Guppies are the Best for Beginner Hobbyists

Guppies are the Best for Beginner Hobbyists

It’s onerous to seek out somebody who has by no means heard of the guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata). It is without doubt one of the most typical and standard aquarium fish all over the world. For the overwhelming majority of lovers, the guppy turned the primary fish to be saved, and the expertise of caring for it turned a move to the massive world of the aquarium passion.

General data

A attribute characteristic of the guppy is egg manufacturing. Unlike most different fish, eggs are fertilized and developed not within the exterior surroundings, however within the physique of the feminine. As a consequence, an already shaped fry is born. This will increase the fry’s probabilities of survival.

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The first fish to be in house have been additionally guppies. They not solely efficiently tailored to life in zero gravity aboard the Salyut-5 orbital station but additionally managed to provide offspring. Genetic scientists use them to check the transmission of hereditary traits.

Also, guppy fish have rendered an enormous service to the world group. The reality is that these fish fortunately eat the larvae of anopheles mosquitoes, and to fight these parasites, guppies have been settled within the water our bodies of many nations.


Guppy is a small fish from the Peciliaceae household. The common physique dimension within the male is 3 cm, within the feminine – 6 cm. The scales are within the type of a rhombic mesh, for which the fish acquired the precise epithet from the Latin “reticulum” – mesh. Fish are characterised by pronounced sexual dimorphism. Females are a lot bigger and thicker than males, shouldn’t have strongly developed veil fins, and are way more modestly coloured: principally the physique and tail are grey, typically the caudal fin is coloured or noticed. The most vital distinguishing characteristic of males is the presence of a modified anal fin, which known as gonopodia. Thanks to him, males are in a position to place sexual merchandise instantly into the belly cavity of the feminine, the place fertilization already takes place.

As for the colour, pure people can’t boast of a shiny outfit: a grey physique and small (albeit completely distinctive in location) spots on a rounded tail fin. This permits you to successfully conceal from enemies amongst dense thickets. A totally totally different matter is breeding varieties, which have been bred by amateurs and professionals all over the world for a very long time. Several steady teams of fish are distinguished, relying on the form of the caudal fin and physique shade. Guppies may be monochromatic, noticed, with a metallic sheen, and so forth. It is inconceivable to checklist all the colours and shapes of guppies that may be discovered on sale.


Historically, guppies dwell in Central, North-South America, and the Caribbean islands. These are nations equivalent to Brazil, Venezuela, Guiana, Trinidad, and Tobago. Thanks to their superb endurance, the fish have populated virtually all doable freshwater biotopes: rivers, lakes, canals, swamps. Some populations may be discovered even on the mouths of rivers flowing into the ocean, the place recent and saltwater is blended.

They want heat rivers with a slight present. Fish dwell in small flocks (as much as 10 items) in dense thickets of crops, the place they conceal in case of hazard. They normally swim close to the floor of the water.

Currently, the guppy is a real cosmopolitan species. Thanks to synthetic acclimatization to manage the larvae of the anopheles mosquito, the fish may be discovered on all continents. The vast distribution of the fish as an aquarium pet additionally performed a big function.

Guppies are one of many hardiest fish that may dwell in a variety of water parameters and survive, typically in extraordinarily excessive circumstances. It is reliably identified that wild populations (in all probability launched by aquarists) have tailored to dwell even within the rivers of enormous cities, in locations the place heat wastewater is discharged.


Among aquarists, along with all kinds of guppy breeds of the species Poecilia reticulata, one other species could be very standard – Endler’s Guppy (Poecilia winger). This small, however very shiny fish shall be a superb ornament for the aquarium. It was first found in 1937, however didn’t acquire reputation and was thought of extinct for a very long time. It was solely in 1975 that John Endler compiled the primary full description of the species. It is endemic to the coastal lagoons of Venezuela.

Endler’s guppies are very small and are nice for nano aquariums. Males develop as much as 2.5 cm, females as much as 3.5 cm. Females are discreetly painted, whereas males are stuffed with all the colours of the rainbow.

It is best to maintain in small teams with a predominance of females. It is advisable for the aquarium to be densely planted with crops. Fish are very cell, males always take care of females. They can leap out of open aquariums. As neighbors, you should utilize small characin, zebrafish, rasbora, corridors. They normally dwell in an aquarium for a number of years. At elevated temperatures (about 30 ° C), they actively develop, however on the identical time, the life span is decreased. Flakes or small granules are nice for feeding. Reproduction could be very easy. On common, a feminine spawns 5 to 25 fry each month. The fry is massive and may instantly eat dry meals for fry and brine shrimp nauplii.

Guppy breeds

Guppy fish have a fantastic many variations in shapes and colours. Guppy breeds are distinguished by a set of options, the principle of that are body-color, shade, and form of fins, presence of pearlescent sheen, and sample. In some instances, there are “industrial”, traditionally established names (for instance, “Berlin” – half-black pink, “black prince” – half-black, “carnation” – dark-body carpet pink, “cobra” – the right title is “filigree”, and so forth. .).

