Why freeze-dried dog food is better than dehydrated

Why freeze-dried dog food is better than dehydrated

Everyone is aware of that uncooked meals is a more healthy possibility to your canine than processed kibble, however do you know that not all uncooked pet food is created equal? Many pet homeowners make the idea that as a result of they’re feeding their canine a uncooked food regimen, it means their canine is getting the highest-quality food regimen, however that’s not the case. 

Firstly, let’s make an assumption that you’re not within the mess or grossness of proper off-the-bone and bloody uncooked meat. You’re not alone with this, which is why your finest choices for comfort and high quality are both freeze-dried or dehydrated. That apart, you additionally want to understand that how uncooked pet food is ready makes all of the distinction. 

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Freeze-dried vs. Dehydrated pet food

When beginning your canine out on a completely uncooked food regimen, the best choice is freeze-dried over dehydrated. Even although the processes for each freeze-dried and dehydrated sound comparable, each choices contain eradicating the moisture from the meat, there are some crucial key variations.

1. Preparation

Freeze-dried pet food is made by freezing the meat first, reducing the strain, then eradicating the ice earlier than it solidifies by utilizing vacuum strain and making use of low-level warmth. The freeze-drying course of takes as much as 48-hours. 

Dehydrated meals is made by eradicating the moisture by evaporation. Dehydrated pet food is made at increased temperatures than freeze-dried pet food and doesn’t take as lengthy to make. Usually, the method is accomplished after 8 to 12 hours.

2. Nutritional Value

Dehydrated pet food is made at increased temperatures, which kills a variety of nutritional vitamins throughout processing. After the dehydration course of, virtually half of the vitamins have been destroyed considerably reducing the dietary worth.

Since freeze-dried pet food is made by utilizing low temperatures, this helps to take care of the pure vitamins and minerals within the meat, making it a better choice to feeding your canine a normal uncooked food regimen.

Bottom line… freeze-dried pet food has the next dietary worth than dehydrated and is, due to this fact, more healthy to your canine.

3. Safety

One of the principle considerations pet homeowners have with feeding their canine a uncooked food regimen is Salmonella, E. coli and different sorts of bacterial contamination.

Because of the cooking course of, a freeze-dried food regimen has little to no likelihood of bacterial contamination, because of the truth that the meat is frozen earlier than the moisture is eliminated, lowering the preliminary variety of micro organism current proper from the start. This lowers the chance of your canine getting sick virtually right down to zero. 

When it involves dehydrated meals, the dangers are barely heightened. Dehydrating the meals does kill a few of the micro organism, however extra micro organism survive the heating course of when being dehydrated versus freeze-dried. 

The finest freeze-dried pet food

Now, that we’ve established that freeze-dried is healthier than dehydrated, you need to discover a firm that gives the best-quality freeze-dried pet food that you could belief, and the best choice is Side By Side

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