How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Without a Bath: 8 Simple Tips

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Without a Bath: 8 Simple Tips


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If you’ve began noticing you possibly can odor your canine earlier than you see them, it’s time to do your nostril a favor and maintain the problem. You know you may give your canine a shower however what if you happen to don’t have time? Are there another choices out there?

In this text, we’ll let you know easy methods to make your canine odor good and not using a tub in eight easy steps. Read on to discover ways to assist your pungent canine lose the odor with out having to get them moist and be left with a multitude!

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Before You Begin

Your canine’s odor may very well be coming from a number of sources, which suggests there’s a vary of various steps you possibly can take to assist them odor higher. Before you start coping with the stink, see if you happen to can slim down a selected a part of your canine that appears additional smelly. For instance, have they got unhealthy breath or soiled ears?


Depending on the supply of your canine’s odor, you would possibly want a number of of the next provides:

  • Ear cleaner
  • Gauze or cotton balls
  • Dental care merchandise
  • Brush
  • Waterless shampoo
  • Cornstarch or baking soda
  • Doggy cologne or fragrance
  • Dog cleansing wipes
  • Laundry detergent (not for the canine)

Again, you doubtless gained’t want each one among this stuff to assist your canine odor higher, however we wished you to pay attention to all of the doable choices simply in case.

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Without a Bath

1. Clean Their Ears

Your canine’s ears will be an missed supply of an odor, simply remedied and not using a tub. Smelly ears can even point out an ear infection, particularly if the ears are additionally pink, swollen, painful, or stuffed with discharge. If you believe you studied an ear an infection, see your veterinarian.

To clear your canine’s ears, you will want a doggy ear cleaner and cotton balls or gauze. Squeeze a bit cleaner into the canine’s ear canal and therapeutic massage to interrupt up any deep-set grime and odor. Step again and let your canine shake their head then use cotton balls or gauze to wipe out the ears.

Clean out all of the folds of your canine’s ears totally. Avoid sticking something too far down the ear canal, akin to a Q-tip. Repeat the method for the opposite ear, utilizing contemporary cotton balls or gauze.

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2. Brush Your Dog Regularly

Brushing is one other method to preserve your canine clear and smelling contemporary and not using a tub. Some canine must be brushed day by day to maintain their coats tangle-free. Short-coated canine can even profit from brushing 1–2 occasions every week, nonetheless.

A great brushing removes grime and useless hair out of your canine’s coat. It can even assist unfold their pure pores and skin oils evenly, enhancing the appear and feel of the coat.

3. Check Your Dog’s Teeth

Not all unhealthy breath comes out of your canine’s enamel, however good dental care continues to be a significant a part of a canine’s grooming routine. Brushing your canine’s enamel is the easiest way to maintain them wholesome. Choose a toothpaste designed for canine and brush day by day if doable.

Some different choices for dental care embody dental wipes, chews, and water components. Despite your greatest efforts, most canine will nonetheless want knowledgeable dental cleansing ultimately. If your canine’s mouth nonetheless smells regardless of common dental care, you might must have your vet examine different doable sources of unhealthy breath.

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4. Use Baking Soda or Cornstarch

For a easy “dry tub” to assist your canine odor higher, attempt baking soda or cornstarch. Either product will be sprinkled in your canine and labored into the coat to assist take in odors or extra oil. To take away, merely brush away the powder and the doggy odor with it!

5. Wash Your Dog’s Bed

If it’s been some time since your canine’s bedding has seen the washer, the stink of the fabric may very well be rubbing off in your canine. Over time, hair, dander, grime, and oils can construct up in your canine’s mattress, even when your pup stays typically clear. The odor can then cling to your canine after they get up from a nap.

Give your canine’s bedding an intensive wash, probably with a laundry additive designed to get rid of canine odors. If you possibly can, dry the bedding exterior quite than within the dryer. Sunlight and contemporary air add one other layer of deodorizing energy.

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6. Use Waterless Shampoo or Wipes

To get your pup smelling contemporary and not using a tub, attempt one of many many waterless shampoos or wipes in the marketplace. These merchandise are designed to shortly clear and deodorize your canine while not having to be rinsed afterward.

7. Spritz With Doggy Cologne or Perfume

For a fast hit of smell-good perfume, attempt spritzing your pup with one of many many canine colognes or perfumes out there. Some of those sprays supply a deodorizing part however most simply masks the dog’s smell with a preferable scent. They normally aren’t very long-lasting however can serve to make your canine odor higher shortly in case you have surprising visitors.

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8. Evaluate Your Dog’s Diet

Sometimes, the supply of your canine’s odor comes from inside. Your canine’s meals performs a key position in each their well being and their scent. Gassy pups are not any enjoyable to dwell with, and poor-quality meals or too many desk scraps are sometimes in charge.

Ask your veterinarian to suggest a high quality, nutritionally-balanced canine food plan. Don’t be distracted by fashionable buzzwords like “grain-free” or “actual meat sources”. Those are supposed to entice your spending cash and don’t essentially point out a more healthy meals or one which’s appropriate to your canine’s explicit wants.



What If My Dog Still Smells No Matter What I Do?

If your dog still stinks regardless of your greatest efforts, with and with out bathing, it’s time for a visit to the veterinarian. Various skin conditions may cause your canine to odor and can resist all of your makes an attempt to battle the stench. Especially suspect a pores and skin situation if you happen to discover different signs akin to scratching, hair loss, or a flaky coat.

Skin circumstances will be irritating to diagnose and deal with. Patience and totally following your vet’s remedy plan are important. In some instances, your vet might recommend a referral to a veterinary dermatologist for extra specialised and superior care.

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You can’t at all times keep away from giving your dog a full bath, particularly in the event that they routinely play within the mud or endure from allergies. However, frequent bathing can disrupt your canine’s pure pores and skin and coat oils, drying them out. Try these eight steps to assist your canine odor higher and not using a tub and save the entire spa remedy for when your pup actually wants it.

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