Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Lizard  

Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Lizard  

An image of a pet lizard in the hands of the owner.
Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

Lizards are attention-grabbing reptiles which might be fully hypoallergenic. They don’t shed their hair like furry creatures.

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While many lizards are wild, most of them are an ideal choice for pets merely due to their repute for being unique and a bit of bit mysterious. Most of them are straightforward to look after, however there’s a lot to think about earlier than getting a pet lizard.

I’ve put collectively every part it’s good to learn about proudly owning a lizard, resembling the perfect sort, the perfect habitat, and learn how to feed one. By the tip of this put up, you can be a well-informed pet lizard dad or mum.   

Let’s Learn Some Basics About Lizards

Before we get into the issues it’s good to learn about proudly owning a lizard, you must first know just a few staple items about these reptiles. 

All lizards have scales and tails. Scales are the powerful outer layer of pores and skin that each one lizards should maintain them protected against predators and from drying out.

Most lizards have 4 legs, however there may be one distinct lizard that’s legless, a scheltopusik or glass lizard. It appears like a snake, however it has an ear gap, which lizards have and snakes don’t.

When it’s time to reproduce, many lizards lay eggs. Some of those reptiles give dwell delivery just like the Chinese crocodile lizards.

Lizards can climb and even swim. Geckos, as an illustration, are superb climbers. They may even climb up and down a slippery glass, due to their particular toes coated in tiny hairs that assist them grip onto issues after which let go once they wish to transfer.

These reptiles can disguise out in plain sight or be very shiny. Male collared lizards are a beautiful shade of blue, particularly throughout mating season. While some lizards are coloured to face out, others use their colour to mix in with the encompassing surroundings.   

When it’s heat, lizards normally bask within the solar, however some keep hidden till winter is finished. Reptiles generally are ectothermic, which suggests they can’t maintain their our bodies on the similar temperature on a regular basis.

They can crawl below a rock to chill off or expose their our bodies to the solar to maintain heat. Lizards that dwell in a area with chilly winters will discover a place to cover and decelerate their our bodies till spring when it’s heat.  

What Type of Lizard Should You Get?

Now that you’ve got an concept of what a lizard is, your subsequent concern ought to be the kind of lizard that’s best for you. I’ve chosen just a few superb choices that you would doubtlessly take into account in case you resolve to get into the pet lizard pastime and pet care.

Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon is a lizard that normally shows a beard-like extension of the throat when threatened. The possibility that’s most available within the pet commerce is the inland bearded dragon.

Is a bearded dragon the correct pet lizard for you? When we take into account all of the lizards that we’re taking a look at, the bearded dragon might be the perfect one for dealing with. For one factor, it’s a lot greater and extra strong in comparison with different pet lizards. 

This reptile is kind of spectacular. It is engaging, lively, entertaining, naturally tame—with few exceptions—and comparatively straightforward to maintain. You can stick one in your shoulder and it’ll nonetheless be there after an hour.  

There are just a few downsides, in fact. The bearded dragon’s weight-reduction plan is a bit of bit extra specialised. It will want recent greens, insect feeders, in addition to dietary dietary supplements day by day. 

It may even want the costliest lighting, which is UVB lighting. You’ll want a UV bulb, at the very least each six months, relying on the kind that you just get. You can study extra concerning the bearded dragon over at Reptiles Life, which is a treasure trove for reptile pet fanatics.    

Leopard Gecko

This is a small ground-dwelling lizard that’s identified for its distinctive movable eyelids and fats tail. 

Leopard geckos have been selectively bred within the pet commerce for his or her colours and patterns. Mostly, they’re noticed like leopards. But by captive breeding, you can find them in several colours and patterns. 

One of the good issues about these lizards is their ear canal. They have a really unusual one in that for those who put a flashlight on one finish, you would see proper out of its ear.    

