Jumping Spider Care (Are leaping spider good pets?)

Jumping Spider Care (Are leaping spider good pets?)

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Jumping spiders or salticidae are a kind of spiders which might be identified for his or her leaping capabilities each to hunt or escape from hazard.

They are succesful carnivores that eat virtually something smaller than them, typically even the larger ones too.

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They have wonderful sight and senses that provides them the sting to be the highest predator of the meals chain inside their habitat.

So other than being cute, they’re nice hunters which you could admire in awe. Hence immediately, extra individuals are entering into conserving unique pets like leaping spiders. One for his or her cuteness and two for his or her animosity.

But right here is the deal

The lifespan of the leaping might be fairly quick. They solely shed about 5 to six occasions from younger to maturity. Their complete life span is about 1 to three years.

So earlier than you think about them as a home pet, it’s good to grasp extra details about them and their necessities to maintain a cheerful, wholesome leaping spider.

After all, we would like everybody to be accountable unique pet house owners.

Here is a leaping spider care information that can assist perceive increase leaping spiders as a pet. And on the similar time, GUARANTEED that can assist you make a greater determination on whether or not they’re appropriate pets for you or not.

Are leaping spiders secure as pets?

Jumping spiders are very pleasant, passive and innocent to us. In the wild, they’re vicious predators that prowl at greater vantage factors for his or her preys however in entrance of people they have an inclination to shrink back rapidly.

You may even deal with them or play with them along with your naked palms!

And what’s even nice about leaping spiders is that their major food regimen makes up of pest you and I hate!

But you might be in all probability questioning… aren’t they toxic?

There are a whole lot of misunderstandings in relation to spiders. First impression that most individuals have is that they’re toxic.

Yes, that’s right…

Most spiders do carry venom however the truth is, solely 30 out of 40,000 sorts of spiders have venom that’s sturdy sufficient to threaten our lives.

As for leaping spiders, most genus of their variety carries venom however it’s actually too little to harm us.

Their venom is supposed to paralyze their prey earlier than devouring them since they don’t often spin webs to catch their prey however relatively pounce on them from above.

I’m not gonna misinform you…

Getting bitten by a leaping spider might be painful.

Spider bite redness - ExoPetGuides.com
Spider chew inflicting redness

But it’s actually not one thing that lasts.

The chew can even heal in a matter of days. Unless you’ve got an allergy to their venom, which, identical to an allergy to peanuts, might be lethal.

Spiders that it’s important to be careful for are the brown recluse and black widow spiders. While in search of leaping spiders you could come throughout these 2 extremely venomous spiders as properly.

Their bites might be lethal and infrequently require medical consideration. Here’s an instance of a black widow’s chew:

bitten by black widow

To discover out extra about bites take a look at our weblog on spider chew signs right here.

So how do you are feeling about leaping spiders as pets now? Do you suppose they’re secure to deal with?

How about we transfer onto the maintenance of leaping spiders earlier than making a decision.

Jumping spider housing setup

Jumping spiders don’t require a fantastic residence to sleep in nor an enormous tank to accommodate them. Some leaping spider species might be fairly small so for these, there isn’t a must get a big housing.

Jumping spider housing issues:

  • Container
  • Substrate
  • Shelters and hideouts

Container dimension

Container for Spider - exopetguides.com

It actually doesn’t matter what container you utilize so long as there are holes for air air flow.

But house does matter, you need to give them ample house to maneuver round like they do of their pure habitat.

You can put together a container of not less than 1 cubic foot in dimension for every spider. 1 cubic foot is not less than a 28 liters or 7-gallon tank.

If you aren’t choosy a easy medium or giant Kritter Keeper from Amazon is sweet sufficient or alternatively, a smaller acrylic fish tank can be satisfactory.

One other thing that’s essential on your container is the lid or cowl. You ought to at all times make certain there’s a lid or cowl over your container to stop your spiders from working wild. It is sweet to make use of a mesh lid or ones with holes for air.

