How to Identify Non-Toxic Dog Toy Materials

How to Identify Non-Toxic Dog Toy Materials

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The best solution to establish non-toxic canine toy supplies is to verify the label while you buy your pup’s toy. That’s simpler stated than finished, nevertheless, given the number of supplies that toys might be made out of. Knowing which materials is secure and which to avoid might be one thing of a minefield.

That’s why we’ve put collectively this weblog on poisonous dog-toy supplies, why precisely they’re poisonous, in addition to secure – and sometimes extra environmentally sustainable – options that you may search for while you subsequent purchase a canine toy.

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Why Are Toxic Materials in Dog Toys Dangerous to Dogs?

Because they’re precisely that – poisonous. The motive that they’re a lot extra harmful inside toys, nevertheless, is the truth that your canine goes to be carrying it round and chewing on it. This makes it way more doubtless that your canine will chew a chunk off and unintentionally ingest it, or have a number of the poisonous chemical compounds leach out and into your canine’s digestive system as they gnaw at it. 

Issues prompted can vary from most cancers to immune issues, and way more in between. Next, we’ll take a look at the commonest poisonous supplies present in canine toys, in addition to a number of the adversarial reactions they’ll trigger.

Unsafe Dog Toys & Dog Toy Materials

Below, we’ve listed a number of the most commonly-found poisonous supplies inside canine toys:

BPA (Bisphenol A)

BPA is a massively frequent materials used to fabricate every kind of various plastic supplies and merchandise. It was first urged that BPA is perhaps dangerous (to people and animals, alike) all the way back in 1998, nevertheless it has continued to see widespread use since then. Given its cost-effectiveness as a fabric, BPA was generally utilized in many canine toys.

In canines and different animals, BPA is believed to raise the chance of varied cancers, diabetes, neurological issues, and reproductive issues, to call however just a few. Fortunately, fewer and fewer canine toy manufacturers are utilizing BPA inside their merchandise, and can sometimes state outright on their packaging whether or not their toy is ‘BPA-free’ or not.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

PVC is one other commonly-found materials, popping up in all the things from packaging to pipes, from building to clothes. The primary risks of utilizing PVC in canine toys are two-fold: firstly, PVC toys typically have phthalates added to them with the intention to make the toy simpler to chew.

It’s these phthalates which might be the actually poisonous part; canines are uncovered to this materials once they lick, chew or gnaw at their toy, and it’s identified that this materials causes kidney, liver and reproductive issues in bigger portions.

The second challenge with PVC is that, over time, different poisonous chlorine-based supplies are launched, corresponding to dioxins. These chemical compounds are identified to intervene with each the immune and reproductive methods, in addition to different key physiological processes, so it’s finest simply to keep away from PVC canine toy merchandise altogether.


Rawhide canine toys typically comprise the chemical formaldehyde, which in coating the chews acts as a preservative. Prolonged publicity to formaldehyde is believed (according to the US’ Environmental Protection Agency, or, EPA) to raise the chance of sure cancers. At decrease ranges of publicity, the fabric can nonetheless trigger different, not-insignificant well being issues, together with each digestive and respiratory points.

Rawhide canine chews and toys are in all probability finest to keep away from anyway, even in addition to the usage of formaldehyde, given their use of harsh chemical compounds corresponding to lye and hydrogen peroxide. We’d advocate extra pure options corresponding to recycled rubber or bamboo bones/chews. 


Although extra generally present in canine mattress merchandise, somewhat than canine toys themselves, bromine is actually one other poisonous materials to be careful for. Used as a flame retardant, this chemical, if ingested, can result in liver toxicity, developmental issues and cancers.

In reality, in a product-testing study by the Michigan-based Ecology Center, discovered {that a} staggering 45% of the canine toy/mattress merchandise they examined contained detectable ranges of bromine, arsenic and chlorine – all identified to trigger hurt to animals when ingested.


Toys offered by Walmart, within the US, have beforehand been discovered to comprise considerably elevated ranges of the chemical chromium, which caused the store to issue a product recall.

