Red-Eared Slider: Characteristics, Care & Diet

Red-Eared Slider: Characteristics, Care & Diet

The Red-Eared or Yellow-Bellied, the turtle is the most typical unique reptile species. Its reputation is ensured by its distinctive look. Often, the homeowners have no idea the principles for caring for his or her pets, which results in sickness and the following demise of those stunning creatures. To keep away from the unhappy penalties, you must rigorously examine the peculiarities of dwelling a red-eared turtle at dwelling.

Species Features

In the wild, unique reptiles are frequent within the United States, Mexico, all of Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Great Britain, Spain, Israel, South Africa, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. This species of freshwater turtles obtained its title attributable to a definite pink or orange stripe situated within the space of ​​the eyes and neck.

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The prime of the carapace of the Red-Eared turtle is olive-colored with black and yellow traces. It is easy to the contact. The decrease a part of the shell (plastron) of younger animals is inexperienced, however with age, it begins to darken.

The reptile is medium in dimension, the size of its shell is from eighteen to thirty centimeters. Females are bigger than males. The representatives of this species have a superb sense of scent and imaginative and prescient, which compensate for weak listening to. Animals even have weak vocal cords, however this doesn’t forestall small reptiles from typically hissing, snorting, and squeaking.

The common life expectancy is twenty-five years, however there are additionally centenarians who can overcome the half-century milestone. This largely depends upon the right preserving of turtles at dwelling.

Turtles spend time in leisurely swimming, which is interrupted by lengthy relaxation on land.

Purchase Process

You can buy turtles in specialised pet shops or nurseries, the place you’ll be able to depend on getting certified recommendation. The ideally suited choice can be to self-familiarize your self with the mandatory data. When shopping for a pet, you must ask the vendor for a receipt. It will be helpful if the animal is sick and must be returned. You might also want a test for those who cross the state border.

The greatest time of the 12 months to purchase a Red-Eared Slider is early spring. After buy, the turtle may have a heat time forward for straightforward adaptation. This course of slows down considerably when shopping for a pet in the course of the chilly season. In addition, in autumn or winter, the delicate physique of an animal turns into far more delicate to infections and different ailments. When buying small turtles, you must pay particular consideration to the next nuances:

  • The shell and pores and skin of the animal have to be freed from seen injury, stains, and scratches.
  • Attention needs to be paid to the pure exercise of the unique turtle, indicating its good well being.
  • A wholesome turtle’s eyes ought to open usually. Also, they shouldn’t be sunken.
  • No discharge from the nostril is allowed. The animal’s mouth needs to be inspected for white patches, wounds, or abrasions.

Arrangement of the Aquarium

The proprietor ought to fear concerning the comfy lifetime of the turtle at dwelling. This applies primarily to the association of the house of unique magnificence. To make a snug home for her, you must buy:

  • Aquarium with a capability of 150-200 liters.
  • External or inner water filter.
  • Heating lamp.
  • Ultraviolet lamp for water turtles with UVB 10%.
  • Heater with an influence of 100 watts.
  • Materials for arranging coastal or island area. Pet retailers supply a totally completed island.
  • Lamp and thermometer.

Heating the Shore

Proper association of the coastal space is significant for the animal. In pure situations, turtles get out of the water to maintain heat. Reaching an ambient temperature of + 30-35 ° C turns into attainable due to a particular lamp, which needs to be near the animal. But it needs to be borne in thoughts that too shut a warmth supply could cause burns.

The lamp have to be insulated from water. The turtle will certainly dive, and splashing on the bottom might injury the machine. For this motive, the luminaire have to be fully insulated from vapors and splashes. The length of his work in the course of the day needs to be 10-12 hours.

UV Lamp

For correct care of the Red-Eared turtle at dwelling, an ultraviolet lamp is required, which ensures secure absorption of calcium and B nutritional vitamins. This course of is important for the right improvement of the pet’s shell. If the assimilation of mandatory substances is impaired, the animal can get sick with rickets, which can result in the curvature of its shell.

The lamp needs to be positioned straight above the turtle in order that the partitions of the aquarium don’t block the penetration of ultraviolet rays. The working time of the machine needs to be about twelve hours day by day.

Water Requirements

To maintain a Red-Eared turtle at dwelling, you must pay particular consideration to the purity of the water. Exotic reptiles spend most of their time in it: they sleep, eat, and relieve their pure wants.

Dirty water could be a supply of illness and an infection. In addition, a particular scent seems from it within the house. Some water adjustments needs to be made a couple of times every week. Its full alternative is carried out as soon as a month with the compulsory thorough cleansing of the partitions. In this case, it’s essential to take out all of the contents of the aquarium and switch the turtle to a container full of water.

This course of will be simplified by putting in filtration gadgets. The inner filter shouldn’t be highly effective sufficient, so the water will nonetheless need to be modified, albeit not so typically. An exterior filter will completely remedy the issue of cleansing, however not for everybody because of the excessive worth.

The water temperature within the aquarium needs to be 22-28 ° C. You have to measure it with a thermometer. If the temperature drops, the water needs to be heated utilizing a heater. Let the water sit for one to 5 days earlier than including it to the aquarium. Thanks to this, it is going to be cleared of chlorine and different dangerous compounds.


To absolutely perceive methods to take care of a Red-Eared turtle, you must make clear the required composition of the merchandise. The unique reptile is an omnivorous predator. At a younger age, turtles primarily eat animal meals. With age, the proportion of plant meals of their menu will increase. The food plan ought to embody the next set of merchandise:

  • river lean fish;
  • beef liver or coronary heart;
  • frogs, mice, small snails;
  • lettuce leaves or carrots;
  • small bugs (crickets, earthworms, locusts, woodlice, bloodworms);
  • clover, duckweed, hornworts, mallow, dandelion leaves.

Before the turtle reaches one 12 months of age, it have to be fed as soon as a day. After a 12 months, feeding needs to be executed each 2-3 days.

Dry meals for turtles is usually supplied at pet shops, however use needs to be saved to a minimal. Calcium within the type of a mineral stone needs to be added to the aquarium water. Bone meal is one other vital meals for the turtle. Babies ought to get a pinch of it day by day, and adults ought to obtain it as soon as every week.

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