How to Teach a Dog to Lay Down

How to Teach a Dog to Lay Down

Teaching your canine to lie down is a sensible cue as a result of it results in extra superior behaviors. When your canine can lie down on cue, he’ll be capable of  keep on his mattress or grasp tips like rolling over or crawling. The sky’s the restrict! Your pup will benefit from the coaching and your mates shall be impressed.

How to show your canine to put down

Before you begin coaching, observe these tricks to arrange your environment for a profitable session:

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  • First, to set your canine as much as succeed, train him earlier than beginning the coaching session. He must be drained sufficient that he’ll need to lie down.
  • Gather his favourite canine treats. The reward ought to be one thing that your canine loves and can observe together with his nostril once you try and lure him.
  • Start coaching in a room with out distractions, not even his favourite canine buddy who could pounce on him in play.

How to show your canine down: the lure methodology

  1. Cue your dog to sit in entrance of you. If he doesn’t know that conduct, educate it to him first throughout a separate coaching session.
  2. Hold a small piece of yummy deal with in entrance of his nostril. Slowly transfer the deal with straight down in the direction of the ground. When he follows the deal with, mark the specified conduct with “sure” and provides him the reward.

Dogster tip: Stay calm when marking the conduct. If you get too excited, chances are high your canine will rise up.

  1. Repeat this a number of occasions. During every successive step, proceed shifting the deal with nearer to the bottom. When profitable, reward and reward.

Dogster tip: If your canine will get up, make sure you’re not shifting the deal with too rapidly, inflicting the conduct. Start once more.

  1. If your canine hunches up as an alternative of mendacity down flat, barely transfer the deal with away from him after the deal with reaches the bottom. It ought to seem like an “L” movement.
  2. When your canine lies down flat, together with his elbows and hocks on the bottom, reward and reward.

Dogster tip: Place the deal with reward on the bottom simply between your canine’s paws. This maintain her mendacity down.

  1. Repeat these steps just a few occasions, all the time praising and rewarding your pup when she lies down on the bottom.
  2. As you lure your canine from the sit place, add the cue “down.” Praise and deal with when she lies down, elbows on the bottom. Perform this just a few occasions.
  3. Fade the deal with lure after your canine understands what’s anticipated. Still use the hand movement however have the deal with hidden in your different hand behind your again. Mark the conduct and deal with when she lies down.
  4. After your pup efficiently lies down with out the deal with lure, fade the hand movement. Then use the verbal cue solely. Mix it up after your canine understands what’s anticipated. Sometimes use the verbal cue and hand signal. Other occasions, use simply the verbal cue or the hand sign.
  5. Use a random reinforcement schedule. After your pup understands what you count on, deal with much less steadily. Do this slowly. You nonetheless need your pup to be motivated. And don’t overlook the reward.

Teaching this trick will usually take a couple of coaching session. Don’t rush the method. It’s most vital that your canine understands what’s anticipated earlier than shifting on.

dog sitting down
Before instructing her canine the best way to lay down, canine coach and author Debbie DeSantis cues him to sit down. © Debbie DeSantis.

What if my canine gained’t lie down?

Don’t panic! Try luring your canine to go underneath one thing as if there have been a bridge and he’s doing a limbo underneath it.

  1. Sit on the ground and bend your knee as if it had been a bridge. Alternatively, lure your canine underneath a desk or chair rung, so long as the piece of furnishings is secure and gained’t transfer, which might startle a canine.
  2. Then, observe the steps above, luring your canine with a yummy deal with underneath the “bridge.” Always reward and reward when she lies down.
  3. Eventually, fade the bridge and the deal with lure.

If your canine gained’t lure down, don’t despair. When you come back from a stroll or after a play session, have treats helpful and wait to your canine to lie down.

Start calmly rewarding the conduct. Behavior that’s rewarded will repeat itself. Then you can begin including a “down” cue when she lies down. Mark and reward the conduct.

dog laying
Debbie lures her canine from a sitting place, right down to the bottom with a deal with. © Debbie DeSantis.

Next steps for instructing your canine down

After your canine lies down in your cue, begin including distractions. Have somebody stroll within the room at a distance. Perform the trick in numerous areas, on completely different surfaces and at completely different occasions of day. Up the distraction ante as your canine can deal with it. The aim is to your pup to generalize the conduct in different settings.

Teaching your canine the best way to lie down on cue is a really helpful conduct if you wish to take your pup in public settings, particularly with different canine. Think of all of the enjoyable you’ll have collectively taking the present on the street!

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