Why do dogs lick their own urine? 11 Causes and 19 remedies

Why do dogs lick their own urine? 11 Causes and 19 remedies

Dogs lapping up their very own urine can both stem from a bodily discomfort or a behavioral drawback. First step is to rule out any attainable medical situations which can pressure your canine to dink his personal urine. If their is not any related medical purpose for this habits, then it almost definitely is stemming from a behavioral problem. To tackle this drawback, you have to first perceive the causes behind mentioned habits.

Causes behind canine ingesting their very own urine:

As I discussed earlier, ingesting their very own pee in canine generally is a results of an ongoing bodily drawback or a psychological problem. 

To diagnose any underlying medical problem, pay a go to to your veterinarian. If the licking of urine is certainly attributable to an underlying well being drawback, your canine will probably be checked and offered medicines to rectify the underlying illness.

Let’s begin with understanding the medical components which contribute to this drawback:


If your canine doesn’t have sufficient provide of water and is affected by dehydration, she or he will go to the closest supply to obtain hydration, even when that’s their very own urine. Dogs haven’t been noticed to drink their very own urine if they’re adequately hydrated. 

A brand new pet wants a number of reminders of the placement of the water bowl earlier than they keep in mind. If they overlook the placement of their bowl, they might drink their very own urine. Older canine affected by dementia might also drink urine in the event that they overlook the placement of their water bowl. 

Cushing’s syndrome:

This is a uncommon illness noticed in canine. It is brought on by the formation of a tumors within the pituitary gland of your canine, the first signs of this illness are extreme urination and uncontrolled thirst. The must urinate ceaselessly will trigger a buildup of pee in the home and the extreme thirst will trigger your canine to lap up his or her personal urine to beat the thirst.

Why dogs drink urine?

Urinary tract an infection (UTI)

Suffering from UTI is a typical occurance in canine. The most typical signs of this illness are blood in urine, fever, frequent urination and unintentional urination indoors. If your canine is affected by UTI, she or he will continually really feel thirsty and should drink his or her urine as they’re affected by peeing accidents and their is availability of urine in the home.

Urinary incontinence:

Licking up their very own urine in addition to urinary incontinence is a typical habits noticed in canine of superior ages of each sexes particularly neutered females. This drawback can happen attributable to all kinds of causes, a number of of them being: urinary tract issues. Urinary bladder an infection and so on. If these situations are ignored or left untreated, thy will trigger massive quantities of urine to leak from the bladder when the canine lays down.

Other potential medical causes:

If you pup is ingesting his personal urine attributable to being thirsty, growing the water amount ought to eradicate the issue. However, in case your canine is excessively thirsty, veterinary consideration could also be wanted. Excessive thirst or polydipsia could also be brought about attributable to underlying situations like hepatic ailments, kidney malfunction in addition to congenital ailments like diabetes. 

Other few potential medical points behind uncontrolled thirst could also be unintended effects of a drugs, deficiency of protein in your canine’s weight loss program, or outdated age.  

Now that we have now understood the bodily or underlying medical causes behind such habits, it it time to take a look in any respect behavioral points which can provide rise to this habits:

No place to urinate: 

in case your canine is housebroken, she or he is used to going outdoors to conduct their private enterprise. How we, in case your canine is at house for lengthy hours with nobody obtainable to take her or him out, she or he will pee wherever they select. Since your canine is home educated, she or he will acknowledge this as undesirable habits and should attempt to lick up the urine as a method to disguise or eliminate the proof.

Some canine guardians have a yard which might be freely accessed by the canine. Under such situations, the pup can exit when wanted. Even within the presence of a doggy door, some canine might really feel uncomfortable utilizing it to get out and should pee on the ground itself.

Your canine isn’t housebroken or is beneath coaching: 

It is frequent for pups to have accidents after they enter a brand new house. A couple of accidents have to be anticipated by canine guardians throughout the preliminary coaching interval. Your canine might really feel embarrassed by peeing indoors and should attempt to eradicate the proof by lapping it up. 

Raised in pet mills: 

Puppy mills are the locations the place the canine are bred for the aim to promoting their puppies. The dwelling situations in pet mills are inhumane because the pups are sometimes stored locked in small cages or bins. The pups are fed inside their cages. They should not even led out to poop or pee. Thus, puppies might study to eat their very own poop or drink their very own urine as nobody taught them in any other case. Another trigger could be the absence of ample quantity of water.

