Introducing the Dogsters: Welcome to Dr Karyn’s Jungle (with Poppy, Bailey, Kodah, Ned & Fred)

Introducing the Dogsters: Welcome to Dr Karyn’s Jungle (with Poppy, Bailey, Kodah, Ned & Fred)


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If you occur to observe my content material on Catster, you’ll know that I share my house with 5 cats.  Each week I deliver you fascinating and entertaining info, tales, and movies about life with my 5 feline buddies, and the way they assist me to know feline habits and well being in a approach that no textbook may ever convey.

I additionally speak about how they get together with my 5 canine. Yep, that’s:

  • 10 mouths to feed
  • 40 paws working round the home
  • 10 pet insurance coverage insurance policies
  • 10 a lot of flea & worming merchandise every month
  • 100 lbs of meals every month
  • a complete lot of poop

…and a extremely hard-working vacuum cleaner!

As you’ll have guessed, we don’t have any human youngsters (our cat was allergic to youngsters, so we needed to rehome them)… Just kidding!

I’ve been having such a good time sharing the extraordinary features of my life with cats, we determined it was about time for my canine to share the limelight. So with no additional ado, I would really like you all to fulfill:

Poppy – The Matriarch

Poppy is the OG. My husband, Reece, adopted her as a pet earlier than he and I acquired collectively. In reality, the very first time we met was when he introduced Poppy in for an appointment after her entrance paw had gone below the wheel of a automotive. She has seen 8 canine come and go (though 4 of these are nonetheless right here after all), and at all times maintains her place because the calm and swish chief of the pack.

Poppy is a spayed, feminine, black Labrador Retriever, and he or she shall be 11 years outdated in July 2024. As she was from an unplanned litter of farm canine, she didn’t include registration papers or ancestry paperwork, however her working canine lineage has offered her with extraordinarily good well being, proving that pedigree isn’t every thing!

Bailey and Poppy with our dear, departed Remus
Bailey and Poppy with our expensive, departed Remus

Bailey – The Softie

Further proof that pedigree isn’t every thing, Bailey got here from health-tested, hip-scored, Kennel Club registered ancestral strains. She is of the English/present canine yellow Labrador Retriever lineage, who’re sadly famend for hip dysplasia, which is why Bailey has two titanium hips.

We usually evaluate Bailey to Nana, the dog from Peter Pan. Although no canine, nevertheless light, ought to ever be left unsupervised with younger youngsters, Bailey is the kind of canine you’d be tempted to rent as your nanny. Only 4 weeks youthful than Poppy, she is beginning to present her age now, however nonetheless enjoys a run on the seashore and wrestling along with her youthful siblings.

Kodah – The Maniac

Kodah is just a big teddy bear
Kodah is only a huge teddy bear

When we adopted Kodah, we have been advised he was a German Shepherd. However, as he grew, we started to suspect that the Malinois we noticed on the property could have had a secret tryst with Kodah’s mom, leading to a canine that appears very very similar to a cross of the 2 breeds; a German Malinois. And it’s not simply Kodah’s look that resembles the well-known army and police canine. His excessive vitality, hyperfixation, hypervigilance, and love of leaping are all very attribute of the Malinois breed. Fortunately, he’s additionally remarkably light when enjoying, significantly when enjoying tug-o-war together with his tiny Chihuahua brothers.

Kodah is a wonderful ‘alert’ canine, however I don’t assume he’d make the perfect guard canine. He’s at all times the primary to loudly tell us when the neighbor’s cat walks over the again fence, a automotive drives down the road, or a leaf blows previous the window. However, when confronted with any scary sounds he tends to cover behind me, and any strangers getting into our house are instantly pounced on and coated in Kodah kisses. He loves his meals, however has realized to not contact the Chihuahua’s meals bowl – they maintain him very a lot in line. Turning three this 12 months, we’re hoping he’ll lastly emerge from his crazy adolescent phase!

Me receiving some Kodah Kisses
Me receiving some Kodah Kisses

Ned & Fred – The Troublemakers

Why is it at all times the smallest canine which can be the most important hassle? And the issue is that even after they’re being naughty, they’re so damned cute you can’t keep mad, and even maintain a straight face! Poor Kodah in all probability feels very onerous performed by when he’s not allowed to do half the issues that Ned & Fred get away with.

Ned and Fred share a deep love of food.
Ned and Fred share a deep love of meals.

Neither my husband nor I had ever thought we’d have tiny canine; we beforehand had an Irish Wolfhound, however after we rescued an older Chihuahua known as Potato a couple of years in the past, we fell in love with these tiny canine with large personalities, and we have been completely devastated when we lost Tate.

Ned, who is sort of 18 months outdated, is definitely the cousin of 15 month-old Fred, and from the second they entered our house, they haven’t stopped. You might need heard the quote:

Silence is golden. Unless you will have puppies…then it’s very, very suspicious.

This is totally the case with this pair. I at all times say that they’ve three settings: Eating, Sleeping, and Up to Something. They like to run and play and wrestle, and after they sleep, they sleep onerous! Weighing round 4 lbs, Ned is proof that it’s all concerning the dimension of the perspective, not the scale of the canine, which he proves by preserving Kodah in line!

Ned likes to make sure Kodah knows who's boss!
Ned likes to ensure Kodah is aware of who’s boss!

Until subsequent week….

I can’t wait to share all of the ups, downs, and hilarious in-betweens that come from residing in our blissful chaos, so keep tuned for subsequent week’s installment: Bailey’s Bionic Hips.

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