Other low-cost containers appropriate for spiders

  1. OSHIDE Acrylic Terrarium Container – This container has vents on 3 sides of the container. It can be totally clear that gives 360° view of your spider.
  2. Biback Acrylic Sliding Container – This container can be clear that gives a full view of your spider. It makes use of a sliding lid to create a gap for feeding. The draw back to this container is that leaping spider often creates webbing and stays on the high of the container. But there are air flow holes on the high.
  3. OMEM Portable Transparent Plastic Box – This container is a straightforward setup with full transparency in any respect sides. This is probably the most appropriate on your leaping spider because the lid might be opened from one facet with out ever disturbing your pet spider.

Apart from these inexpensive containers, for individuals who need to create a whole habitat on your spiders, you may go for bigger dearer terrariums beneath.

Top 2 Jumping spider terrarium that’s an absolute overkill

#1 Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

full terrarium

This setup is an absolute beast for leaping spiders. This is meant for bearded dragons however will also be a kingdom for leaping spiders. You can simply home greater than 1 spider on this habitat.

#2 Exo Terra Nano Wide Terrarium

full terrarium

Here is one other terrarium that’s overkill for housing spiders. If you need to create a particular residence for them, this setup will give them ample house to hunt and breed.

Can we put greater than 1 spider in the identical tank?

No. Spiders ought to at all times be saved in isolation or they may eat one another.

They ought to get their very own tank except it’s for breeding. Only for breeding, you may attempt placing a male and a feminine throughout the similar tank.

But right here’s the catch.

If you retain them too lengthy collectively, there’s a likelihood the feminine will cannibalize the male. So solely put them collectively for a few days for mating. Then separate them again to their very own tanks to make sure each survive.

Where to put your tank or container?

Spiders want daylight. It is sweet to put your container someplace close to the window or areas with some pure gentle. They love the warmth. But take be aware to not go away them within the solar for too lengthy or they might get baked alive.


A substrate is what’s used on the backside of the container. For leaping spiders, having a substrate is just not obligatory as they spend extra time on the high space of the container, in all probability at or near the lid.

There are each execs and cons of utilizing every substrate. Let’s check out what they’re:

Fine soil or potting soil

potting soil


  • Soil can be utilized to imitate a pure habitat
  • Great for visible


  • Can get messy with leftover meals. Especially for mealworms, they should be cleared or there’s a likelihood they’ll pupate into beetles

If you want potting soil, you may get them right here.

Paper towel

paper towel
Paper towel as a substrate

Paper towels are one other inexpensive various that may be simply swapped out for a brand new piece when they’re soiled. Getting paper towels in bulk can even present a lot of price financial savings in the long term.


  • Simple and clear
  • Spiders can dry themselves in the event that they get moist for some motive


  • Doesn’t mimic the pure habitat

No substrate

no substrate container


  • Not a lot cleansing required


  • Doesn’t mimic the pure habitat
  • The plastic floor could be slippery for the spider. Especially the older ones 

Shelters, hideouts and equipment

Similar shelters and hideouts will not be actually obligatory however are good to have because it replicates their pure habitat.

Use tree barks, wooden, logs, twigs, and branches as ornamental gadgets and hideouts for them.

Home for Spider - exopetguides.com

Depending on the species, some leaping spiders will hardly ever use them as they spend most of their time near the lid of their webs.

But it’s nonetheless good to have a pure wooden floor like tree barks and branches for spiders to climb on and transfer about.

Throw in some stay meals for them to hunt on their very own and be amazed at how they catch their prey. This will assist carry them nearer to their pure self and hone their looking abilities.

An important housing for leaping spiders might be to imitate their pure habitat. This manner, they may at all times keep lively and alert. It can even be an excellent surroundings for breeding if that crosses your thoughts.

Let’s check out some appropriate equipment on your leaping spider tank.

For wooden shelters and climbing spots, you may go for picket branches and twigs:

For crops and covers, utilizing pure crops might be nice. But it may be a trouble to take care of these crops as properly. Alternatively, you may go for lifelike terrarium crops for ornamental objective. Here are some examples:

Moving on we might be pertaining to what to feed them with…

What do leaping spiders eat?

Jumping spiders eats all types of pest.

From recordsdata to roaches to crickets and moths or another bugs are smaller and weak to their fangs would turn into their scrumptious dinner.

And are you aware that leaping spiders within the wild even have nectar from flowers as their food regimen? Yes, they’ll truly be vegetarians too!

