aren’t any limits to the creativeness when searching for a reputation for grey cats. The repertoire contains names for grey stones, climate phenomena, and traditional names that imply “the grey one”. Discover 18 names for cats with grey fur on this article and be impressed!

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Gray cat names are tailored for home cats like Carthusians or the uncommon Nebelung. It isn’t all the time simple to provide you with the perfect title by yourself.

To give creativity a lift, this text affords a choice of cute cat names, starting from classic-traditional to uncommon and lavish.

Gray Kitten Names

Grey Kitten Names – Female

Are you searching for names for feminine grey cats? These 9 cat names will enchant you:


The English time period is harking back to cozy grey days and subsequently goes completely with cats with the particular coat shade.


Gray is a traditional title for grey cats and scores with a ravishing sound.


With Griseldis the cat will get an extravagant title. Gris means “grey” in French.


Like a foggy autumn morning: Hazy is the English phrase for “hazy” and is good for grey cats.


Liath is a Gaelic lady title, which means that it’s a good match for cats with grey fur. The translation is: “The grey one” or “the gray-haired one”.


Luna – a well-liked pet title – means “the moon”. Since the colour of the moon typically seems ash grey, Luna goes effectively with grey cats.


Misty is each a reputation that’s primarily given to women within the USA and the English phrase for “foggy” and “hazy”.


Although the French title means “forest”, the similarity with the English phrase silver instantly makes a reference to the grey treasured metallic.


As if on cloud 9: This title sounds dreamy and evokes associations with clouds, which – relying on the climate – can be grey.

Grey Kitten Names – Male

Are you searching for a reputation for grey cats? The following 9 names for cats are assured to have one thing to your male grey cat!


The French title means “pebble” or “stone” and sounds cheeky and lovable on the similar time.


Both meanings are associated to the colour grey: Dusty is a male title that shines with the gorgeous translation “Thor’s stone”. It can also be the English phrase for “dusty”.


Flint is one other title for “flint”. The pebbles are predominantly grey or black.

Grim Beard

It is historically known as Grimbart, the title of the roof in legendary creatures. The predator from the marten household is simple to acknowledge by its grey coat.


The Welsh phrase “Llwyd” means “grey”. From this phrase got here a ravishing title that’s significantly appropriate for grey cats.


The male counterpart to the title Luna: For a cat, the English time period for the moon suits. Especially when their fur shade is harking back to the grey celestial physique.


Stony: Slate is the English phrase for slate. Since the sedimentary rock is usually darkish grey, the title Slate is good for Carthusians.


How in regards to the title Smoky? The English time period for “smoky” can also be a reputation for a shade of grey.


Stormy climate is usually related to grey clouds. So it’s becoming that the English phrase for stormy seems like an authentic title for grey cats.

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