Why Mushrooms Are So Good for Your Dog’s Gut Microbiome

Why Mushrooms Are So Good for Your Dog’s Gut Microbiome

From Lion’s Mane to Maitake, edible mushrooms are wealthy in prebiotic fiber and different vitamins that assist enhance the well being of your canine’s intestine microbiome.

Shiitake, Maitake and oyster mushrooms are thought-about a few of the world’s tastiest edible mushrooms — they usually’re just some of the flavorful fungal delights accessible worldwide. But mushrooms aren’t simply scrumptious. They additionally present stable vitamin to your canine (and your self!) due to their excessive ranges of fine high quality protein and fiber, and their low ranges of carbohydrates and fat. And it doesn’t finish there. The excessive fiber content material of mushrooms — which consists primarily of the non-digestible polysaccharides, chitin and beta glucan — can be a main meals for the “good” bugs that make up your canine’s intestine microbiome.


The fiber vitamins in mushrooms that feed the great bugs in your canine’s microbiome are known as “prebiotics.” The excessive ranges of this prebiotic fiber, together with the immune-enhancing advantages of beta glucan fiber, implies that mushrooms are very efficient at serving to to enhance microbiome well being. A lot of revealed research in canine have proven that this fiber promotes the expansion of helpful microbes that energy the well being of your canine.

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A current study performed in Japan confirmed that including a small quantity of dried, powdered Lion’s Mane mushroom to a business dry pet meals considerably improved microbiome well being in getting old canine. Lion’s Mane was chosen as a result of it has traditionally and historically been discovered to enhance a lot of GI points, together with gastritis and esophagitis within the higher GI tract, and inflammatory bowel illness (IBD) within the decrease bowel.

The four-month research concerned 18 feminine canine, all 11 years of age and all roughly the identical weight, from three completely different breeds (Schnauzers, Poodles and Maltese). The canine have been damaged into three teams of six. One group was fed a low efficiency check weight loss plan containing 400 mg of Lion’s Mane per kilogram of physique weight; the second a excessive efficiency check weight loss plan with 800 mg of Lion’s Mane per kilogram of physique weight; and the third a management weight loss plan with no Lion’s Mane.

The outcomes confirmed that the 2 diets containing Lion’s Mane had some numerical variations however have been statistically the identical, which means that 400 mg of Lion’s Mane per kilogram of physique weight was as efficient as 800 mg. The ratio of intestine microbes modified from a better variety of Firmicutes to a better degree of Bacteroidetes, indicating an enchancment within the microbiome well being of the canine consuming meals containing Lion’s Mane.

Another fascinating discovering from this research was a rise in a selected genus of micro organism known as Blautia. This bacterial genus has been related to visceral fats accumulation, and its presence signifies that Lion’s Mane has a possible anti-obesity impact on the microbiome. Other research have additionally discovered that Lion’s Mane has an anti-obesity impact.

Understanding the Microbiome

  • The intestine microbiome consists of micro organism, yeast fungi, and even some protozoa. Literally a whole lot of various species of those microbes dwell in your canine’s bowel, and the overall variety of these bugs is within the trillions! It’s mentioned there are extra bugs within the bowel than there are cells within the physique. Your canine’s pores and skin (in addition to your personal) additionally has its personal microbiome.
  • The well being of the microbiome is measured by the relative and absolute numbers of the completely different “lessons” of microorganisms it accommodates. For instance, in a wholesome microbiome, now we have larger numbers of a bunch of micro organism known as Bacteroidetes. Conversely, an unhealthy microbiome has larger numbers from the Firmicutes group, which is represented by micro organism such because the Streptococcus species. Another group of micro organism present in an unhealthy microbiome embody Campylobacter, also referred to as a food-borne pathogen and customary reason behind diarrhea.
  • We now know {that a} wholesome microbiome doesn’t simply present a wholesome digestive system; it will possibly additionally have an effect on different programs throughout the physique. We additionally know that as a person ages, whether or not human or canine, the composition of their microbiome modifications, predicting well being and longevity or resulting in age-related ailments

Selecting a Mushroom Product

Although the research outlined on this article was carried out utilizing Lion’s Mane mushroom, all mushrooms comprise substantial microbiome-friendly fiber from their sturdy fungal cell partitions. Any mushroom that’s correctly extracted can present advantages much like these of Lion’s Mane. So there’s no want to modify to Lion’s Mane in case your canine is already on a very good mushroom complement. The greatest mushroom merchandise for the microbiome are 1:1 extracts. This sort of extract has each the fiber that’s so essential to a wholesome microbiome, together with the beta glucans, terpenes, and all different energetic molecules generally present in mushrooms.

Along with Lion’s Mane, many different mushrooms comprise the prebiotic fiber and different vitamins essential for supporting a wholesome microbiome in your canine. Not all merchandise are created equal, although, so it’s essential to decide on a top quality extract that’s going to do the job. Given how essential good microbiome well being is, not solely to digestive wellness however to total well-being, it’s price exploring what mushrooms can do for each your self and your canine!

Dr. Robert J. Silver is a 1982 graduate of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He has pioneered the usage of weight loss plan, herbs and nutraceuticals in his small animal integrative follow in Boulder, Colorado for the previous 25 years. He writes and speaks each domestically and internationally to veterinary audiences on the worth of mixing holistic modalities with typical medication, and is a advisor to the pet meals trade. He can be the Chief Medical Officer of Real Mushrooms for Pets.

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