Why it’s important to choose healthy dog treats

Why it’s important to choose healthy dog treats

When your canine has been good, naturally, you wish to give her/him a scrumptious deal with as a reward. But it’s necessary to reward your canine the precise means with a wholesome canine deal with. 

Even although chances are you’ll solely be giving your canine a deal with as soon as, or twice a day, overly-processed canine treats could make your canine acquire weight, get sick and might contribute to critical well being points like diabetes and coronary heart illness. 

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Why Yummy Combs® dental treats are the Answer

Giving your canine a wholesome deal with, doesn’t imply you must compromise on style. Get your canine a deal with that’s wholesome AND scrumptious like Yummy Combs® dental dog treats! Aside from being a secure and efficient VOHC permitted dental deal with for controlling tartar, Yummy Combs® can be a high-quality deal with that’s jam-packed with the precise vitamins to offer your canine’s weight-reduction plan a lift! And the very best temperature we mildew the product in is lower than 210°F for lower than one minute.

Yummy Combs® method comprises 47% superior high quality animal protein, which has been confirmed to be a superior protein supply over plant-based substitutes like potato, wheat or pea protein. Making certain your canine has the very best high quality protein sources integrated into their weight-reduction plan is important as a result of protein gives all 20 amino acids required for canine and helps your canine’s physique perform correctly, develop lean muscle mass, and enhance their immune system! Not solely that, however protein and different substances in Yummy Combs® enhance your canine’s pores and skin, give them a shinier coat and cut back joint ache.

Yummy Combs® additionally has 12 wellness substances to assist your canine reside an extended, more healthy life! 

Our 12 wellness substances are:

  1. Glucosamine and chondroitin – helps joint mobility!
  2. Honey – boosts immunity!
  3. Salmon Oil – gives coat a wholesome “shine”
  4. Turmeric – assists within the breakdown of fat
  5. Casein – helps muscle power
  6. Cellulose – assists digestion and intestine well being
  7. Attapulgite Clay – polishes tooth with micro minerals
  8. Lecithin – enhances digestion
  9. Sodium Tripolyphosphate – softens dental tartar
  10. Edible fatty acids – helps fats requirement
  11. Vitamins – help general well being
  12. Yucca schidigera – as a flavorant

Yummy Combs® revolutionary dental treats are made with 46 substances in whole which might be all-natural, NON-GMO and gluten-free! Yummy Combs® can be free from synthetic colours, preservatives, lactose and extra grain. These wholesome substances help wellness and cut back weight-reduction plan boredom. Would you need your weight-reduction plan to incorporate the identical few substances each time you eat, daily of the yr, all of your life? We certain wouldn’t. Variety continues to be the spice of life, even for canine!

When treating with virtually any deal with be certain the canine has entry to ample contemporary water and cut back the pet food that day by about 10%. Enjoy watching your canine get pleasure from Yummy Combs®!

Get your favourite finest good friend their new favourite wholesome and scrumptious canine deal with! Buy your canine Yummy Combs® as we speak!

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