What are you able to feed leaping spiders with?


Jumping Spider eating Crickets - exopetguides.com

Crickets are the #1 alternative for leaping spiders. They might be discovered virtually all over the place. Either catch them by yourself or purchase them on-line or at pet shops.


  • They are low-cost and simply out there
  • Can be caught by yourself
  • Can be cultivated


  • Crickets which might be too giant can chew your spider

You can truly get stay crickets of various sizes right here.


Jumping Spider eating a fly - exopetguides.com

There are many sorts of recordsdata which might be available even in your kitchen throughout any season. They won’t be simple to catch however can positively be purchased at pet shops. So getting a prepared provide of meals on your spider is just not troublesome.


  • Can be discovered at residence
  • Spiders love them
  • Can be bought from pet shops
  • Can be saved refrigerated for a gradual provide of meals supply


  • May lay eggs and switch into extra maggots if they aren’t refrigerated.
  • Not simple to catch

If you might be planning to domesticate your personal fruit flies, prepare wingless fruit fly tradition right here.


Jumping Spider eating Mealworm - exopetguides.com

Mealworms are one other nice various delicacy on your spider. It might be simply purchased from any pet shops or on-line.


  • Can be raised or cultivated by yourself
  • Easily out there


  • Leftover mealworms should be cleared or they flip into beetles

Live mealworms are simply out there at many pet shops or you will get it shipped to the doorstep from these dependable mealworm sellers right here.

As you may see, spiders will not be excessive upkeep in any respect. These meals sources might be caught or self-cultivated.

How to feed them?

Feeding them is very easy. You can drop stay meals into their container or supply them immediately with tweezers or naked palms in case you are not nervous round spiders.

Feeding frequency

For adults, feeding them each 2 to three days is satisfactory sufficient. When they’re full, they may often simply ignore the meals.

For spiderlings or juvenile spiders, they have an inclination to get hungry usually so between 1 to 2 days is okay. Juvenile spiders ought to actually be saved separated or they might eat one another up.

For older spiders with age, they have an inclination to eat much less. Sometimes they’ll go with out meals for a month. They are likely to desire meals that’s already useless as they now not hunt for meals.

To discover out extra about what different bugs or meals they’ll have, take a look at our leaping spider food regimen information right here.

Drinking water

Spiders must drink too. But not an excessive amount of water or they may drown.

Fun truth:

Jumping spiders have lungs that seem like pages of a e book. They are often known as e book lungs. This can be why they have an inclination to drown very simply

To clear up that, there are 2 methods, both –

Breeding the leaping spider

Breeding leaping spiders might be enjoyable and fascinating.

Sometimes if you put a female and male collectively, you discover that the males will truly begin waving their entrance legs to the feminine as a courtship dance.

And if the feminine accepts, she is going to decrease her guard and go into passive place to permit the male to get near her.

But right here’s the catch

While making an attempt to mate with their feminine counterpart, there’s a likelihood the male could get eaten by her. After all, the females are larger than male spiders.

So it is crucial to not put each spiders collectively for too lengthy.

Here is do it.

#1: Feed your spiders

  • Make positive each spiders are well-fed
  • This is to keep away from cannibalism

#2: Pair them up

  • Put each spiders right into a spacious tank or container in a single day or close to the window with pure daylight.
  • You could discover the male spider beginning to do their courtship dance to the feminine.
  • Male often retailer sperm right into a sperm net. If the feminine permits him to advance, he’ll deposit the sperm into the underside of the feminine spider’s stomach. This will fertilize the eggs.

#3: Separate them the following day or your male may get eaten alive

How do I do know if they’ve efficiently mated?

Spiders don’t give delivery however they lay eggs as an alternative so that they technically don’t get pregnant however the signs are considerably related.

To know in case you are profitable, you’ll discover the feminine spider’s stomach turning into bigger like they’re about to blow up.

This is the principle symptom that your feminine spider is gravid. Which in different phrases means “pregnant” with eggs.

Pregnant leaping spiders are additionally identified to construct an internet silk cowl and gap up inside to put her eggs. She will then lay fertilized eggs into an egg sac made up of their silk thread.

Or they might simply hold their egg sac on high of the container or tank the place they often are. This is how the spider mum protects her eggs.