Bad behavior:

Just like people, canine may also decide up dangerous habits. A couple of of those are barking at mailman, chasing vehicles, barking at different folks and so on. However, these habits might also embrace peeing indoors. If your canine is exhibiting such habits, don’t scold her or him. Scolding your canine for dangerous habits solely need them to cover the mentioned behavior out of your eyes resulting in the exhibiting the habits however studying to cover the proof. Thus, for peeing indoors, take into account retaining your canine with optimistic reinforcement. 

Why dogs drink urine?


This purpose could appear extremely weird to numerous canine guardians. However, some puppies have been noticed to truly benefit from the style of urine and thus favor to drink urine over contemporary water even when the later is on the market. 

To perceive the other intercourse:

Some male canine might style the throughout to feminine canine to decipher if the later is in warmth. 

Now that we have now uncovered all potential causes behind canine licking their very own urine, its time to know and perceive how this habits might be corrected.


 A couple of concerns which might be taken under consideration by a canine guardian going through the pee ingesting drawback are as follows:

  • Provide sufficient water to your canine
  • Redo home coaching together with your canine 
  • Reinforce good habits with ample rewards 
  • Say a stern NO when the inappropriate behaviour is exhibited
  • Provide your canine with an easy accessibility to the yard by means of a doggy door in order that your canine can simply pee outdoors
  • Get a whole wellness test finished to your canine to rule out any underlying medical situations.

If your canine is a pet mill survivor, likelihood is she or he picked up the dangerous behavior from the unlucky setting of the mill. You might also face some issue in home coaching your pup. The key ingredient wanted to coach your pup will probably be endurance. No canine is untrainable. It’s the people who might lose endurance earlier than time. So give your self and your canine time to study the brand new habits. Never use any type of unfavourable reinforcement in your pup. A ton of optimistic reinforcement and endurance will carry your canine heading in the right direction. 

Another tip which can are available very useful is is to all the time clear up the accident as quickly because it happens. Do not depart the urine to dry out and don’t use white vinegar or bleach to wash the urine. Firstly, bleach or vinegar might trigger carpet or hardwood ground discoloration. Secondly, the scent of ammonia will lure your canine again to the spot because the scent is just like your canine’s urine.

To clear up your canine’s urine, it’s preferable to make use of enzyme based mostly cleaners. These sorts of cleaners work by breaking down the Uris acid and protease in your canine’s urine. They additionally disinfect the ground of any bacterial contamination. Other choices for ground cleansing are utilizing a mix of hydrogens peroxide and baking soda or water which is nice at neutralising odours. 

Give your pup extra ME time:

Take your pup out extra ceaselessly so that every one the urination occur outdoors the home quite than inside. If you can’t afford to take out canine out, you possibly can rent a canine walker. They will solely come to take your canine out to pee and poop. This is a good choice in the event you work lengthy hours each day. 

Why dogs drink urine?

Some ultimate suggestions:

  • You can have a delegated spot lined with pet pads and prepare your canine to go there if the choice to exit isn’t obtainable. 
  • You may also prepare your canine to make use of speaking buttons to allow them to relay to you their purpose for desirous to exit.
  • You can train your canine to make use of the pee and poo bell. Teach them to ring the bell when they should pee or poop. Always take them out as soon as earlier than retiring for the evening. This will increase the prospect of your pup not peeing or pooping in the home throughout sleep time. 
  • If your canine is exhibiting such behaviour out of boredom, then your canine is in want of psychological stimulation. Check out this put up on methods to make selfmade canine toys to stimulate your pup mentally and preserve them busy for a very long time. 
  • If you will be out for lengthy, rent a canine sitter, in order that your canine can keep his or her routine of going out on the proper time.
  • If your canine had an accident in the home, don’t scold her or him. Instead take her or him out as son as attainable.
  • Treat your canine like a world well-known movie star after they exhibit good habits. 
  • Monitor the colour of your canine pee. A darkish urine is a positive signal of dehydration in canine. 
  • Make positive your canine know the place the water bowls are situated in the home.
  • If your canine suffers from urinary incontinence, you may make her or him put on a diaper or stomach bands. 
  • Last however not the least, perceive the underlying explanation for this habits earlier than you attempt to right it. 


Does your canine drink his or her urine? If sure, how did you make her or him get rid or such habits? If you want to your story to be featured on my weblog, subscribe to the weblog e-newsletter and drop me an electronic mail. I’d like to put up your story/anecdote on my weblog.

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