How Big Does a Belgian Malinois Get (With Growth & Weight Chart)

How Big Does a Belgian Malinois Get (With Growth & Weight Chart)

Bred round Malines, Belgium, the Belgian Malinois get their identify from their dwelling metropolis. However, the Belgian Malinois is a person canine breed in America, the place the American Kennel Club acknowledged them in 1959. Although the breed is much like the German Shepherd in a number of methods, these canines are extra fine-boned and have totally different head shapes.

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If you’re planning to get a Belgian Malinois, right here’s a information on their development charge and weight that will help you decide if the canine is the suitable measurement for your loved ones and residing area.

Belgian Malinois Breed Overview

Belgian Malinois dog standing outdoor
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The Belgian Malinois is a pleasant and clever canine with a life expectancy of 14 to 16 years. Adult males weigh 60 to 80 kilos, whereas females weigh 40 to 60 kilos.

Belgian Malinois have a variety of coat colours, from crimson sable and mahogany to fawn sable and fawn. Since they’re good and energetic, Belgian Malinois want in depth train and a spotlight to remain wholesome and comfortable. Otherwise, the breed is susceptible to being problematic and aggressive.

Belgian Malinois are simple to groom and care for resulting from their brief mackintosh. You solely must brush their hair sometimes with a rubber grooming mitt. Meanwhile, nails require common trimming.

Responsible breeders display screen their inventory for well being circumstances like eye issues, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia. Belgian Malinois are typically wholesome and solely want annual hip, elbow, and ophthalmologist evaluations.

Belgian Malinois Size and Growth Chart

The common Belgian Malinois male has a peak of 24 to 26 inches, whereas feminine Belgian Malinois develop to be 22 to 24 inches. Note that the scale and weight of your canine could differ from common based mostly on their inventory and diet. The desk reveals the usual peak and weight of Belgian Malinois at totally different phases of their lives.

Age Weight Range Length Range
2 months 6.6–13.2 kilos 10–12 inches
4 months 19.8–26.4 kilos 12–15 inches
6 months 26.4–37.4 kilos 15–18 inches
8 months 35.2–48.5 kilos 18–19 inches
10 months 39.6–55 kilos 19–20 inches
12 months 41.8–61.7 kilos 20–22 inches
14 months 60–80 kilos 24–26 inches

When Does a Belgian Malinois Stop Growing?

Typically, all canines develop at their tempo. Belgian Malinois attain maturity in 1 to 2 years. Most canines develop to almost-full peak by the age of 10 to 11 months, however some could develop a little bit bit extra until the age of 18 months.

According to PetMD consultants, giant breed canines double their measurement when they’re 8 to 12 weeks of age, however their development slows after that.1 They attain their full peak by 18 months.

While Belgian Malinois don’t develop in peak after 2 years, they will achieve weight. Your canine’s weight-reduction plan needs to be based on their age as a result of Belgian Malinois are susceptible to weight problems.

Treats mustn’t make up greater than 10% of your canine’s every day energy. For instance, you may give 20 to 30 items of kibble or a big biscuit to your canine every day. Or you possibly can skip treats altogether.

Belgian Malinois dog standing in the forest
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Factors Affecting the Size of Belgian Malinois

Vets contemplate many elements to estimate your canine’s measurement. According to Dr. Walker from PetMD, genetics is the principle issue that impacts a canine’s development charge. Vets could have an concept of your Belgian Malinois measurement predictions based mostly on their breed, however different elements, such because the dad and mom’ measurement, additionally come into play. He additionally says {that a} pet’s paws permitting you to estimate their measurement is a fantasy.

Dr. Sata Ochoa, a White House Veterinary Hospital vet, additional says that development hormones additionally decide a canine’s measurement. A research additionally confirmed {that a} canine’s development could depend upon the time of neutering.

When canines are neutered earlier than reaching one 12 months of age, it could possibly have an effect on their peak. In bigger breeds, it’s only some centimeters, whereas, in smaller ones, the peak distinction is only some millimeters.

Ideal Diet for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

The excellent weight-reduction plan to your Belgian Malinois depends upon their age and exercise degree. You can use the feeding chart in your canine’s most popular industrial meals as a information. Check how a lot the label recommends to your Belgian Malinois’s weight vary.

Since Belgian Malinois are energetic canines, they’ve vital train wants. Dogs that train open air want 20 to 40% extra meals.

Moreover, it is best to contemplate your canine’s well being. The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine has a scoring chart for the physique circumstances of canines and cats. You can request a vet that will help you perceive your canine’s standing on their chart and what which means for his or her dietary wants.

Since pups have no idea about portion management, you shouldn’t observe ad-lib feeding or free feeding. Instead, seek the advice of a vet to calculate the correct amount of meals to feed your canine. Then, divide it into three parts, corresponding to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Belgian Malinois dog sitting next to the feeding bowl
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How to Measure Your Belgian Malinois

The University of Wisconsin–Madison has the following guidelines for measuring your canine’s peak:

  • Stand a measuring stick perpendicular to the ground on a flat floor. The stick should be flat in opposition to the wall and never tilted.
  • Make your Belgian Malinois stand subsequent to this measuring stick. Their entrance legs needs to be in the identical line because the measuring stick.
  • Keep your canine standing straight with sq. hips and shoulders. The legs should be perpendicular to the bottom with the toes shoulder-width aside.
  • Hold your canine’s head in a impartial place and maintain them nonetheless in a single place.
  • Feel the pores and skin alongside your canine’s again, on the base of their neck, to seek out the shoulder blades. Check the measurement on the highest level of your Belgian Malinois’s shoulder blades.
  • Mark the peak on the measuring follow a pencil.


Their calm demeanor and active lifestyle make Belgian Malinois an incredible breed for households with youngsters and different pets. Most Belgian Malinois canines develop to full peak by the age of 18 months, however the precise peak and weight of your canine will depend upon their genetics and diet.

It’s vital to have a vet’s help in deciding on the suitable weight-reduction plan and dietary values to your pet. If you’re confused or unsure about your pet’s dietary wants, at all times discuss to a vet earlier than making any selections.

Like another medium-to-large breeds, Belgian Malinois are also prone to becoming obese. Watch your canine’s dietary consumption and restrict the treats to make sure your pet grows at a wholesome charge and stays secure from hip dysplasia.

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