10+ Black Cat Names – Male & Female

The following 18 names for black feminine and male cats are inventive, trendy, and lovely. They adorn the dark-colored kittens with an excellent title. This article conjures up with fantastic title concepts and goes into their meanings.

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It doesn’t at all times must be blacky! The seek for a reputation for black male cats or black feminine cats takes you into historical past and into the world of languages. Many names have the darkest of all colours of their that means. Names for the evening, the shadow, and different darkish creatures from the animal world are additionally splendid for the naming.

Names for Black Cats

Black Cat Names – Female

A reputation for the black cat ought to in fact be one thing particular. Here are 9 pretty names for black cats:


Nebulous: The title Fia is a Celtic title with a mysterious that means. It is translated as “darkish peace”.

Leyla / Laila

Is the cat black just like the evening? Then Leyla or Laila is the appropriate selection! The Arabic title means “probably the most stunning of all nights”.


It will get a bit scary with the title Lilith. The Hebrew title means “the evening demon” or, much less creepily, “the nocturnal”.


When a cat is christened Melli, it has a darkish coat when it comes to that means. The title Melli – the brief type of Melanie – means: “The darkish one”.


In Spanish, the title is derived from the phrase “moreno”, which stands for black, brown, or darkish. In Italian, “la mora” means, amongst different issues, “the blackberry”.


Regardless of whether or not you select to pronounce it in English or German – the title Pamela goes nice with black cats. Because Pamela hides the traditional Greek phrase “melas”, which interprets as “black” in German.


Oriental: Semra is a lady title of Arabic origin that makes a good selection for a black cat title. It means both “the darkish one” or “magnificence with darkish hair and darkish eyes”.


Just like Semra, the cat title Siyah additionally exudes an oriental aptitude. It is the Turkish phrase for “black” and matches darkish velvet paws like a glove.


Shady prospects are in no way to be anticipated when a kitten strikes in. However, it can’t be denied that the Latin phrase for “shadow” is an ideal match for a black cat.

Black Cat Names – Male

The finest names for male black cats come from standard books or create pleasure because of their meanings in different languages. Here are 9 cool names for black cats:


Baghira is a black panther who protects Mowgli within the legendary cartoon “The Jungle Book”. The title instantly thinks of the darkish large cat – however the appropriate translation of the outdated Indian title is “the tiger”.


Blake is an English title that’s appropriate for each hangovers and cats. In phrases of that means, too, it couldn’t be extra completely different: On the one hand, Blake means “black” and alternatively “pale”.


Coal-black: Colt is a primary and final title, which is translated as “the coal metropolis”. The darkish rock is a pleasant comparability to the black fur of a cat.


Fascination with black animals: ravens forged a spell over many individuals with their shimmering black feather robes. The title Corbin can most likely be traced again to the Latin phrase “corvus”, which interprets as “the raven”.


“Dark Warrior” – this can be a translation of the outdated Irish title Duncan. The title is right for a black tomcat who likes to be belligerent.


Dwayne is an English title derived from the Gaelic phrase “dubh”. With the that means “little darker”, the title scores with its very personal attraction.


Kiran comes from Sanskrit and has a number of meanings. One of them is “dark-haired” or “black” and is, subsequently, a wonderful title for a black cat.


A tomcat named Moritz not solely sounds pretty however can be the appropriate selection, particularly for black home cats. The German title with Latin origin means “the black one” or “the darkish one”.


From Bella Italia: Nero is the Italian title for the colour “black”. The title for a black male is extraordinarily standard on this nation.

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