My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil! Our Vet Explains What to Do Now

My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil! Our Vet Explains What to Do Now


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Dogs appear to like consuming all kinds of strange issues, even issues that shouldn’t be edible! Of course, when you’ve had one thing scrumptious wrapped in aluminum foil, it would clarify the attraction of consuming a few of this shiny metallic materials. If your canine has managed to feast on a sheet of aluminum foil, you’re clearly going to be apprehensive about what to do subsequent.

The excellent news is that they may most likely be completely tremendous, however you should still must take them to the vet. Let’s speak extra concerning the issues that would come up from consuming aluminum foil, what to be careful for, and when to name your vet.

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My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil—What Should I Do?

Keep an in depth eye on them over the following 24–48 hours. Offer them small meals continuously, and ensure they’ve entry to recent water. Keep an eye fixed on their stools so you’ll be able to see when the foil makes its manner out. In some circumstances, the foil may trigger some injury or irritation to the intestinal lining, so that you would possibly see somewhat little bit of blood within the feces. Providing your canine is shiny, comfy, and pleased, this could resolve inside a day.

Veterinarian doing a check-up on a Corgi in clinic

Veterinarian doing a check-up on a Corgi in clinic

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If your canine ate a big quantity or ball of aluminum foil, contact your vet for recommendation. They could suggest bringing them in for an examination. If they’re apprehensive concerning the quantity of aluminum your canine has eaten, they might suggest taking an X-ray to determine what to do subsequent.

If your canine is discovering and consuming aluminum foil repeatedly, it could possibly be an indication of a dietary deficiency or a situation the place animals regularly eat non-food gadgets, referred to as pica. Compile an inventory of your canine’s common meals and phone your vet for an appointment.

Call the Vet If:
  • Your canine has eaten a considerable amount of aluminum foil.
  • There was any meals within the foil that is likely to be poisonous to your canine. If you’re undecided, it’s higher to verify with the vet.
  • Your canine stops consuming or consuming.
  • Your canine begins vomiting.
  • Your canine appears depressed or torpid.
  • Your canine’s stomach appears to be in ache or uncomfortable or seems to be bloated.
  • There is blood within the stool that persists for greater than 24 hours, or if the quantity of blood is rising.

What Is Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum, or aluminium, is the thirteenth component on the periodic desk. It is essentially the most ample metallic component within the Earth’s crust, however on account of its chemical construction, it doesn’t seem in its metallic type in nature. When transformed by a means of electrolysis, pure metallic aluminum could be very fragile and malleable, making it good for creating the moldable sheets we all know as we speak.

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What Happens if Your Dog Eats Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum is just not a heavy metallic and doesn’t pose any dangers of toxicity if ingested, however it might probably nonetheless trigger some points.

In nearly all of circumstances, your canine might be tremendous.  After a day or two, you’ll discover that their poop would possibly look a bit like a disco ball, however the foil will almost definitely move by means of with out incident. However, there are just a few circumstances the place the foil may trigger issues.

1. If Your Dog Ate a Lot of Foil

It could be uncommon for a canine to ingest a considerable amount of aluminum foil, however not not possible. If they’ve managed to swallow a big ball of foil, it may trigger a partial or complete obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract. Even if the foil doesn’t get utterly caught, it would trigger injury to the liner of the esophagus or gut because it travels by means of.

2. If There Was Anything Toxic Wrapped Inside the Foil

In most circumstances, we must be extra involved about what was within the foil fairly than the foil itself. There are a variety of foods that humans eat regularly that are toxic to dogs (for instance, chocolate, onions, and grapes) or fatty meals that would trigger gastrointestinal upset or pancreatitis. If the meals contained in the foil had gone unhealthy, this might put your canine vulnerable to meals poisoning.

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3. If Your Dog Regularly Eats Foil

If your canine has developed a wierd fixation with consuming aluminum foil, it’s doable that items of foil may begin to accumulate inside the digestive tract, binding collectively over time with different materials to type a bezoar, or a strong object within the abdomen which may then trigger an obstruction when it passes into the intestines.

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Although most canines are going to be extra all in favour of what’s wrapped in aluminum foil than the foil itself, that received’t essentially cease some canines from deciding to ingest this metallic materials. The excellent news is that aluminum foil is non-toxic, and being fairly delicate, it is going to often move by means of the digestive tract with little or no downside. However, in case your canine has consumed a considerable amount of aluminum foil, there have been any poisonous meals gadgets or spoiled meals contained in the foil, or they’re growing a behavior of consuming it, it’s best to contact your vet for an appointment.

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