White Scalar – a Fish in a Bride’s Dress

White Scalar – a Fish in a Bride’s Dress

Fish with white colour is virtually not present in wildlife. This colour doesn’t enable small representatives of the ichthyofauna to cover from predators. When holding aquatic inhabitants at dwelling, such hazard merely doesn’t exist, so the vary of white fish is introduced in the marketplace fairly nicely. In our article, we are going to inform you in regards to the white scalar and the options of its content material.

General data

A white scalar is a breeding type of the frequent scalar (Pterophyllum scalare). Its attribute function is a very white physique colour with none spots. The fish appears very spectacular in aquariums with reside crops as a result of the white colour fits the angelfish like no different. This colour has all the time been related to purity, purity, and lightness.

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Often this group consists of albino types of scalars, that are straightforward to differentiate by the pink iris of the eyes.

The breed was obtained because of the painstaking work of breeders who carried out an enormous variety of crosses and chosen essentially the most profitable people with a snow-white colour.

The content material of the white scalar doesn’t differ in any respect from different breeds. She will undoubtedly turn out to be a ornament for any tropical aquarium.


The physique form of the white scalar is typical for all representatives of the genus. It is strongly flattened laterally, and the dorsal and anal fins are noticeably elongated, usually exceeding the size of the physique. From the aspect, the fish resembles a triangle or a crescent. The physique measurement excluding the fins is about 15 cm, however for those who make a full measurement, then because of the fins it might probably improve to 20-25 cm.

The terminal rays of the caudal fin and the pectoral fins are filiform. The scalar’s head is pointed with a small mouth and enormous eyes. This physique form is because of the truth that the ancestors of the white angelfish within the wild disguise among the many dense thickets of aquatic crops.

The physique of the white scalar has a uniform colour; different colours shouldn’t be current on it.


Since the white scalar is a selective species, it is not going to work to satisfy it in nature. If such people appeared, they’d be the primary to be eaten by predators, as a result of the absence of a protecting coloration wouldn’t enable them to cover.

With distant ancestors, the white scalar is expounded to the love of soppy and acidic water, as a result of pure types reside within the tropical rivers of South America – the Amazon and Orinoco.

Care and upkeep

For the snug upkeep of scalar, you will have a spacious aquarium with a quantity of a minimum of 80 liters per particular person. The fish look most spectacular in excessive (50-60 cm) aquariums. Young people are stored in small teams; as they mature and type pairs of weaker scalars, they need to be eliminated.

It is finest to design your aquarium in a pure fashion. Sand or small pebbles are laid on the backside. It is fascinating that it’s darkish in colour, so the fish will look much more contrasting. The scalars don’t dig within the floor, which is their main benefit. You can and may plant extra dwelling crops within the aquarium: long-stemmed, broad-leaved, floating, floor cowl. Fortunately, white scalars are detached to crops, solely often permitting themselves to nip off a bit. Natural stones and driftwood look good as decorations. It is best to go away the place within the middle of the aquarium free, your pets will freely swim right here, and you’ll admire them.

High-quality water is the important thing to an extended and wholesome lifetime of scalars. The aquarium ought to be geared up with a robust exterior filter and environment friendly compressor. The presence of a thermostat can be required with the intention to keep a snug temperature for these heat-loving individuals.

To exclude the buildup of compounds hazardous to the well being of fish, it’s obligatory to interchange 20% of the water within the aquarium with recent water as soon as per week. But I want to warn you that it’s strictly not advisable to pour faucet water into the aquarium instantly. It usually comprises chlorine and heavy metals that may kill your pets. Add Tetra AquaSafe Conditioner to freshwater immediately. It will assist to keep away from the prolonged process of settling water and can instantly make it appropriate for fish.


Despite the truth that the scalar is an actual cichlid, her character is kind of calm, which permits her to be stored with different decorative fish species in a standard aquarium. They get alongside finest with these neighbors with whom they grew up. If you attempt to add new fish to the “old-timer” scalar, then aggression is commonly manifested on its half. Ornamental fish from 4 cm in size are finest suited. Smaller species can fall prey to the scalar. In neighbors to white scalars, you’ll be able to select viviparous fish (mollies, swordtails), labyrinths (lalius, gourami), irises, neons, massive tetras, peaceable catfish (corridors, ancistrus).

Unsuitable neighbors can be massive predatory fish – makers, astronauts, Managua cichlazomas, in addition to all kinds of goldfish that love cool water. White scalars usually don’t get together with barbs, which might simply pluck the fins of the fish.

Feeding the white scalar

White angelfish are unpretentious in feeding and are in a position to eat any form of meals. However, for quite a few causes, it’s higher to desert reside and frozen, as a result of they don’t seem to be balanced, they usually themselves usually function a supply of an infection within the aquarium.

It is finest to feed white scalar with high-quality dry meals. Fish desire to take meals from the floor of the water, so flakes and chips would be the most fitted type:

  1. TetraMin is a common flake meals for all tropical fish. It is constituted of greater than 40 kinds of uncooked supplies and is ideal for the each day vitamin of fish. The flakes keep on the floor for a very long time, after which they slowly sink to the underside.
  2. TetraProfessional is a high-quality crisp meals for all sorts of tropical fish, made utilizing light low-temperature expertise. They have elevated dietary worth and assimilation. Contains useful components equivalent to Spirulina Concentrate (TetraPRO Algae Multi-Crisps), which totally meets the plant meals necessities of white scalar, or an extra supply of power (TetraPRO Energy Multi-Crisps) to maintain your pets lively.
  3. For a change, it is rather helpful to introduce pure treats Tetra FreshDelica into the eating regimen – these are conventional meals organisms (bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, krill) in nutritious jelly that your white scalars will certainly love.

Reproduction and breeding

It is finest to breed scalar at dwelling in a separate spawning aquarium with a quantity of 80 liters or extra. Several bushes of deciduous crops (echinoderms, cryptocoryne) are planted in it. Several flat stones may be positioned.

Gender dimorphism in white scalars is just not pronounced. The predominant function in adults is the road of the again and stomach. In females, it’s nearly straight, however in males, it makes an angle. Also, females usually don’t type a fatty bump on the brow. During spawning, a large ovipositor may be seen in females.

Spawning may be stimulated by elevating the temperature to 28-30 ° C and frequent water modifications, which ought to be mushy. In this fashion, we simulate the wet season within the pure atmosphere.

A pair, able to spawn, to begin with, clears the world for eggs of dust and mucus. Further, the feminine lays small eggs in rows, and the male swims over them and fertilizes along with his milk. At one time, the feminine can sweep away a number of hundred eggs.

White scalars have a well-developed parental intuition. Male and feminine rigorously observe the clutch, fan it with fins, take away lifeless eggs.

The incubation of eggs lasts a number of days, after which the larvae are born. They use the sources of the yolk sac for one more week after which swap to self-feeding. After fry emerges, it is suggested to make frequent modifications and take away uneaten feed. Growth charges are excessive, with white scalars reaching puberty on the age of 8-12 months.

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