The primary challenge with chromium (which is a heavy metallic not dissimilar to guide) is that it will increase what’s often called the ‘poisonous burden’ on a canine’s physiological methods. Toxic burden might be considered the overall amount of poisons/undesirable supplies discovered inside your physique at anybody time.


Cadmium is one other heavy metallic that may trigger related issues to chromium, when ingested by canines. Issues brought on by extended or elevated publicity to cadmium embody: bone illness, lung injury, vomiting, diarrhoea and kidney injury, to call just a few.

Fortunately, cadmium is a banned substance in Europe so the possibilities of discovering it in your canine’s toys are lowered. That’s to not say, nevertheless, that it gained’t seem in merchandise produced elsewhere on this planet, so it’s nonetheless necessary to verify the product packaging earlier than giving your toy to your canine.

Best Non-Toxic Dog Toys

Typically, the very best, most non-toxic dog toys are these made out of pure, natural supplies, somewhat than from highly-processed, chemically handled options. These embody:

Hemp plant fibre.

This makes materials for canine toys for a number of causes. Firstly, it’s fully secure on your canine to chew on – clearly, that is an important issue. Beyond this, nevertheless, it’s additionally proof against mould, mildew and is well cleaned. It’s additionally a really robust plant fibre, making it perfect for chew toys like knotted rope toys.

Food-grade silicone.

This is one other nice choice for canine chew toys, due to its non-toxic composition, machine washability and cost-effectiveness. Medical-grade silicone can also be one other good different. Another choice that’s just like silicone is TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) which is recyclable, pliable, and once more, might be simply cleaned.

Rice husk and pure rubber.

One of the very best materials mixtures when it comes to non-toxicity, canine toys made out of rice husk and pure rubber are fully pure and free-from harsh chemical compounds, and are secure if for no matter motive they get ingested.

Olive wooden.

If your canine likes to fetch sticks and gnaw at your desk legs, then a bone made out of sustainably-sourced and handled wooden corresponding to olive wooden is a good suggestion. These bones don’t splinter, and olive wooden is of course more durable than many different woods, making these bones extremely sturdy. They additionally typically look nicer than plastic options, too.


Another nice pure materials like olive wooden, bamboo has gained nice reputation as a fabric in current instances, due to its inexperienced credentials. Bamboo, as an example, grows thirty times quicker than other trees, and absorbs a scarcely plausible thirty-five instances extra carbon dioxide.

Recycled plastics.

If you’re eager on getting a plastic canine toy on your pup, then we’d all the time encourage getting one made out of recycled plastics somewhat than virgin plastic. This manner, you’re not introducing any new plastics into the manufacturing ecosystem. Just make sure that any recycled plastic merchandise you buy are nonetheless free from the toxins we’ve listed above.

How to Identify Non-Toxic Dog Toy Materials

The best solution to establish whether or not a canine toy accommodates poisonous supplies or not is to verify the packaging or label. If it accommodates any of the poisonous supplies listed above, we’d advise you search for a unique canine toy.

What’s extra, most canine toy corporations that manufacture their canine toys from non-toxic supplies, and in a sustainable style, will say so. In different phrases, you’re not simply in search of an absence of poisonous supplies, essentially, you’re in search of the promotion of more healthy strategies and supplies.

Are Latex Dog Toys Safe?

A notice on Latex canine toys; whether or not they’re secure to be used or not is dependent upon the kind of latex in query. Synthetic, man-made latex merchandise typically comprise lots of the harsh components, preservatives and poisonous chemical compounds we’ve talked about avoiding, earlier within the put up. Natural latex merchandise, nevertheless, that’s to say – pure rubber merchandise, are completely positive, and in reality, we’d actively encourage buying them. 

Final Thoughts…

When it involves retaining your canine comfortable and wholesome, it takes extra than simply the meals you feed him/her. Giving your canine secure, non-toxic toys isn’t solely higher on your canine, it’s sometimes higher for the atmosphere, too, as a result of manufacturing strategies used.

As a rule, we’d recommend all the time going for naturally-based canine toys, the sorts made out of plant-based fibres and woods. Failing that, if you’ll use a plastic-based product, make sure that it’s recycled!

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How to Identify Non-Toxic Dog Toy MaterialsHow to Identify Non-Toxic Dog Toy Materials
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