How to Find a Lost Dog Owner

How to Find a Lost Dog Owner

There is nothing extra heartbreaking than considering that the one that you love pet could disappear. Having some kind of plan in place is smart in any scenario, particularly one as dire as this one. However, you may often encounter a misplaced canine. This creates the tough query: what’s one of the best ways to get the canine again to its proprietor? This is a societal accountability along with being a pleasant deed.

Anyone who has ever skilled the dread of shedding their canine can relate to the proprietor of the misplaced canine. In addition, everybody needs their pets to be completely happy and secure. Here are some actions you could take to help a misplaced canine to find their house when you are offering look after them.

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Steps to Take to Find the Owner of a Lost Dog

Have you discovered a misplaced canine? Don’t fear; by doing these straightforward steps, you’ll be able to help it to find its household.

Step – 1: Catch the Dog

The hardest half is normally the primary one. Lost animals are sometimes fearful and timid in a wierd place. Be calm and gently strategy the misplaced animal so it doesn’t run away. Keep in thoughts that it might assault should you attempt to seize it by power. Comfort the canine and let it get used to you. If the misplaced canine may be very hostile, it’s safer to name rescue teams.

After you have got secured the canine, deliver it to a secure place. Get a sturdy leash from any pet store to maintain the canine in test. Before you introduce the misplaced canine to your individual pets or different canines, examine it for any wounds or sicknesses.

Step – 2: Check out the tags for id.

Once you have got secured the discovered canine, you’ll be able to start the seek for its proprietor. First, take a look at the dog’s collar for an ID tag to get the proprietor’s contact data. If the tag shouldn’t be there, you may nonetheless discover a rabies tag with the veterinarian’s quantity.

If none of those tags are there, the following step is to check for a microchip. Bring the misplaced canine to the veterinarian’s workplace the place they scan for microchips, with none cost. If the canine has a chip, the workplace will contact the microchip firm or search for a microchip database. This means you’re positive to search out the proprietor’s contact particulars.

If the canine is just too violent or laborious to catch, name the native police division. With their help, take the canine to a close-by shelter. Animal shelters and animal hospitals can even test canines for microchips and search the nationwide database for the proprietor’s data.

Step – 3: Bring the Lost Dog to the Animal Shelter

Lost canines that lack tags and microchips are normally taken to animal shelters, humane societies, or different group animal management companies. This is as a result of animal shelters are a standard place the place the owner of the lost dog would search for it.

Most shelters have a discovered report and misplaced reviews submitted by pet house owners. Make positive to snap an image earlier than the canine leaves for any of the shelters. It will help in reuniting the canine with its household.

But you don’t have to give up the canine to a shelter. Notify the native animal shelter concerning the discovered canine and maintain it with you till the misplaced canine proprietor locates it. While you maintain the canine with you, get it checked by any of the close by vets. Also, go to pet provide shops to purchase some good-quality meals and toys for the furry companion.

Step – 4: Create a Poster of Found Dog

An old school however good option to discover the proprietor is to print posters with the canine’s footage. Hang these paper posters on bulletin boards, phone poles, and utility poles inside two miles from the place you rescued the canine. Make positive to hold these flyers in any respect main intersections the place they are going to be seen by lots of people.

Besides, point out the place the canine was rescued and your contact particulars. If the proprietor sees the poster, they might present up at your door trying to find their pet. This means, you have got one of the best alternative to reunite the proprietor and their furry pal.

Broaden your search on-line by posting flyers on the misplaced and located Facebook pages of assorted native shelters. Don’t cease at these, publish on different websites as nicely. Another option to attain the proprietor is to print a canine lacking report within the native newspaper.

Step – 5: Post on Lost and Found Dog Community

If you have got been with the canine in over a day, it is best to publish on a misplaced and located web site like These web sites assist house owners who’ve parted from their canines, cats, and different animals to reunite with them. You can even get assist from these networks while you undergo the traumatic expertise of shedding your canine within the woods or at night time. Besides, it is best to publish on these website with the key phrase “found dog near me

Step – 6: Request Evidence from Those Claiming Ownership

Dog theft is a merciless actuality. People declare to be the canine proprietor to promote the canine later for money. In worse situations, they might exploit the canine for illegal breeding, or as bait for dogfighting at instances.

The closing step in the way to discover a misplaced canine’s proprietor is while you get a name from a possible proprietor. If an individual calls you claiming to be the proprietor of the canine, don’t reveal the canine. Ask them to provide an in depth description of the canine. Confirm their ownership. It needs to be correct and precise, one thing that solely the canine’s true proprietor can be aware of. Even if the caller is honest, it’s advisable to take this security measure earlier than returning the misplaced pet.


Dogs love affection. Be the sort soul who presents them a secure haven whereas they hope to search out their household. The subsequent time you encounter a misplaced canine, think about how horrible it could be so that you can lose the one that you love pet. Care for the lonely pet as you’d need your pet to be cared for.

If you encounter a fluffy buddy separated from its household, comply with these tips about the way to discover a misplaced canine proprietor. This information on the way to discover the proprietor of a misplaced canine is a positive methodology to reunite a household that’s in misery.

Do you recognize another methods apart from those talked about above in serving to reunite a misplaced pet with its household? Please share with us. You are additionally welcome to share you probably have executed this type of nice job.

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