The mechanisms of the formation of the colour that we observe are genetically fairly advanced and are resulting from a variety of pigments, a distinct mixture of which creates a novel number of colours of present breeds. Until now, a unified nomenclature for the names of breeding breeds of those fish has not been adopted. In addition, the offspring of guppies of a sure shade will at all times cut up and new colours will seem, which results in confusion and makes it tough to take care of a clear line.

When sustaining a line within the aquarium, after a number of generations, “degeneration” normally happens, that’s, the indicators of the breed can disappear or bear important adjustments, as well as, the viability of the fish considerably deteriorates. This happens because of inbreeding, or carefully associated crossbreeding. To stop this from occurring, when breeding guppies, it’s essential to periodically add new “blood”, that’s, to cross with representatives of the identical breed, however taken from one other breeder.

It must be famous that pure traces of guppy breeds can solely be present in breeders’ aquariums, as sustaining the breed requires appreciable effort, very long time, and adherence to strict rising and choice circumstances. Hybrids of various breeds are normally commercially accessible, exhibiting all kinds of traits.

Consider the preferred guppy breeds amongst aquarists.

  • Guppy Cobra (SnakeSkin)

The extra appropriate title for this breed is filigree guppy. The essential distinguishing characteristic is randomly distributed spots with a metallic sheen all around the physique. Such a sample could be very harking back to a snakeskin sample, for which the breed obtained its title. There are a number of shade varieties inside the breed: Red Cobra, Yellow (Gold) Cobra, Blue Cobra, and the most typical Green Cobra.

  • Guppy rugs

They are characterised by a red-brown tail, typically with sparkles. The physique is brown or orange-yellow in shade. The breed additionally has a “carnation” form – there’s a red-silver or pink-silver decoration on the caudal fin. Veil emerald – the tail and physique with an emerald hue, which is clearly seen in mirrored mild.

  • Half-length

The entrance third of the physique is silvery, the remainder, together with the caudal fin, is velvety black. A silvery decoration is noticed on the tail and dorsal fin. An instance could be half blue, half white (Canadian), half black (black prince).

  • Monochromatic

The physique is uniformly coloured in a single shade, typically with a metallic sheen. An instance is Moscow Green, Moscow Black, and so forth.

  • Reticulated guppies

The physique of the fish is grey, all around the physique, there’s a small silvery decoration within the type of a grid.

Care and upkeep of Guppy

Due to the excessive endurance of the guppy, there may be an opinion that creating good circumstances for the fish does probably not matter. But this strategy is essentially improper. Guppies, like another fish, require compliance with sure guidelines for holding. Only on this case the pet will dwell an extended life, is not going to be vulnerable to illnesses, will stay energetic, and won’t lose its wonderful form.

Guppies are greatest saved in small teams of 6 or extra. In an aquarium, they swim in all layers of water. Fish should be chosen in order that there are 2-3 females per male – on this case, females shall be much less attacked by males prepared for spawning. For a flock of 6-10 items, you want an aquarium from 50 liters. Any soil is appropriate, the principle factor is that it must be with out sharp edges and ideally a darkish shade, with it the fish look extra spectacular. The identical requirement applies to decorations. This is to stop males from damaging their plush tails. It is advisable to set the lighting shiny: with it, the guppies look higher and purchase a extra saturated shade. It is greatest to cowl the aquarium with a lid as a result of the fish can fairly simply leap out of the water and land on the ground.

Guppies really feel good in clear, oxygenated water, the principle factor is that the filter circulation just isn’t very sturdy: it’s tough for small fish to withstand a robust circulation of water. The optimum temperature for holding this tropical fish is 24-26 ° C, though guppies can exist within the vary from 18 to 30 ° C. The lifetime strongly will depend on the temperature. The greater the indicator, the quicker the metabolism goes, the replica course of turns into extra frequent, however the life span is decreased. If the fish is within the decrease restrict of temperature, then its metabolism slows down, the reproductive perform is suspended.

Water with a hardness of 10-25 ° dGH and an acidity of 7-8.5 is appropriate for holding guppies. However, water parameters usually are not an axiom. If the adjustments weren’t too drastic, then the guppies adapt with out issues to virtually any circumstances in a short while. To preserve well-being, weekly aquarium water adjustments (25-30%) are required.

Guppies love dense thickets of crops. It is greatest to present choice to small-leaved crops with delicate leaves (hornwort, Cabomba, ludwigia, and so forth.). It could be very helpful to maintain an Indian fern (Ceratopteris tralictroides) in an aquarium with a guppy – it serves as a very good biofilter, an indicator of water situation, and a spot the place fry may conceal. It is crucial to go away free swimming house within the aquarium.

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