How to introduce your dog to a new pup. 14 tips

How to introduce your dog to a new pup. 14 tips

How to introduce your canine to a brand new pup.

My canine is bored. He wants a playmate.

You acquired a brand new pup.

A number of days later… ”Oh my God! My canine hates the brand new pet. He
is so aggressive in direction of the little man. I have to rehome the little pet to avoid wasting
his life.”

 These are the instances floating round in virtually all of canine
Facebook teams. Most canine guardians really feel that having only one canine just isn’t sufficient
particularly if it’s a excessive vitality canine who will get bored simply. I might take into account
myself part of the identical boat. However, since my boy (Delta) may be very social
exterior the home however hates any inside his home, we have now not acquired him a sibling
but. I do have a tendency to herald my fosters when they’re injured or sick. They are
refrained from Delta. When they really feel higher, they’re despatched again to their properties.
Delta is pleased alone and I respect his needs.

Introducing your dog to a new puppy. 14 amazing tips for a seamless transition.


However, this isn’t the case each time. Sometimes, canine
might get bored being alone or might show excessive ranges of separation nervousness when
alone. Having one other playmate can tremendously scale back the nervousness ranges and hold
your pup mentally and bodily engaged, even in case you are busy with work. As
lengthy as a number of issues are stored in thoughts through the preliminary days of bringing a brand new
pet house, there is no such thing as a cause why your canine mustn’t get together with the brand new
member. The first step in bringing house a brand new pet to an grownup canine is to make
plans of introduction. Most typically grownup canine will welcome a brand new playmate, however
choosing the proper pup could make the transition a lot smoother.

Why is a previous meet and greet vital?

Remember, your present canine has stayed in your house for
years. He or she is of course certain to be territorial and protecting in nature.
The pet you’ll convey house will really feel unsure within the new environment
initially. The new pup might act out and attempt to be aggressive in direction of the older
canine.  These components are what makes a
correct introduction obligatory earlier than the pup is introduced house.

Always organize the assembly on impartial grounds:

The first assembly between an grownup canine and a pet should take
place in impartial grounds which doesn’t belong to both of them like a
coaching heart, a tennis court docket or a neighbor’s yard. Since these areas do
not belong to both of the canine, they’ll immediately go right down to the enterprise of
sniffing one another and making mates.

If a impartial place just isn’t accessible, go to a park which has
number of canine ,coming out and in ceaselessly. Your residential pup won’t
declare the territory and be extra keen to know and make mates with the

Do not leash them throughout meet and greet:

Dogs are very perceptive in nature. They can sense concern and
aggression very simply. When they meet a brand new pup, if they’re on a leash, the
elevated ranges of pleasure together with the constraint of a leash can result in
improvement of fearful aggression. Thus first canine conferences should happen between
unleashed canine or canine beneath lengthy leashes.

Having a barrier of some sort like a fence or tennis internet might
even be useful. The barrier permits canine to smell one another earlier than they arrive
in nose-to-nose contact. This permits the brand new canine issue to put on off earlier than the
actual meet. The barrier is perhaps particularly vital when there’s a
appreciable measurement distinction between the 2 pups. A pleasant grownup canine may
injure a younger pup together with his or her over pleased greeting.

How to introduce your dog to a new pup. 14 amazing tips for a seamless transition.

Parallel strolling:

Take each pups out for a stroll. The canine should stroll parallel
to at least one one other and be dealt with by completely different individuals. Keep the leashes unfastened to
hold any type of rigidity and aggression at bay. During the preliminary phases, hold
the 2 canine out of nostril sniffing vary. At this level, you need to keep away from a
staring match between the 2 pups. For this, use treats or toys to maintain them
distracted from each other. Before getting in for a face to face assembly, each
canine ought to have atleast 10-15 minutes of stroll time beneath their noses.

Offer them alternatives to smell each other:

Once your canine present a constructive perspective in direction of each other,
permit them to return collectively whereas their leashes are held loosely. For this
interplay, choose a area with open areas. Allow the pups to smell one
one other, from face to the rear ends. This is the right canine etiquette.

Allow the primary greeting to proceed for now not than 10
minutes. This will hold the canine from getting drained. Call your canine away each few
minutes and supply them a deal with or a toy. This will permit a cheerful atmosphere to
exist between the pups and stop any rigidity from seeping in.


Always examine for constructive indicators

Look for the doggy language which indicators in direction of an excellent
interplay. If the canine wish to play collectively, that may be a good signal. The
traditional canine model invitation to a recreation is to do a play bow. In the play bow,
the tail finish goes up whereas the pinnacle goes down. If the canine yawns, it means he or
she just isn’t a menace to the opposite canine. Pay cautious consideration to the physique
language of each the canine. Growls, barks and whines can be utilized in each play as
properly as to threaten the opposite canine, thus you need to watch them rigorously.

