Supporting Your Dog or Cat’s Digestion with Acupressure

Supporting Your Dog or Cat’s Digestion with Acupressure

weight loss program and wholesome digestive system are important to your canine or cat’s well-being. Here’s why, together with an acupressure session that can assist enhance and preserve the well being of his GI tract.

by Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

When it involves our canines and cats, a species-appropriate weight loss program helps assist good digestion. Knowing the distinction between a carnivorous and omnivorous weight loss program is an efficient place to start out, together with a primary understanding of how your animal’s digestive system works – and the way acupressure can be utilized to additional assist these processes and increase your canine or cat’s well being and well-being.

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Carnivores, Omnivores, and Other Definitions


Dogs and cats are thought-about carnivores as a result of they’re monogastric, which suggests they’ve a single abdomen. They even have sharp, pointy enamel designed to tear meat off bones, and their jaws are so sturdy they’ll tear the meat with a shearing motion. As carnivores, cats and canines are very a lot alike in these respects.


An animal with the power to eat and digest each plant and animal matter is taken into account an omnivore. Dogs are omnivores in addition to carnivores; nonetheless, cats are omnivorous to solely a restricted extent. Even although each species have the identical digestive programs, their ancestral, organic imperatives differ in the case of particular quantities of sure vitamins.

Protein obligates

Cats are protein obligates, which suggests a excessive proportion of their weight loss program have to be meat, fish, or one other high-quality protein. They want only a few greens or grains. In reality, the one plant matter a cat wants is concerning the dimension of what the mouse has left in its abdomen when it turns into the cat’s dinner. People usually say their cats are choosy eaters, however it might be for a superb motive. Kittens within the wild are taught by their moms how you can hunt and what’s fit for human consumption. The meals you suppose could be ideally suited might not be the most effective to your cat, and he or she is aware of it. As protein obligates, cats know they want actual meat, fish, and organs to be wholesome.

Hint: If your cat is “finicky,” it most likely means you aren’t providing sufficient of the meals she deems edible.


On the opposite hand, canines can readily digest many types of plant matter together with meat, fish proteins, and every other meals they’ll discover. Dogs can gobble and digest chunks of meals with ease and are far much less discriminating than cats. This is why stray canines can survive on the streets for fairly a while; once they’re hungry, they’ll observe down a discarded burrito or a chunk of fried rooster and eat it voraciously. Because of this, canines will be thought-about “opportunivores” in addition to carnivores and omnivores, as a result of they’ve the power to thrive on all kinds of meals.

Acupressure Session: Digestion Tune-Up

Along with feeding your dog or cat a wholesome, species-appropriate weight loss program, you can too take a couple of minutes day-after-day to offer him an acupressure session that helps the motility of his digestive tract and the absorption of the bioavailable vitamins created through the digestive course of. It will guarantee his Stomach Chi performs optimally for the upkeep of fine well being, and will also be used to contribute to the harmonious circulation of Stomach Chi if he’s beneath veterinary care.

Hint: If your canine or cat is exhibiting any indicators of digestive points, similar to repetitive vomiting, weight reduction, diarrhea, constipation, lethargy, lack of muscle tone, frequent undigested meals within the feces, and meals avoidance, it’s necessary to take him to the veterinarian for evaluation.

Key Acupoints

  • Stomach 36 (St 36), Leg 3 Miles: Considered the Master level for the abdomen and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. When your animal is exhibiting any indicators of indigestion, similar to free stools, stimulating this acupoint can assist restore wholesome functioning of the abdomen and GI tract as a complete. St 36 is positioned on the skin (lateral aspect) of the animal’s hind leg under the stifle (knee) towards the entrance of the leg.
  • Conception Vessel 12 (CV 12), Middle Stomach Cavity: A robust acupoint that regulates and strengthens the abdomen and spleen. Because of this motion, CV 12 relieves digestive points. This acupoint is positioned in your animal’s ventral (decrease) midline midway between the xiphoid course of (the cartilage on the finish of the ribs) and the umbilicus (stomach button).


Looking after your canine or cat’s digestion is without doubt one of the high methods to maintain him wholesome and pleased. Diet and acupressure can work collectively that will help you obtain this necessary aim.

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