How Being a Cat Parent Improves Your Health: Top 5 Benefits

How Being a Cat Parent Improves Your Health: Top 5 Benefits

Being a cat dad or mum helps preserve the physician away! Here are 5 methods how sharing your life with a feline pal can enhance your well being and well-being — bodily and mentally.

Cats are cute and cuddly companions — however in addition they supply their human companions quite a few health benefits. From decreasing stress to reducing blood strain, sharing your life and residential with a cat can positively influence your bodily and psychological well-being. Let’s discover the highest 5 well being advantages of residing with cats, and why our furry felines are way more than simply “pets”.


Cats are recognized to have a chilled impact on their individuals, and can assist scale back stress and nervousness ranges. Just spending time with a cat, petting him and listening to him purr, can decrease your blood strain and elevate your temper. Research from Cornell University has proven that petting a cat can result in decrease blood strain and coronary heart fee as a result of launch of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and will increase emotions of rest. In addition, merely watching a cat’s actions and playful habits has been linked to lowered nervousness. It was additionally found that petting cats for ten minutes decreased the quantity of cortisol (a stress hormone) in saliva.

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Many research point out that having a cat can decrease your danger of coronary heart illness. The purring sound made by cats is believed to have a therapeutic impact on the human physique and is understood to assist scale back nervousness, a number one reason behind coronary heart issues.

  • In an announcement from the American Heart Association (AHA), a variety of research have discovered an affiliation between being an animal dad or mum and having decrease blood strain. “[There’s a] relationship between pet (primarily canine or cat) possession and heart problems, with many reporting useful results, together with elevated bodily exercise, favorable lipid profiles, decrease systemic blood strain, improved autonomic tone, diminished sympathetic responses to emphasize, and improved survival after an acute coronary syndrome,” states one of many research. As effectively, individuals with cats had been proven to have considerably decrease resting baseline coronary heart charges and blood strain in response to emphasize.
  • According to the Cleveland Heart Lab, researchers from the University of Minnesota began following 4,500 males and girl who had been freed from coronary heart issues in the beginning of a 20-year research. “It confirmed that individuals who had by no means shared their lives with a cat had been 40% extra prone to die of a coronary heart assault than those that had cats at a while of their lives,” stated the researchers. This is a statistic we should always all be speaking about.


You may suppose the other is true, however residing with cats truly helps increase immunity. Exposure to cats and their pure surroundings might strengthen your immune system and defend you from allergy symptoms and ailments.

“Research has demonstrated the optimistic influence of early childhood publicity to cats on the event of bronchial asthma and allergy symptoms later in life,” says the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI). “A beginning cohort research enrolling over 700 new child individuals discovered that, after an 18-year follow-up, these with an indoor cat within the first 12 months of life had almost half the danger of creating allergy symptoms to cats later in life.”


Cats make nice companions, particularly for these residing alone or recovering from an sickness. They supply emotional assist and assist relieve loneliness.

  • The Surgeon General states that loneliness is an epidemic within the US: “Loneliness is greater than only a dangerous feeling. When persons are socially disconnected, their danger of hysteria and melancholy will increase. So does their danger of coronary heart illness (29%), dementia (50%), and stroke (32%).”
  • HABRI provides {that a} research of highschool college students aged 13 to 19 discovered that those that had companion animals, together with cats, had been considerably much less prone to really feel lonely than their friends with out animals.
  • Human-animal interplay has additionally been proven to cut back emotions of melancholy in older adults. Living with cats additionally tends to lower the variety of aging-related well being points. AARP’s nationwide ballot on wholesome getting older states: “Those advantages appear to be much more pronounced for older adults who reside alone or battle with their well being, 72% of whom say pets assist them deal with bodily or emotional signs.”


Coping abilities are methods used to navigate tough conditions and emotions. When we begin to expertise unfavourable emotions, animals resembling cats can assist us develop abilities just like meditation to assist us get via the state of affairs. Cats present us with optimistic every day distractions, a daily routine, and goal.


Approximately 43 million American households embrace a pet cat, with many households proudly owning multiple, making them the second hottest pet by family, behind canine,” says HABRI.

In their 2021 survey, HABRI discovered that companion animals basically result in enhancements in each private and psychological human well being:

  • 76% of respondents reported that their private well being improved on account of having an animal, up from 71% in 2016 (+5%).
  • 87% stated they skilled psychological well being enhancements from animal guardianship, up from 74% in 2016 (+13%).

Living with animals might even assist lower healthcare prices and physician visits. Another latest research by HABRI and Banfield discovered that these with companion animals are estimated to go to the physician lower than these with out animals, producing a price financial savings of $11 billion.

Being a cat dad or mum is a low-stress dedication that gives you with love and companionship — in addition to improved bodily, psychological and emotional well being and well-being.

Christine Caplan is a Certified Vet Tech, and a long-time PR veteran and content material advertising professional who brings her distinctive understanding of social and digital media to attach canine lovers to manufacturers each on and offline. She lives with three hounds – two “doxies” and a beagle/basset hound combine – who consistently educate her about life and companionship (

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