Golden Paste for Dogs: How Easy is It to Make Your Own?

Golden Paste for Dogs: How Easy is It to Make Your Own?

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We all know the advantages of turmeric and golden paste for ourselves–however what about our canine? Turmeric for canine is more and more standard–and one of many best methods to serve it’s as golden paste. Whether served in your canine’s each day meal or as a particular deal with, golden paste for canine is simple to make (you’ll discover two easy recipes under) in your stovetop.

Note: As with any adjustments to your canine’s eating regimen, at all times make sure to examine together with your canine’s veterinarian earlier than including golden paste to your canine’s eating regimen or treats, particularly for canine with pre-existing circumstances.

How to Make Golden Paste for DogsHow to Make Golden Paste for Dogs

Table of Contents

What does golden paste do for canine?

Golden paste is an easy paste made utilizing turmeric, black pepper (to assist absorption of the tumeric’s curcuminoids), a wholesome fats comparable to extra-virgin olive oil and water.

Golden paste was first developed by Australian veterinarian Dr. Doug English and is offered a meals complement or will be made at residence in your kitchen.

Established as one of many planet’s strongest superfoods, Turmeric’s many therapeutic advantages have been confirmed to assist with irritation, arthritis, bowel inflammatory ailments, mind problems, most cancers, coronary heart illness, liver issues, pores and skin problems, eye circumstances and is nature’s pure anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticoagulant, anti-ageing and immune booster.

Golden Turmeric Limited

How a lot golden paste do I give my canine?

Like so many issues in our canine’ lives (and certainly our personal), begin slowly when including turmeric. recommends, “As a rule of thumb, it’s at all times greatest to begin them off with a small dosage of ¼ teaspoon of golden paste to see how they react and what their tolerance is.” Dogs Naturally Magazine suggests, “1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per day, for each 10lbs of weight.”

These dosages are what you’d prefer to work as much as, nevertheless. Start with half that dosage and, as you see your canine is having fun with it and never having any digestive issues, slowly enhance the dosage to the really useful quantity.

How typically ought to I give my canine golden paste?

The above dosages are for the day–so that you’ll need to divide this complete between every meal you serve your canine.

If you feed your canine twice a day, divide this dosage into two components.

Turmeric solely stays in your canine’s physique for a quick time so it’s extra useful to serve two half doses all through the day as a substitute of giving one dose at dinner.

Turmeric will stain!

OK, right here’s the draw back of golden paste–and certainly something that features turmeric: it’s going to stain.

And I imply it’s going to stain every little thing. Your bowls. Your spatulas. Your clothes. Dress accordingly.

Wash every little thing instantly and, in case you can nonetheless see the stain after a run by the dishwasher, Molly Maid recommends, “Remove the turmeric stain with an answer of two-parts sizzling water and one-part bleach or vinegar.


It’s fast and simple to make golden paste on your canine utilizing nothing greater than a saucepan. You’ll want 15-20 minutes complete for this easy recipe.

Dr. English’s Recipe for Golden Paste

[embedded content]

Here’s Dr. English’s standard golden paste recipe:

1 cup water
½ cup turmeric powder
1/3 cup additional virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or linseed oil
2-3 teaspoons freshly cracked black pepper

In a small saucepan, mix the turmeric powder and water on low warmth.

Continue heating and stirring for about 10 minutes because the turmeric types a paste.

Add coconut oil (or EVOO) and pepper. Continue stirring till nicely blended.

Remove from warmth to chill.

Store cooled Golden Paste in glass mason jar for as much as two weeks or freeze in silicone molds.

Want to Make Golden Paste More Appealing to Your Dog?

Now, many canine lovers notice that their canine don’t just like the style of golden paste…and what’s the purpose of all of the goodness of golden paste in case your canine shouldn’t be going to eat it? (OK, some folks do use golden paste as a toothpaste for canine–however we wish them to love the style of that, too, proper?)

You will discover many (many!) posts about variations on golden paste to make it extra palatable to your canine, including in extras like maple syrup, honey, ginger, cinnamon and extra to attraction to your canine’s senses.

However, let’s face it: canine love meat.

I made golden paste for our canine utilizing, not water, however liver broth. Liver broth is tremendous easy to make, creating not solely sufficient broth to make golden paste however loads of leftover broth to freeze for later recipes (or make soiled chicken and and rice on your canine in case you aren’t making it for tummy upset, substituting the liver broth for many of the water). Or make some frozen Popsicles for dogs utilizing broth. Or pour some over your canine’s dinner. Or simply use it rather than any water in any home made canine deal with recipe.

Recipe for Golden Paste with Liver Broth

To make this golden paste canine will love, I observe the fundamental recipe–however substitute hen liver broth for the water. (You may also use homemade chicken broth, in case you choose, though it isn’t as strongly flavored.)

First, boil a pound of hen livers (or natural calf liver, in case you choose) in a saucepan.

Once the liver is finished, pour off one cup of broth and put aside for the golden paste recipe. (I then froze the remaining broth for future recipes and cooled the hen livers in a single day, slicing them and dehydrating them as canine treats the following day.)

Along with the liver broth, you’ll want turmeric (this recipe takes about a whole canister of grocery retailer turmeric), finely floor black pepper and a wholesome oil comparable to additional virgin olive oil.

First I boiled the broth and turmeric on medium warmth, stirring it ceaselessly because it cooked right into a paste:

making turmeric for dogsmaking turmeric for dogs

Once the combination was very pasty, I added olive oil:

adding extra virgin olive oil to turmeric for dogs golden pasteadding extra virgin olive oil to turmeric for dogs golden paste

…and black pepper, stirring to mix every little thing fully.

I then eliminated it from the range to chill then put nearly half the golden paste in a small mason jar for storage within the fridge for the following two weeks.

storing golden paste in mason jarstoring golden paste in mason jar

The the rest I spooned into small silicone molds then popped within the freezer for future use:

freezing golden pastefreezing golden paste

That’s it…now I can serve our canine the superfood goodness of turmeric of their each day meals or add a bit to my favourite canine deal with recipes!

Printable Recipe

Golden Paste for DogsGolden Paste for Dogs

Golden Paste for Dogs

Golden paste combines turmeric, black pepper, a wholesome fats and water to create a complement on your canine (otherwise you!)


  • 1 cup hen liver broth
  • 1/2 cup floor turmeric
  • 1/3 cup additional virgin olive oil
  • 2-3 teaspoons black pepper


Combine broth and turmeric in saucepan, cooking over medium warmth.

Stir turmeric combination for 7-10 minutes because it types a paste.

Add olive oil and pepper.

Stir to mix fully.

Remove from warmth and funky.

Put a two-week provide of golden paste in mason jar and refrigerate.

Freeze the rest in silicone molds for simple thawing.

Would your canine love this recipe?

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