Where does the fennec fox reside? (Fennec fox habitat)

Where does the fennec fox reside? (Fennec fox habitat)

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Fennec foxes are identified for his or her gigantic ears and cute snub noses. These tiny desert-dwellers seize the hearts of everybody who sees them. Fennec foxes reside in zoos throughout the United States, and in lots of properties too. But the place are do they reside within the wild?

Fennec foxes reside in North Africa. They are native to the dry and sandy Sahara desert, and elsewhere all through the Sinai and Arabia, from Morocco to Sudan, and whilst far northeast as Israel.

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If you wish to be taught extra about fennec fox habitats, the place they’re from, and the way they behave within the wild, you might be in the precise place.

Where is the fennec fox from?

Fennec foxes desire sandy deserts and arid areas with dry, desert grass and scrub vegetation. While these situations are harsh for people, to the fennec fox they’re excellent!

Fennec foxes are indigenous to a big swathe of northern Africa. While its major stomping floor is the Sahara Desert, its wild inhabitants is unfold proper throughout North Africa. From Morocco on the Atlantic coast within the west, as far south as Niger, and as far east because the Sinai Peninsula, southwest Israel and the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to Sudan within the southeast. The fennec fox actually is aware of tips on how to reside.

Stretching throughout northern Africa in a thick belt – which incorporates one of many largest, driest areas on the planet – you may count on fennec foxes to be effectively tailored to dry habitats. And you’d be proper!

Fennec fox habitat

Fennec foxes are inclined to occupy underground dens, shielded from the blistering warmth of the Saharan solar by a thick layer of sand and dusty soil. Without this masking, they might expend within the day, and certain freeze at evening.

In compacted soils, fennec fox dens might be as massive as 120m2, and adjoin the dens of different households. They might need as many as 15 entrances. In looser, sandier soil, dens can’t be as massive or convoluted and have a tendency solely to have one entrance. These dens are dug both in open areas or areas sheltered by vegetation with secure sand dunes.

This can be the rationale why to have a fennec fox as pet, you’ll need a big area for them to run about.

Where can fennec foxes be discovered within the wild?

During the day, fennec foxes are dormant, both sleeping or bonding in household models. The finest technique to spot a fennec fox within the wild is to attend out at evening. As they’re nocturnal predators, that is the time you might be most definitely to see them.

Fennec foxes are thought-about very troublesome to seize (extra on this under). Reports of predation are anecdotal and questionable. So it’s a must to be very fortunate to identify on when caracals and striped hyenas are unable to!

Fennec fox habitat temperature

Fennec foxes are accustomed and tailored to reside in high-temperature, low-water, desert environments. However, within the warmth of the desert, nearly no animal lurk above the floor throughout the day. The solar is so piercingly sizzling, and the sand so temperature-absorbent, that it’s foolhardy for a small mammal to spend extra time than is totally crucial above floor.

Fennec fox dens are considerably cooler than the temperature on the desert floor. This permits them to retain water and reside longer.

How does fennec fox survive within the desert beneath such warmth?

Fennec foxes are extraordinarily well-adapted, and uniquely so, to their desert habitat. Here are just a few methods they’re tailored:

  1. Fennec foxes have large, bat-like ears. While these actually enhance listening to sensitivity, additionally they serve one other goal. These massive ears radiate warmth, serving to to maintain fennec foxes cool. This is a characteristic the fennec fox shares with a a lot bigger African mammal – the African elephant.
  2. Fennec foxes have a thick layer of fur on the soles of their ft. This protects them from the new desert sand, which might in any other case burn their pores and skin.
  3. Fennec foxes burrow deep into the desert sand, usually as deep as 3 ft. Living in underground lairs like this helps fennec foxes to keep away from the cruel desert solar.
  4. The fennec fox’s thick, fluffy, cream-colored coat gives wonderful insulation throughout these chilly, windswept nights within the desert. It additionally protects its delicate pores and skin from the new solar throughout the day. 

Is a fennec fox a prey or predator?

Fennec foxes are wonderful at hiding from predators and adept at looking within the desert. But they don’t seem to be resistant to the bigger predatory animals of the desert. They are each predators and prey.

Fennec fox prey

While it will get a small portion of its vitamin from foraged eggs, fruits, greens and roots, the lion’s share of a fennec fox’s food regimen comes from hunted animals. These embrace:

  • Rodents
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Lizards

What do fennec foxes eat within the wild?

A wild fennec fox will eat absolutely anything it might lay its paws on. Like most different desert dwellers, they don’t seem to be fussy eaters.

For instance, throughout the course of a day, a fennec fox may eat any of the above animals, in addition to birds’ and lizards’ eggs, foraged fruits, roots and greens, and absolutely anything else edible that it comes throughout.

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Fennec fox predators

Fennec foxes should compete with a lot bigger desert predators. Most predators within the desert are indiscriminate. Therefore, fennec foxes have to look at their backs always, to verify there’s nothing looking them. Among its threats are:

  • Caracals
  • Striped hyenas
  • Jackals
  • Salukis (greyhound-like home canine typically stored near fennec fox habitats)
  • Eagle owls

Humans additionally hunt fennec foxes on the market to the pet commerce and for fur. They are hardly ever eaten by people, who have a tendency to treat their meat as foul-smelling.

How does the Fennec fox defend itself from predators?

Fennec foxes are effectively tailored to abandon situations. They are nocturnal predators, and their massive, distinctive ears assist them to hunt small rodents and lizards hiding beneath the sand.

  1. One of the methods during which they evade predation is by leaping 2 ft into the air, and 4 ft ahead. This unbelievable leaping energy assists fennec foxes of their capability as hunters, in addition to hunted.
  2. Another instrument within the fennec fox’s armory is its capacity to burrow. Fennec fox burrows present wonderful safety from predators. The thickness of the sand barrier separating them from the skin world is such that they’re fully undetectable from the floor.


Fennec foxes are desert dwellers, and effectively tailored to the cruel atmosphere they inhabit. They share this habitat with different, bigger predatory mammals, corresponding to caracals and hyenas, which they’ve to guard themselves from. Eagle owls are additionally a supply of hazard for fennec foxes.

In order to guard themselves and their households, fennec foxes dig burrows deep into the desert sand. These subterranean properties defend fennec foxes from the hazard of predation and are considerably cooler than the floor temperature throughout the day.

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