At this cut-off date, you might be in all probability questioning what number of eggs can the spider lay?

Well, they’ll produce a whole lot of eggs. Starting from 2 eggs to even 1000 eggs directly.

jumping spider eggs

After laying their eggs, they need to begin popping out from their “lair” extra usually. Female leaping spiders at this level will get extra aggressive and overprotective of her eggs.

Disturb her “lair” and also you in all probability get bitten. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Sometimes, they don’t go away their “lair” for a lot of days. Possibly additionally not consuming something you function properly. Or they do typically eat their very own offsprings too.

What occurs to the eggs after this?

It takes about 2 weeks to beneath heat temperature to hatch. They can even undergo their first molting course of earlier than they disperse or come out of their egg sacs.

Make positive at this cut-off date to cowl any holes in your container with a material to stop them from escaping. They can actually be very tiny.

Note that spiderlings might be cannibalistic, they may eat one another if you don’t separate them. But it’s nonetheless secure once they simply hatch.

They will nonetheless get alongside at the beginning however as soon as their physique hardens they begin to prey on each other. Then it is going to be the “survival of the fittest”. To stop that, as soon as they disperse, attempt to separate them as a lot as you may into different containers.

What to do with spiderlings?

You might want to feed them with water and stay meals. Do not mist their container or they may drown. Instead, you utilize cotton to take in some water and place it within the tank.

To feed them, you may attempt aphids or small fruit recordsdata. These are an excellent meals supply that’s simply out there and might be purchased on-line.

Now that you understand how to breed them, how about we have a look at the place to seek out or get them.

How and the place to catch leaping spiders?

Jumping spiders might be discovered in lots of areas. They stay in all types of habitats similar to tropical forests and even deserts and mountainous areas. You ought to be capable of see them usually in areas with gentle vegetation or inside your own home.

But right here’s the deal

Different habitats home completely different genus of leaping spiders. You must know particularly what sorts of leaping spiders you need earlier than going on the market to hunt for them.

Take for instance –

If you need a peacock leaping spider, they’ll solely be present in Australia. So in case you are residing within the United States, you in all probability solely going to seek out Phidippus varieties or varieties just like the Zebra leaping spider.

Peacock Jumping Spider - ExoPetGuides.com
Peacock Jumping Spider
Phidippus Jumping Spider - ExoPetGuides.com
Phidippus Jumping Spider
Zebra Jumping Spider - ExoPetGuides.com
Zebra Jumping Spider

To discover out extra concerning the completely different leaping spider varieties and the place to seek out them, you may check out our weblog on the 8 wonderful frequent leaping spiders right here.

Potential areas the place you’ll find them:

  • Parks or backyard in case you have one in your yard
  • In your own home. Look for them on the partitions. They wish to climb on partitions to have a birds-eye view of every thing
  • On flowers or high of tall grasses

Plan your catch

After figuring out their location, it’s time to catch them! But earlier than you try this, it’s crucial to ensure you have the suitable protecting gear to maintain yourselves secure.

Here are some ideas for a enjoyable and secure time catching spiders

Tip #1: Make positive you understand how leaping spider appears like

Spiders might be fairly small. Sometimes you could mistake different bugs as your leaping spiders.

Or you could come throughout different harmful species of spiders such because the brown recluse, black widow or hobo spiders. They are typically in areas which might be undisturbed so be careful for them.

Just to be actually positive, listed below are some traits and footage of leaping spiders.

Cute Jumping Spider - ExoPetGuides.com

Characteristics of leaping spiders:

  • All leaping spiders have nice visions. Best technique to determine them is to rely the variety of eyes they’ve. In complete, they’ve 8 eyes. It just about surrounds their brow. Their entrance 2 eyes are actually giant making them actually cute.
  • Another distinctive characteristic of a leaping spider is their lengthy bigger entrance legs. You may suppose they use their lengthy entrance legs to leap however the truth is, they depend on their rear legs extra. Front legs are usually used for his or her mating dance or act as their assist.
  • Lastly, they’ve a whole lot of physique hair to offer them extra grip for climbing.

Now that you understand how leaping spiders seem like, don’t go catching the mistaken bugs.

Getting bitten by another bugs or toxic spiders might be life-threatening. Which brings us to tip #2.