For a whole lot of you, particularly freshmen, a leopard gecko could possibly be the last word kids’ pet lizard. They are simply cute and can hardly scare anybody. These little guys are tremendous docile and can tolerate being dealt with. They are usually not going to leap, chew, or get scared simply.     

They are additionally fairly low-maintenance and really straightforward to maintain. They are going to wish insect feeders, which could possibly be a hitch for some individuals. But in comparison with bearded dragons, leopard geckos don’t must eat an entire lot of bugs. These pets may even want average heating and cheap housing. 

Blue Tongued Skinks

This is the most important lizard within the skink household. A blue-tongued skink has a tubular, lengthy physique with a brief tail and quick legs.  

Its distinctive and coolest characteristic is the intense blue tongue. These reptiles use the blue tongue to scare off a possible predator. They like staying beneath the bottom. The distinctive sample on the again blends into the leaf litter.   

Although bigger than some pet lizards, blue-tongued skinks are surprisingly straightforward to deal with. You can maintain one in your hand, and it’ll keep there till you place it down. They are not possible to chew, which is sweet as a result of they pack a strong little chew. They don’t scratch most likely due to their tiny little legs.   

These lizards are straightforward to look after. For starters, they’re straightforward to feed. They will eat a whole lot of issues which might be available at your native shops, together with fruit and veggies. But they have a tendency to poop loads, so watch out when dealing with one.  

They want a really average temperature for his or her basking spot, ideally within the excessive 90 levels. This may be very good contemplating that many reptiles would want increased basking temperatures.  

What to Consider When Looking for a Pet Lizard

The pet lizards talked about above are only a few well-liked examples that freshmen will discover straightforward to deal with and look after. But, for those who stroll right into a pet retailer, you’ll come throughout many lizard species and you’ve got to have the ability to choose one.

Here are some helpful suggestions that may make the choice course of very straightforward:


How a lot are you able to spend? We aren’t simply speaking concerning the precise value of the pet lizard you wish to purchase. You additionally must think about the price of provides, after which, resolve if the general price is inside your funds. 

Hopefully, you have already got the enclosure arrange before you purchase your lizard. This approach, you’ll know the way a lot cash you could have remaining.

Wild Caught or Captive Bred

The subsequent necessary factor it’s good to discover out is whether or not that pet lizard is wild-caught or captive-bred. If the lizard is captive-bred, then it means somebody already had a female and male that they used to breed the lizard you may purchase. Wild-caught lizards, then again, are caught from their place of origin.

Wild-caught pet lizards may be more durable to tame and could possibly be parasite-ridden, much less wholesome, and fewer prone to get used to captivity. So, it’s at all times extra handy for freshmen to go for captive-bred reptiles.  

Easy to Handle and Docile

It is at all times good to search out out the temperament of the pet lizard. We advocate that you just request to deal with the lizard. If the pet retailer proprietor refuses, then that’s a sign that the lizard might be unfriendly and never very straightforward to tame.   

Caring for Pet Lizards

The fundamental setup wants on your pet lizard are fairly easy.

You want a very good enclosure, bedding, and water, some type of warmth and lighting (UVB bulb). Some species want climbing branches, whereas others want a disguise field. Regardless of the place you construct a house on your lizard, it’s a must to keep away from home windows and doorways to dodge these drafts.

The effectiveness of your care relies upon most on the setup. When you get it proper, all it’s a must to do is feed it and supply clear water. Most pet lizards are usually not very soiled. So, you might have to scrub the setup a couple of times every week.  

There are two ways to feed pet lizards, relying on which one you get. Carnivores principally eat mealworms and crickets. Omnivores, then again, eat bugs in addition to veggies. Also, all lizards ought to get vitamin dietary supplements at the very least twice every week.    

Final Thoughts

This information has coated every part it’s good to learn about proudly owning a lizard. Remember, you could be capable to cowl the upfront prices, can practice and tame your lizard, and might deal with and supply the care it wants. If you’re available in the market for a low-key pet, a lizard may be simply what you’re in search of.   

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