Licking the face and mouth of one other canine and rolling on
their backs sign submission. These are the indicators your pet ought to show to
your older canine. Such conduct tells the older canine that she or he is only a child
and the older canine may forgive her or him for a number of pet errors. Allow the
preliminary play to progress for only some minutes earlier than stopping the assembly on
a constructive be aware.

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Behavior to be careful for:

If both of the canine/pup begin to transfer away or if their
hackles (fur which runs down their backbone) begin to elevate p or they’re growling
with baring of enamel, transfer the canine away from each other instantly. These
are indicators of over stimulation or rigidity and should be prevented.

Move to house floor ultimately

Once your pups are snug assembly each other on
impartial grounds like tennis courts or canine parks, repeat the introduction on
acquainted territory like your yard and not using a leash (if the yard is
fenced) or on an extended leash till they really feel snug with each other. Call
the 2 canine away from each other each jiffy in order that they don’t get too
excited. Also, keep in mind to make your pup meet one older canine at a time, not the
complete bunch without delay.

Finally meet in the home:

Once your canine are snug with each other exterior the
home and within the yard,  its time to
convey the brand new pup indoors. This activity should be carried out out of sight of different canine.
For instance, when your pup is introduced indoors, the opposite canine must be out in
the yard having playtime. Its finest if the residential canine discover the pup
inside the home after they enter.

In the house conduct management:

Once they’re within the new house, puppies have lots to study
from the guardians and the prevailing canine as properly. The very first thing puppies do
as soon as they settle into a brand new house is to search for a playmate. If they don’t discover
a playmate of their measurement, they go for the grownup canine. Your grownup canine might or might
not be appreciative of this conduct.

As lengthy because the grownup canine’s conduct is acceptable when
correcting the pup, its okay for them to growl or grumble on the pup. This
conduct is suitable so long as the older canine doesn’t injure the pup in any

If your older canine growls on the pet, don’t reprimand him
or her for a similar. This is their method of letting the pup know that he or
she is sad about their conduct. Growling lets the pup know that the
conduct is unacceptable and she or he must cease such conduct. It is part and parcel of the right way to introduce your canine to a brand new pup.

it isHow to introduce your dog to a new pup. 14 amazing tips for a seamless transition.

Separate them if wanted:

Puppies are manufactured from boundless vitality. Due to this, they might
not lister to the older canine instantly. If your really feel that your older canine is
getting overwhelmed by the pet’s conduct, separate the pet out of your canine
and redirect her or him to a different activity, deal with or toy and provides your older canine a
break and an opportunity to chill off. If you aren’t capable of immediately supervise the
interplay, put your pet in a crate or behind a child gate.

Give them breaks:

It is a should to offer your older canine a break from pet
dealing with a number of instances per day. This could be carried out by crating both of the canine.
Such intervals of separation take the stress off the older canine and provides each
the canine a much-needed break.


Provide plenty of rewards:

When you might be on website and watching the canine, ensure to
reward constructive conduct with plenty of praises and treats. Furthermore, make
positive that the brand new pup is getting ample quantity of train, each psychological and
bodily. An effective way of creating the canine bond is to take them out on lengthy walks

Don’t change the routine of your own home canine:

You know issues might be a chaos for a number of weeks when a brand new
pet comes house. However, your own home/older canine just isn’t conscious of that. Thus, the
issues which have been a continuing in his or her life thus far just like the time of
day by day walks, the playtime with mother or playdate together with his or her mates should not
change on the account of a brand new pet getting into the house. The older canine should
perceive that the brand new pet is an addition, not a disruption.

Troubleshooting problematic conduct

Most canine are fast at understanding the social hierarchy and
repair on a strategy to work together with each other in a constructive method. During the
preliminary days, it’s best to maintain the pet segregated in one other room with a
child gate to maintain her or him away from the opposite canine when you find yourself not capable of
immediately supervise them.

A remaining be aware:

Remember to take issues sluggish and at all times keep in charge of
the scenario. Common canine guardian errors embrace permitting the canine to fulfill
too early or permitting them to fulfill when they don’t seem to be calm, excessive strung or
feeling aggressive. Always make the assembly between the canine a constructive
interplay. Make positive to reward all of the events with sufficient treats and toys.
Allow the canine get used to at least one one other slowly and steadily. It may be very
vital to permit issues to proceed in the best method to let your own home be a
snug zone for all of the pups.

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