How to Transition Dog Food — Old to New

How to Transition Dog Food — Old to New

Your canine could also be experiencing abdomen points. Perhaps he must drop some weight. Or, he may be getting older. No matter what the reason being, now you’re trying into switching pet food.

There is an accurate technique to transition pet food, which includes not switching your pet food too quick or overfeeding your canine. This will guarantee the method goes as easily as attainable and your canine enjoys his new meals. Learn from the consultants why it’s vital to vary pet food at sure occasions of your pup’s life in addition to the right way to correctly do it.

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Why would I want to modify my canine’s meals?

Sometimes, the elements in a canine’s meals make him sick. Dr. Shannon Barrett, of Charleston, South Carolina, says these well being points embrace a lower in urge for food, mushy bowl actions or vomiting.

Another symptom might be skin allergies. Signs of a pores and skin allergy embrace power ear infections, power anal gland irritation/infections, paw licking and generalized itchiness. While many house owners imagine that their canines have an environmental allergy or a grain allergy, Dr. Barrett says most canines are allergic to the protein supply discovered of their meals.

If your canine is coping with a medical downside, transitioning to a distinct meals may assist. For occasion, if he has diabetes or kidney illness, your veterinarian may advocate altering his food regimen, says Dr. Megan Conrad at Hello Ralphie, a vet telehealth service.

How typically ought to I swap my canine’s meals?

There are totally different opinions on how typically to modify a canine’s meals, however in response to Dr. Barrett, you need to solely do it if it’s essential to. Changing it too typically could make your canine turn into a choosy eater. She says that introducing too many flavors to your canine can backfire sooner or later if it’s essential to swap him to a prescription food regimen with a blander taste. Your canine is probably not fascinated with it if he’s been consuming quite a lot of meals his total life.

Switch pet food when the elements within the meals aren’t applicable for a canine’s dimension and age, in response to Dr. Alex Schechter, of Burrwood Veterinary in Birmingham, Michigan. The improper pet food can result in dietary deficiencies.

Can switching pet food too quick make my canine sick?

Switching pet food too quick, or switching pet food with out mixing, can result in an upset abdomen, amongst different well being issues. In order to keep away from any points, the most secure factor you are able to do is steadily change meals in order that your canine will get used to the brand new meals, says Dr. Barrett.

She explains it’s essential to combine the 2 meals over a number of days utilizing a really particular ratio. Here is a pet food transition chart you may observe:

  • Days 1 to three: Mix in 25% of the brand new pet food with 75% of the outdated pet food
  • Days 3 to six: Mix 50% of the brand new pet food and 50% of the outdated pet food
  • Days 6 to 9: Mix 75% of the brand new pet food and 25% of the outdated pet food
  • Day 9 and transferring ahead: Feed your canine 100% of the brand new food regimen

Monitor for vomiting, diarrhea and mushy stools. Dr. Barrett says this needs to be carried out through the first three days. If your canine will get sick in the beginning of the transition, speak to your veterinarian to determine a brand new plan. You could have to modify meals once more or return to the earlier ratio for 3 to 4 extra days to see if that helps, says Dr. Barrett. The transitioning course of ought to take 9 to 12 days complete, however let your canine and his abdomen information you.

You shouldn’t introduce any new treats throughout this time. Dr. Barrett explains that should you discover your canine is popping away from his meals bowl or isn’t within the meals, it doesn’t imply that he doesn’t like the flavour. Instead, he may be feeling queasy.

How a lot meals ought to I give when altering pet food?

Aside from making a gradual transition, observe the feeding pointers on the pet food bag to portion the meals accurately. Feeding your canine an excessive amount of may trigger weight acquire or diarrhea. Reducing the quantity of meals you give your canine and giving your vet-prescribed digestive aids can assist relating to enhancing his digestion through the transition part, explains Dr. Schechter.

How vital is utilizing high-quality pet food?

Switching pet food with out mixing your outdated pet food with the brand new meals can upset your canine’s abdomen. © KLH49/ Getty Images

Your canine might be experiencing well being points as a result of poor high quality meals may comprise dangerous components he’s coming involved with, in response to Dr. Schechter. Switching to a premium or high-quality pet food might be the reply.

But what does a high-quality pet food embrace? According to VCA Animal Hospitals, canines ought to eat a combination of meat and vegetables with all of the important vitamins that make up a canine’s well-balanced food regimen. This consists of the correct quantity of sure important amino acids present in proteins, minerals, some important fatty acids from fats and nutritional vitamins. The proper quantities are going to vary based mostly on a canine’s stage of life, like pet, grownup, being pregnant or senior.

Purchase the best high quality pet food you’re in a position to afford versus a funds pet food, which can harm your canine’s digestive system. The elements within the meals needs to be actual and recognizable, and in the event that they’re not, search for one other meals, in response to VCA Animal Hospitals.

Most older, sedentary and neutered or spayed canines don’t have as excessive of vitality necessities, so use a lower-calorie pet food (so long as your veterinarian says it’s OK). /According to VCA Animal Hospitals, there needs to be lower than 350 energy per cup of pet food. If the meals is just too high-calorie, your pup may acquire weight and endure from well being issues.

Buy sufficient meals for the canine’s total meals transition

The provide chain problems with the previous two years has affected the pet meals business. If attainable, Dr. Barrett recommends buying two baggage of your pet’s meals so that you’ve got a backup.

If you do run out and might’t discover your canine’s particular meals, buy a meals with the identical protein supply, in addition to comparable elements. If your pet is consuming a brown rice and salmon food regimen, search for a salmon and oat food regimen or one other fish-based food regimen. This may maintain your canine from getting sick, says Dr. Barrett.

Consult along with your veterinarian earlier than switching pet food

Before you make any modifications to your canine’s meals, seek the advice of along with your canine’s veterinarian. There might be bigger points occurring, equivalent to illness or allergic reactions, and your veterinarian could need to check your canine earlier than you alter the meals.

Staying in contact along with your veterinarian and monitoring your canine’s well being as you transition to a distinct pet food are the keys to success with a brand new food regimen.

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