Get the scoop on air-dried pet food!

Get the scoop on air-dried pet food!

Get the scoop on air-dried pet food!

What is air-dried pet meals and why is it so common? Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at this wholesome possibility and the way it’s serving to canines and cats thrive.

Many pet guardians want to feed their canines and cats a uncooked weight loss plan over a industrial dry meals for the multitude of advantages it could possibly present. It does, nevertheless, require time, preparation, and dedication to correctly feed a uncooked balanced weight loss plan. For pet guardians on the lookout for a weight loss plan with the diet of uncooked and the comfort of dry meals, air-dried recipes are an important alternative. Here’s why!

Safe and mild

Unlike typical dry meals which might be mass produced and cooked at excessive temperatures with compromised diet, air-dried meals are much less processed and due to this fact extra nutritious! ZIWI® Peak meals, as an example, are made with twin-stage air drying expertise. This methodology is impressed by the centuries-old strategy of naturally preserving meats, eliminating pathogens and micro organism making it secure so that you can serve and your pets to eat.

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Ready-to-serve and shelf secure

Unlike uncooked feeding, air-dried recipes are able to serve proper after you open the bag. The shelf lifetime of ZIWI’s air-dried formulation after a bag is opened is eight weeks, and unopened luggage have a shelf lifetime of 21 months from the date of producing.


Three parts of uncooked product create one portion of ZIWI Peak air-dried. A meat-rich extremely digestible weight loss plan with not one of the pointless components, ZIWI Peak is a secure uncooked various that also gives the diet of a uncooked weight loss plan.

Essential elements for peak well being

Meat and organs

Meat-rich recipes with excessive inclusions and number of organs present a variety of amino acids and important vitamins, together with taurine, which is well-known to help coronary heart well being. Amino acids are the constructing blocks of protein, which serve quite a few capabilities within the physique comparable to muscle restore and development, enzyme manufacturing, immunity, and power.


Tripe is the nutrient-rich abdomen lining of a ruminant animal and accommodates probiotics and digestive enzymes which assist to advertise optimum digestive well being. Cold-washed inexperienced tripe might not enchantment to you, nevertheless it definitely will get cats and canines excited – good for choosy eaters!

New Zealand Green Mussels

Recognized as one of the sustainable seafood elements on the earth, New Zealand Green Mussels are nature’s powerhouse superfood. They are a wealthy supply of glucosamine and chondroitin which helps long-term joint well being, in addition to Omega-3 fatty acids to spice up pores and skin and coat well being.

Fish can be a wealthy supply of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids so if you wish to give your pet’s pores and skin and coat well being a further enhance select a recipe with each fish and New Zealand Green Mussels.

All-in-one resolution

ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes include all these elements in a single scrumptious mouthful, with no undesirable carbohydrates comparable to grains, potatoes, or legumes, and no synthetic preservatives or binders are wanted as a result of pure air-drying course of.

The better part is that ZIWI Peak recipes could be fed as a nutritious topper, scrumptious deal with, or perhaps a full and balanced meal. There can be no must freeze, refrigerate, or rehydrate – merely scoop and serve!

Available in single-protein for meals delicate dogs and cats, or multi-protein for added selection – there’s positive to be a recipe your pet of any breed or life stage will love!

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