Tip #2: Always put on protecting gear


When catching spiders within the wild, you’ll positively keep in touch with different bugs too. You may need to think about sporting protecting gears similar to gloves and lengthy sleeve apparels to scale back the possibilities of stings and bites.

Not except you discover deep into the dense rainforest, most bites is probably not life-threatening however go away behind a painful expertise.

Tip #3: Bringing the necessities

Traveling gentle is one factor however being prepared is extra essential. Being within the wild might be unpredictable so that you positively need to carry necessities that hold you prepared.

Here are some gadgets that might be useful:

  • Short stick with beat bushes or hold animals bugs away
  • Small container with holes to briefly home the spider
  • Torchlight
  • Gloves for cover in case you are dealing with them along with your palms
  • Magnifying glass to view your prized catch

Lastly, it by no means harm to additionally carry alongside some sunscreen, shades, and water

How to catch spiders?

If you noticed a leaping spider on the wall, open your container and cup the spider. Then use a chunk of paper or card to slip beneath. The spider will leap onto the container. Finally rapidly shut the container.

catch spider safely
Source: wikihow.com

In the wild, use your stick with hit the bushes gently to for them to leap. Once you find your spider. Either gently use your palms or your stick with information it into your container. Wearing gloves might be useful right here.

To discover out extra on catch spiders, you may check out our information on catching spiders right here.

Cost of getting and elevating leaping spiders?

Do you keep in mind how typically if you end up not in search of one thing they seem on a regular basis and if you need to discover them they can’t be discovered?

Well, leaping spiders are like that. So in case you are actually fed up with discovering them, you may at all times buy them from on-line communities.

The worth of leaping spiders can vary between $10 to $30 or extra relying on their rarity. If you don’t thoughts paying for one, there are various communities the place you will get in contact with these sellers.

Cost of upkeeping a leaping spider

The price of conserving leaping spiders as in comparison with different unique pets is basically one of many lowest. You can DIY every thing of their housing. Even their meals supply might be cultivated or caught by yourself.

But in case you are actually simply gonna purchase them. Here is a few breakdown of their maintenance price.

Cost of spider meals

  • Mealworms: $12 to $14 {dollars} on-line (can increase some by yourself)
  • Wingless fruit flies tradition: $16 to $18
  • Crickets: $29.99 (can increase by yourself)

Depending on what number of spiders you’ve got, these meals can final for months. And you may take the remaining to tradition by yourself to lift much more meals.

Cost of spider housing

  • Kritter keeper tank: $25 for medium to giant tank
  • Aquarium tank: $20+ to $30+ for a ten gallon tank

Housing is extra of a one time price. You can even use your personal jar or container. They might be effective so long as there are holes.

Decorative gadgets:

  • Potting soil substrate: $6 to $7
  • Driftwood for ornamental objective: $15 to $30

Many ornamental gadgets like tree bark, twigs leaves can all be taken out of your yard or backyard.

Total price to maintain a leaping spider: might be lower than $50

Spiders are actually fairly resilient. They can positively handle themselves. With exception to feeding since they’re in a confined surroundings. On high of that, their maintenance price is basically low-cost.

Before you make a remaining determination, it’s ranking time!

Conclusion: Jumping spider’s ranking as pet

We will price the leaping spiders base on the three most essential issues for any pet proprietor. They are:

Cost: 1/1

As you may see from the price of upkeeping a spider. You can virtually diy every thing from home to even meals. I can’t assist however give leaping spider the very best ranking for price.

Maintenance: 1/1

Jumping spiders housing doesn’t require a lot upkeep apart from misting your tank often to supply your spiders some water. So it’s positively full marks for upkeep too.

Handling: 0.5/1

Spiders will not be for everybody. Even although leaping spiders are comparatively secure to deal with, they’ll go away behind a nasty sting.
Just consider spiders as an acquired style. Many get the jitters once they see spiders not to mention dealing with them with ease. So it’s positively not for everybody.

In my opinion, leaping spiders has a complete ranking of 2.5 out of three making it an excellent pet for brand spanking new house owners.

What about you? Do you suppose leaping spiders are nice pets after understanding handle them?

Let us know within the feedback beneath.

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